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  • howdymoody

    Oh Rosie

    • Weird Oregonian

      Rosie keeps getting better and better. Reminds me of a few of the older ladies I know at church. I love how innocent she looks in the last panel.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So, is Ethan just outright sexist, or did he have some kind of crush on Philippe specifically?

    • Sessine

      Philippe Rousseau was the last pastry chef, the one who was ‘sent home’. If Ethan and Philippe were friends, or at least fellow escape-planners in the last attempt, that kind of explains why he’s all sarcastic about Alexa’s ideas. He’s scared! And too proud to show it, so it comes out as anger. No need to postulate a crush. (Unless you want to.)

      Also… oh, Rosie! :D

      • svartalf

        I strongly suspect that Ethan’s terrified because of the result of the attempt. We *ARE* talking about a Deadly here.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Eh, for what little it’s worth, I was thinking more of what’s known in some circles as a “man-crush”, which is when a heterosexual guy has strong non-romantic, non-sexual feelings about another guy. So, y’know, what people used to call friendship before guys got all paranoid about being perceived as gay in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

        (At least here in the States. I dunno how that stuff went down in the UK.)

        • billydaking

          The ring around his neck has never been explained. Just sayin’….

          • I wonder what era Philippe was from? They might have come as a pair for all we know, the sisters did. Admittedly they came as a unit whereas Ethan seems to be savory and Philippe was the last baker, but weather it was Philippe or someone else, that ring surely speaks of a connection to someone.

    • David Argall

      Ethan is mad at everybody. Nothing especially sexist about him. Our girl is just the newbie, who does more irritating anyway. And we don’t see him interacting that much with the others anyway and so likely miss his giving the rough edge of his tongue to them.

  • =Tamar

    So, is Rosie just speculating, or does she have some experience? Maybe there’s a reason she’s so cheerful.

    • svartalf

      I strongly suspect competence in more than Rosie’s cooking right now. >:-D

    • David Argall

      Very easily. Wizard is college level or post doc. So we can put her in as a failed? apprentice or low level assistant who knows the basics of a ritual, but needs to have some particular knowledge to do something useful. [Maybe a wizard hired her as a beginning cook and when she grew up, suggested “other duties” which lead to her needing a new job. Having some cook training…]
      Now the need for knowledge and the dumb waiter suggest a journey upstairs in our lass’ near future.

  • Andy Nguyen

    Huh, so apparently everyone has at least a passing knowledge of magic? Is this akin to real world, um, “power creep” in education where cutting edge research 200 years ago is secondary school public education now? If so, that might make Ethan “periodist”, and understandably so; if he can’t disrupt the summoning with an additional 200 years’ worth of magical and scientific advances, how could someone with far less than that pull it off?

    I suppose that’s when we learn that magic is more art than science, and art is timeless…

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Maybe, maybe not. Rosie implies that she’s actually a wizard, or at least has had more training than the average person. Ethan might know a bit about the broad principles of magic from the core requirements from his undergraduate degree, but he doesn’t necessarily have any skill or expertise in applying any of those principles. To say nothing of how well he did in those classes and how much he’s forgotten since.

      Thus, if Rosie actually has training, or even work experience, using magic, she’s probably going to have a much better chance at actually being of use, even if cutting edge wizardry from 1957 is considered rudimentary by 2032. And she’s still more than a century ahead of the 1834 that is the origin of the spell.

  • Well, the Great British Bakeoff just finished on BBC2 and not a single contestant got eaten by the venue. How dull.

  • Ikiryo

    Rosie is secretly a fairy godmother, isn’t she?

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I feel the need to make some kind of a pun involving Rosie the Riveter, but I can’t think of any synonym of Wizard that sounds enough like “Riveter” to make it work. :-P

    • Well, technically ‘rivet’ is a synonym for ‘enchant’.. just saying. XD

  • The Dude

    Nice Judge Dredd chin in panel 4.

  • Nick Godby

    Where`s Gordon Ramsey? This Must BE the original Hell`s Kitchen!! =D

  • l33tninja

    she’s maaaagicaaaaal….

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