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  • Winger

    Wolfe looks so pleased for Sidney, like running into an old flame /in prison/ is quite the saucy tale and not at all concerning.

    (Then again, army deserter…perhaps he just doesn’t care to judge.)

    • Haven

      As pointed out a few pages before, he and his best friend were arrested on like their first day in Widdershins. Wolfe probably assumes she’s here for something trivial like starting a bar fight or riding in a cargo train, and not…wait, hang on.

      How is Vee not in jail for everything she did during that whole ordeal? She knocked out like a dozen guards and robbed a gunpowder magazine.

      • non_canon

        I’d say because she helped stop the plan and then scrammed before the police got there. Apparently Harry and Sid forgot to mention she was there.

        And looking back at the archives I’m reminded that Ben and Wolfe were in the crowd.

  • 703 Noemi


  • Eve

    I’d be pretty desperate to get out if I were her. I mean they’re literally calling for all the prisoners to die right outside. It’ll be a miracle if someone doesn’t set the place on fire.

    • MoeLane

      That does make the situation a bit problematical.

  • No, Sid! Think of England Harry!

    • non_canon

      Specifically, think of the fact that last time you trusted her she very calmly shot Harry in the pursuit of her goals and only acted puzzled when you got upset by that.

  • My answer to that question?

    “Watch me, sweetie!”

  • Ghostdanser

    Ya know…I have an 8 week old kitten that gives me that exact same look and it just melts my heart…but the answer to that question is still “You betcha!”

  • MoeLane

    …OK, Sid, time for the old “Loudly say that she must accept her fate while slipping her a set of lockpicks” maneuver.

    “Does Sid even have lockpicks?”

    “Of course he does. He’s a stage magician, right? I bought that background at character creation, and everything. We’ve always assumed that our characters will have the basic tools of the trade, and Lockpicking is a skill in that background. They’re not elaborate lockpicks, obviously – but Lei’s a mechanic who ALSO has the Stage Magician background. Or at least, she SHOULD, what with her having a JOB as an assistant in that field, remember?”

    • AJ

      Furthermore, Verity probably has picks on her person. What’s a little petty theft between colleagues?

    • May i point out that he has the keys in his left hand?

      Or has he palmed them so well you didn’t notice?

      • MoeLane

        or they’re up his sleeve. I dunno: I don’t actually know much about escape artistry, so I’m unsure what all the tricks of the trade are.

      • AJ

        Oh, there they are! But are the door keys the same as the cell keys? And what if the scooby gang needs the keys later?

      • Dud

        Probably no use. THe wing keys and suite/cell keys would never be on the same ring – and I don’t understand how they got through the gate as one-sided locks, held keys and double doors were standard in prisons long before this – even if it’s just a rather latge set of police cells the kays would always be kept apart.

        It’ll have to be picks, strong ones.

        • That’s in the Real World – this is the Fantasy World, where if a squad of five commandos ambushes five German soldiers, every one of them, from the five-foot-nothing explosives expert to the Dolph Lundgren type carrying the thirty-calibre machine gun with a shoulder stock (which was actually in the ordnance catalogs during WW2) will be able to put on a German uniform that fits him perfectly.

          • AJ

            Poor Agatha Heterodyne is not living in that world right now.

            • Euodiachloris

              She keeps trying, though. Heterodyne hips and hams don’t help. ;)

              • AJ

                Are they Heterodyne hips? Is her mama sleeker? All the ladies that show their thighs have beefy thighs, so it’s hard for me to tell which side the hips are from.

            • That’s what got me thinking. Remember “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, where Indy decks the German guard, puts on his shirt and confidently attempts to button it – but it won’t meet across his chest?

              • AJ

                Um… You’re asking me? You might to better with someone who’s actually seen it.
                I think I watched a crane shot over a temple or something… with Nazis… I was six or seven, and sent summarily to bed.

            • Rhee

              bahahahaha I have all the sympathy for Agatha, I think we’re probably the same pants size and they are danged hard to find even when NOT being accosted by revenants!

              • Lady Heterodyne’s problem is that she is convinced she is still a 12.

      • Shannon

        I, for one, completely forgot he had those. Despite them being prominently displayed in his hand, for the past two pages.

        • That is what those of us who study prestidigitation (though i haven’t practised in years and my hands are way out of shape – possibly a bit of early arthritis) call “misdirection”:

          Look! Over here! See my right hand doing something flashy and suspicious-looking while my left hand does the dirty work!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    It may be the best, or the worst idea you are about to have, Sid.
    Just remember someone may be very scary when jealous :)

  • John

    Last time you met she played you for a sucker and used Verity (although at least she was employing and paying her). Now she’s giving you puppy dog eyes. She playing you for a sap again Sidney. Leave her there and go defuse the riot. You can always come back to let her out if defusing the riot doesn’t work, but since you need to weaken wrath to deal with the Deadlies crisis defusing the riot BETTER work.

    • John

      I just noticed the conditional “I did some things I PERHAPS shouldn’t have”. The fact that she’s using weasel words to sound like she’s apologizing without actually admitting that what she did was wrong means she’s not even a little bit reformed. She’s just sorry she got caught. Definitely leave her there.

      • AJ

        She is very, very, very (very very) proud. It’s hard for her to admit wrongdoing even when she knows it.

      • Tsapki

        Heehee, weasel words…

        Sorry, I’m just still amused by the visual appearance of Envy in Find the Lady being described as a ‘dragon weasel’.

  • rainycity1

    I think Lei may have some skills that might be useful to these folks…

    • Maybe, but I wouldn’t trust her…

      • Euodiachloris

        Indeed. :/

      • Del

        We already don’t trust Vee. What’s a little more Lei to worry about?

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Help me, Lancelot Sidney Arthur Oliver Malik. You’re my only hope.

  • billydaking

    Really hoping Verily steps in and lays down the law (looks like she’s about ready to lose it)…and Wolfe comes up with a way that Lei can help. ‘Cause that would be so Wolfe-ish.

    I seriously doubt this is a cameo just to wrap up a loose end.

    • Tsapki

      Well, I doubt it’s ‘just’ a cameo, given the title of this arc, but how big of a role Lei has is still up in the air.

  • Del

    We know she’s coming out, but the ghostly groan may have some objections first.

  • 703 Noemi

    Cue appearance of zookeeper from Chapter 3

  • Chris Kotthoff

    *rolls up a newspaper* No Sid! No!

  • Sid could let her out and chuck her to the crowd to get lynched. Once they’ve found someone to vent their anger on, they might calm down a bit.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      With Puff the Angry Dragon egging them on?

      • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

        ‘Puff the Angry Dragon’.
        Brb, dying.

  • Sarah W

    I guess it’s a part of Sid’s character that he wants to protect love interests even when it isn’t rational. Which is unexpected, considering his usual roles (at least early on) and usual demeanor, but isn’t really a contradiction! Character depth. I like it.

  • Graham Garrett


  • Shee Soon Theng

    “I know I did some things I perhaps shouldn’t have…”

    Uh, like those three charges of attempted murder thing?

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