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  • non_canon

    I don’t know what makes me happier, Ben waving his hands above his head trying to describe Wolfe’s aura (called it!) or Wolfe looking touched then puzzled but still pleased.

    Also, I bet that’s Lei Fong and I feel really foolish for not thinking of her sooner.

    • John

      Lei Fong was my first thought on seeing a prisoner call Sidney’s name.

      • Tsapki

        Definitely someone who knows Sidney and who would probably be in prison. Relatively few people we know of fit both those criteria.

      • Some Punk

        the skin color of that hand doesn’t seem to match Lei Fong.

    • ThisCat

      I know it makes me unreasonably happy when everyone who knows anything about Wolfe’s effect on people keep relying on him, and he’s all, “? You need help? I can help? Sure?”

  • Bieeanda

    What’s happening?
    (Don’t ask me, it’s four in the morning and I’ve got a toothache. :P )

  • Haven’t they hanged her yet?

    • MoeLane

      Hang a woman who can make elaborate and deadly little clockwork baubles? That seems… wasteful.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        How to avoid the death penalty: either

        1) do not commit serious crimes.
        2) commit serious crimes in a manner both efficient and original enough that they’d rather exploit you instead.

          • Ghostdanser

            4) Bribe the judge and/or the jury.

            • EveryZig

              5) Don’t get caught (alive)

              • Ghostdanser

                Hmmm…the alternative is getting caught dead, which would present a whole new set of problems. This is worthy of pondering.

    • maeverin

      They probably will sooner or later…so will Sid just leave her there even though it’s the law? Kinda doubting it.

      • Tikatu

        I agree. They need more hands than they already have to help with the Deadlies.

      • John

        Verity might have a problem with letting Lei out given how things went the last time she worked with Lei.

    • Thorin Schmidt

      They’re holding her for a prisoner exchange to Mechanicsburg..,

      …as soon as they can find the time…

      • Seems like a good idea. She’ll fit in very well back home. Who are we going to exchange her for though?

        • Thorin Schmidt

          How about Burgermeister Zuken? We don’t need him any more…

          • Dunno, a useful idiot always comes in handy. I was wondering if we could palm Othar off on them. I mean, in this Utopian society, heroes are always welcome, right?

            • Common Sense

              Dun’t be too sure… Tryggvassen would be tasty schnack fer der Pride beastie, ya?

            • Thorin Schmidt

              We couldn’t get THAT lucky…

              But it’s worth a try.

  • 703 Noemi


  • Sanjay Merchant

    Question is, can Lei Fong build a giant clockwork monstrosity that somehow exudes Humility?

    • Ganurath

      I’m sure Macavity can get enough muscle together.

  • Truth Hut

    Ugh, I haven’t read this since august and it’s just bloody typical that I catch up and it stops at a cloffhanger

    • I know it’s a typo but please don’t correct it, because cloffhanger might be the greatest word I have ever heard. Who’s up for a round of Fictionary? I’ll go first: Cloffhanger, a place where Londoners hang their shirts.

      • AJ

        I feel like there is a history somewhere under what appears to be a dialect joke here.

      • Truth Hut

        Was just about to edit that, but you are right, that’s hilarious

  • Sir. Orc

    I’m guessing Sid’s planning to imbue the violin.

    • Wyvern

      Music to soothe the savage… crowd, eh?

  • Ciara

    Oh man, I am adoring this chapter!

    I also recently read Darken, and now I can’t decide which is better! XD I’ll be reading Widdershins, and decide that it is The Best Thing Ever, but as soon as I go back to Darken it’s my new favourite again :D

    I think I’ll just have to buy everything Kates ever written, it’s the only sensible way forward.

    • Aww haha, thanks for reading and enjoying!

      • Ciara

        Thanks for making all your amazing comics!

  • Graham Garrett

    Oh who’s this now?

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