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  • TrueWolves

    That look between them on the second panel… it’s.. priceless.

  • Volk0v

    Rosie, I’m proud of you

  • Blueberry

    You’ve got to wonder… She calls them dumplings. Does she mean it in a fake endearing way, or because she sees them as potential food.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      She’s been using foot-related terms of endearment in practically every line she delivers. That and her almost Stepford-level smile creep me the hell out.

      • I wonder what’s in it for her in all this? If she worked at the hotel before everything went strange she ought to be human, unless she’s being controlled or possessed or something… if not that, then she seems way too into all of this to not have an angle.

      • Flakes

        I’ll bet her vacation house is made of gingerbread

  • Sanjay Merchant

    This issue makes me wonder about the Anchor in Widdershins. I seem to remember reading that there are others like it elsewhere in the world, but how many? Are there just none in North America, which is why magic is merely a hobby in 1950’s America, because even 2013 Alexa seems to think of magic as a profession you study for. Or is it just that North America is so geographically huge that an Anchor in, say, San Francisco isn’t much use if you live Des Moines, and thus magic is generally less important in the US than the UK?

    • I think there was more about it in one of the extras, let me double check… yeah in Harry’s notes it says summons are easier and stronger when you are close, and that there are 2-4 anchors. The known ones are in Widdershins and one in Mount Everest. There’s assumed to be another one somewhere in the Indian or Pacific Oceans off New Zeland..I guess a sort of Bermuda Triangle thing where ships vanish? There’s rumors of a fourth apparently, but that’s all the note book says. Doesn’t sound like the Americas are terribly close to any of them as far as we know. I wonder if Widdershins has a lot of trouble with hobbyist casters from America or other places with low magic getting in way over their heads? So far the wizards we’ve met seem to be local, or at least locally trained..

  • Nomen

    Was re-reading this chapter and I’m curious about something: Alexa’s Dad calls her “cupcake” on the train, but she calls the sweetmeats “fairy cakes” here: Was there any particular for that, or are the terms pretty much interchangeable?
    Oh, and uh, for the record, “knack” is in the American colloquial too. ;)

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Well, in my experience, we tend to say “she has a knack for it” instead of “she has the knack”, but the broader point stands that it’s probably a word she’s familiar with. Unless this is gonna turn out like “brownie” and be something that’s much newer to the American vocabulary than I thought.

      • Jeff

        “brownie” new to America? Are you talking about the baked dessert squares? Because those were invented here in the States. My mom-in-law gave me a copy of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook as a gift that happens to have one of the earliest published brownie recipes, and it’s more than 100 years old.

        • mistrali

          Perhapshe’stalkingaboutthecreatures. ThinkEnidBlyton;)

          • mistrali

            Right, and I apparently shouldn’t ever comment on here via mobile…

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Right, as seen in the discussion here ( ), I didn’t know how recently they were invented. Clumsy wording on my part I guess, since in the case of “knack” I’m wondering if the term is newer to the American lexicon (specifically) than I thought it was, whereas in the case of “brownie” it’s just a newer term in general than I thought it was.

          • Jeff

            A few minutes poking around with Google’s Ngram Viewer ( indicates that the word ‘knack’ has appeared with roughly equal frequency in both the American and British lexicons over the last couple centuries. Fwiw, I can’t imagine any American alive today thinking it sounded strange or foreign-ish (as opposed to something like ‘brolly’ or ‘blag’).

            • Perhaps it’s not the word itself but the usage the word is being put that that is unfamiliar to her :o

    • Killersquirrel66

      I think that cupcake tends to be used more across the pond, so it could be her Dad is American. If the discussion about America not having significant magic is right, that might explain why he didn’t know how fast the magic trains could go – although it could just be that old magic stuff is routinely underestimated because of its age.

    • Tilly Jackson

      *Responding to a comment from 3 years ago because I’m re-reading the chapter*
      Fairy cakes are about half the size and either have a thin layer of icing (The icing sugar+water kind) or they have the tops cut off, split in half, the hole is filled with buttercream or jam and cream and the two halves are stuck back on top. Like this

  • reynard61

    “Gotta hate micromanaging.”

    Having been the victim of it; yes, I do…

  • NightSprite

    OK, I’m just going to say it! First line, first panel, I read it in Hagrid’s voice! I apologise!

    • The Wing

      “Yer a WIZARD, Rosie.”
      “But, no, I can’t be! I’m just–Rosie! Just Rosie!!”

  • Rosie, you don’t think it might have been useful if you had mentioned this a bit earlier?

    That woman is so annoying I’m thinking of buying into Ethan’s philosophy.

    • Scint

      If magic’s just a hobby and not seen as particularly useful where
      she’s from? It’d be a bit like dropping “Oh, I do origami in my spare

    • Sanjay Merchant

      It does leave the impression that, as gifted as she is with salads, side dishes, and the like, she’s not exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

      (And now I’m suddenly assembling a fanon list of the characters from this story arc from most to least intelligent. Which is about as productive as a typical shipping argument. :-P)

      • HUNRonin

        Yep, I think the look they share in panel 2 prety much confirms that magic IS a big deal even in the future and present.

  • Something tells me we should be expecting an epic cheerful little old lady magical showdown

    Wow… there’s something I’ve never said before

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