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October 28th, 2014

October 28th, 2014 published on 48 Comments on October 28th, 2014

Apologies for the lateness! Three conventions in four weeks will wear you down a little. Here you go , anyway!

Couple more cameos today, from Evil You Know and Iothera (both are NWS in places)!

  • “On the way where?”

    “To a lovely little place we know of. It’s called Anywhere But Here.”

  • Jer

    Getting Captain Barber away is a good idea but … That means you are still leaving one Barber sister with Envy…

    • They don’t know that!

    • Tikatu

      One Barber sister and Wolfe, actually. I doubt Florrie will adhere to big sister’s “law” once big sister is out of sight…

      • Euodiachloris

        A Florrie. With plans (and, probably, swatches — a girl’s got to start planning the reception her sister won’t… just in case). xD

        • Apvogt

          She’s been planning Harry’s too. It’s a good thing she is rich and has a lot of spare time.

  • Istas

    Florrie is such an unabashed shipper we ought to call her Captain Florrie.

    • Andy Nguyen

      Can’t say I blame her :P

      • CorvusCornix

        It’s kinda sad Wolfe is single :< and Nicola and Florrie are awesome together I love it

        • Silly Zealot

          In retrospect, I’m a bit surprised Voss is single.
          “You have a lovely wife, sir.”
          “Why thank y-”
          “Magical stealy laser beam!!!!”

          • ThisCat

            That would imply wives are property though…

            • Morgothy

              It would imply wives are an ability that you have! Since he has been stealing abilities rather than property directly? Which is also inaccurate. Hah if he used it, thinking that he was stealing her, would he not in fact instead steal her ability to be a wife? And then he would be the most excellent wife for himself! (Or anyone who married him- in fact that would probably make him a better husband). But actually yeah, he could easily have found a girlfriend/boyfriend and used his skills to help him, but he could easily just not have fancied any long term commitment, or you know, that green spirit fox and its evil plans might have made it too difficult.

              • AJ

                Okay, so if wives are an ability you have, and you grow in skill, do you grow in wives, or do you just trade for a better one?

                • CFF

                  You grow as a wife! Your wife skills level up.

                  • AJ

                    No, that can’t work. If you’re a husband who has the “Has a wife” skill, and you level up, you can’t improve your “Am a wife” skill…

        • Del

          Best*Comeback*Ever to “There’s no law against looking.”

    • Apvogt

      Harry must’ve warned Nicole about Florrie and her super shipping ways. Either that or this is a somewhat common occurence.

  • Del

    This castling of the white pieces has dramatically changed the playing board!

    Black’s move now.

    • Andy Nguyen

      I thought Voss and Envy made the first move? Wouldn’t they be white?

      • Del

        They’re green.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Voss shot first?

    • Cooper

      King me.

  • Silly Zealot

    Voss: “Damn, they took that officer with them.”
    Envy: “No matter, we still have her sister.”

    *Twenties minutes later, a few blocks away.”

    Ben: “What do you mean your sister went to the party with you?! We’ve got to get her out of there right-”
    *Sound of an explosion in the distance.*
    O’Malley: “That’s the sound of a demon being summon’d ‘n levelin’ the mansion, ain’t it?”
    Ben: “Yup!”

    • AJ

      I really think it’s like “Oh, good, we’ve got the Barber we wanted.”

  • Morgothy

    I love the expressions and interactions on this page between Florrie and Nicola- particularly the panel where she is pushing Florrie off panel and Florrie’s got that mischievous backwards look. But Wolfe is also looking somehow even more endearingly like Wolfe than usual- I mean there’s just something very quintessentially him-like about his body language and expressions here. Of course, the unfortunate thing is that if she HAD introduced Florrie to the tall muscular blond, they’d have realised she was a Barber too! The take away lesson here is always introduce Florrie to all your handsome friends, it’s for the best! Looking forward to seeing how Ben’s getting on with the crowd and what he’s seeing here.

  • Great the way that the Nicola switches from ‘indulgent elder sister’ to ‘no-nonsense Captain Barber’ as soon as our heroes turn up. Still, Wolfe touched her and she didn’t put him in an arm lock. She must really like him.

  • ThisCat

    I love that panel four. Possibly your best expressions and poses so far.

  • Diana Schiefelbein

    That fourth panel is just so graceful, the way everything curves! It’s like Florrie is being blown offstage by a strong breeze. Really well done.

    • Del

      I was just going to comment on this as well.

      Bravo, Kate!

  • pingo1387

    That reminds me, we haven’t seen Florrie’s husband yet, have we? I wonder where he is?

    • Disloyal Subject

      Perhaps at work?

      • AJ

        Don’t be absurd. Rich people did not work in the nineteenth century! They had lackeys for that! (Well, by this point there were actually working rich men, so.)

        • Lleyn

          To do a few quotes that might apply:

          “He’s on vacation!”

          “Oh, I believe he’s… down under.”

          (And I can’t give you any cookies if you recognize the references, because I’m saving them all for the voracious mob of neighborhood children who’ll come banging on my door all too soon.)

          • AJ

            That’s okay. Those are way too generic-sounding for me to recognize and I don’t want any cookies.

  • Frances Ahlborn

    Whoa, hang on, Harry’s in the tags! Does this mean she’ll also be making an appearance, thus giving our antagonist(s) an abundance of Barber’s to work with?

    • Accident. Sorry!

      • Frances Ahlborn

        Aw dangit, I was hoping she was a master of disguise. ;)

  • AJ

    I just want you to know, my four-year-old likes to look over my shoulder when I read, and she declared rapturously (upon seeing Florrie) “Look! A flowery princess!” and then pointed at Wolfe and said, “And that’s her prince.”

    • Oh no I love it

      • AJ

        She sat with me during part of the time I was reading Darken the other week, and kept asking me to describe what the characters were saying. Those were some interesting conversations.

        • Whoops, haha. Sorry about all the beheadings!

          • AJ

            She missed those (Oh, look a fight scene! Time to do something else, little one!), but she did at one point ask me if Jill had spilled ketchup on her dress.

  • DocHarleen

    I love panel four. So expressive, and just an awesome interaction between Captain Barber and Florrie. Adorable.

  • rainycity1

    Love, love, love panel 4!

  • Florence is a natural shipper.
    I do not approve.

  • Ciara

    Oh Florrie, such a shameless flirt! :D

  • Miri Daisuke ManyNamed

    I didn’t realize until this reread that in this scene, Mal is wearing blue <3

  • Ilmari

    Florrie is wonderful. These two are my favourite Barbers, I think.

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