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  • Chris Rose

    I’m not sure you care about this, but now that you’re using WordPress (or a new version of it, or whatever) your RSS feed now just shows image thumbnails rather than the full-size panels. That may be desirable for you, but it definitely makes reading your posts less than optimal for those of us who consume webcomics via RSS.

    Thanks either way for the great work!

  • Terragent

    This is coming super duper late and all, but, uh… that’s not a flute. It’s a recorder.


    • asdfjkl;

      That’s probably part of him being a nut.

      • lake_wrangler

        Either that, or they know French, and that recorder is of French origin, somehow… That’s what French speaking people call a recorder: “Une flute.”

    • THG

      “Flute” meant what we now call recorder until into the 18th century in England, after the introduction of the traverso (transverse flute); as the recorder dropped out of use, the flute dropped the transverse bit and there you have it.

      • Terragent

        …except that this is the 19th century and transverse flutes have been dominant for like a hundred years. :P

        • Maybe it’s an old artifact and named for what recorders were called then?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Maybe Harry’s just doesn’t know or care enough to use the correct terminology. For her purposes here “flute” means “roughly tube-shaped musical instrument played by blowing into it and wiggling your fingers over holes”.

  • Firedog

    Question: How can he play the flute and talk simultaneously?

    • 703 Noemi

      They got some talented people over in that world

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