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  • Poor sad fox. He just can’t squeeze an ounce of jealousy or rivalry out of this Wolfe. ^_^

  • Lindiel

    Back to the Future! Blues riffs make jamming easier, that’s for sure. Although I’m sure that Wolfe knows the repertoire pretty well.

    On the other hand, I guess Voss could be improvising….That was a common skill for virtuoso violinists to have, or even not-so-virtuoso violinists who played concertos. Would Voss have stolen the violinist’s ability to improvise at the same time that he took his ability to play, period? And is knowledge of repertoire transferable in the same way?

    • I don’t think he thinks that far ahead

    • billydaking

      Years ago, I was in Galway, Ireland, and wound up hanging with two other travelers, a Canadian and a Spaniard. We went to the Crane, where Jacey–the Canadian–hoped to join into a session (a jam for Irish traditional music). Even with two Irish parents, she grew up in a non-musical household, and had to learn to play violin/fiddle classically.

      Problem was, that meant Jacey knew some tunes, but she didn’t know how to improv or pick up an unfamiliar reel or jig by ear. One of the older musicians noticed her sitting there, with her fiddle rest on her lap, a frustrated look turning her face. He leaned over and asked her what tunes she knew. She started playing one. He listened a bit, picked up his own fiddle, and joined in. The other musicians listened for a bit, and then, one-by-one, they too joined in. By the middle of the tune, seven Irish musicians were going full blast, led by an outsider who wasn’t anymore.

      And that’s the best thing about music.

      • AJ

        I grew up in a family of musicians, and this is what our holidays sound like. :) It’s beautiful. And amazing to watch masters patiently encouraging newcomers. I heard once that there were two kinds of genius (in talent): Those that one hears and says, “Oh, I could never do that.”; and those that one hears and says, “Oh, I want to reach those heights. I’m going to go home and work on my art.” That second, the genius that inspires, is one of the most startling and wonderful things in the world.

  • KWill

    That wink that launched a thousand ships…

  • Sarah Hardister

    Just like Wolfe to surprise his “rival” with a duet. I was very much hoping that would be the case. I wonder, can Voss steal a talent from someone, even if Voss already has that talent?

    • KWill

      I’m willing to bet Voss took the talents of both those violinists to be able to surpass Wolfe.

      • Frances Ahlborn

        Or the visiting maestro who “took ill” upon his arrival in town, as referenced in the previous strip.

        • dbell5

          Exactly; *these* violinists seemed a bit short on talent.

    • Nightsbridge

      He cannot, as said in this strip:

      “Anything you couldn’t already do.”

  • I’ll take your bet; and you’re gonna regret ’cause I’m the best there’s ever been.

  • Dee

    I just love when the hero innocently thwarts the villain!

    • AJ

      I know! I want to be Wolfe when I grow up.

    • Funny, really. Wolfe seems awfully smart for a Fool Archetype

      • =Tamar

        The Fool archetype _is_ smart.

        • No, the Fool is too dumb to fool and such a nice guy that the universe is willing to bend over backwards to help him out

          Wolfe is only half of that

          • Frances K R

            The Fool is innocent and hopeful, and usually astoundingly lucky. They don’t have to be “too dumb to fool”, any more than the kid calling out that “the Emperor has no clothes” had to be stupid; just insightful, startled by apparent nonsense, and too innocent to lie to appeal to power.

  • tollymain

    wolfe you are literally too nice

    • Volkai

      Wolfe is not literally too nice because THERE IS NO SUCH THING but if there was such a thing then I would be 100% on-board with your statement.

      But I categorically deny it as being a thing that can be.

      • billydaking

        Ever read about Buck O’Neill? Pick up The Soul of Baseball sometime. People like Wolfe exist. Just not enough of ’em.

        Methinks Voss is about to learn the best thing about music…

  • Nonesuch

    He’s still trying to win… = = Voss, you moron…

    • svartalf

      Envy tried to tell him it was a lost cause. Some aren’t affected by it’s power. Wolfe appears to be one of those.

    • Euodiachloris

      You can’t win a game the other person isn’t playing. <_<

  • Valerie Kaplan

    “Collaboration? What is this foreign concept?”

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Wow… Wolfe just managed one up Voss. It’s one thing to do a vs. Another to do a duet since that requires playing at the same tempo as the other person.

    • AJ

      And in harmony, and without just doing some cheap echo nonsense….

      • Sessine

        An improvised duet requires a heightened sensitivity to every nuance of what the other person is doing. Given their past natures, I expect it will start out with Voss showing off technically and Wolfe weaving in and around what he’s doing, making it more beautiful… but if he stole musicianship as well as technical skill, Voss might now be moved to take baby steps towards cooperation — find he likes it, and then, drat it, his slightly worried conscience will smite him harder.

  • Deepbluediver

    Huh, “schreklich” means “terrible. No surprise there I guess, either with the term of the insult, or that Vosse is still being an ass.
    I can’t tell whether the musicians speak German though or are just upset at him for interrupting.

    • Euodiachloris

      Terrible, appalling, horrible and yucky. It covers a lot of bases. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if the musician has a little German. Enough to spot “schreklich” from “wunderbar” aka “wonderful”. :P

  • William Rice

    Seeing this only one thing comes to mind:

    “Devil went down to Georgia…”

  • BaronHaynes

    I wonder if Voss can steal Wolfe’s immunity to jealousy. What would even happen? Can you steal the absence of something?

  • I knew it. XD He can’t resist trying to one-up the man, but Wolfe is gonna team him the value of teamwork yet!

  • EmilyS

    Wolfe is so emotionally balanced, I admire him like woah

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    “How can you best someone…
    when they don’t know the rules?”

  • Thank God its not Banjos… :p

  • Bobismeisbob

    Well that sums up Wolfe perfectly: “I’m not going to even try to beat you, just work with you”.

  • This guy

    Best German yet!

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