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October 29th, 2014

October 29th, 2014 published on 40 Comments on October 29th, 2014

Trouble + Trouble = ?

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  • Way to not introduce yourself, Wolfe. Gossshhhh.

    • CorvusCornix

      Totes rude

      • Lleyn

        Weeeelll, they haven’t introduced each other – yet. But dang, I just realized, that moment of “uh-oh” when Wolfe notices he’s got another Barber sister on his hands might not come for some time, because Florrie’s last name isn’t Barber any longer after her marriage. *Cue the ominous music!*

        I just hope that as soon as Nicola knows the full extent of the situation (and I can’t imagine her enduring being shepherded out of there by Mal for long without an explanation), she’ll come charging back in to rescue her sister.

        • Euodiachloris

          Uh. Her surname is not officially Barber any more. It might not be immediately apparent in casual conversation. <_<

          • Did it say specifically they wanted Nicola, or might Florrie be the Barber girl Envy is after? o.o

            • das-g

              Maybe any Barber lady would do.

              • Mecha_bill

                I think it was something along the lines of a bloodline, so the Barber brother would do as well.

  • I would not want to be in Mr O’Malley’s shoes when Captain Barber realises she has been decoyed away from the scene of the action. Nor would I want to be in Herr Wolfe’s shoes when Nicola finds out that he is flirting outrageously with her sister and not her.

  • $62497881

    Florrie faces are so absolutely lovely.

  • slim kittens

    Panels 3-6. Uh oh.

  • ThisCat

    Yes, let’s split up the party. Always a good idea.

  • Florrie, you shameless flirter. XD I would be more opposed to this coming from a married woman except we’ve already confirmed that she’s really quite harmless in that regard. And Wolfe, you blatant charmer, you.

    • Euodiachloris

      I’d accuse him of robbing a dairy’s worth of butter just for the occasion. Except… he’s always like that. ;P

  • CFF

    That’s right, Wolfe has a thing for redheads, doesn’t he.

    • Del

      Florrie’s a redhead?!!? I suppose it should have been obvious, even to Mal and me.

      Kate weaves so much color-coding into the plot. What color is Florrie’s dress? Is there any iconography there? The floral print might be her trade-mark.

      • CFF

        She *is* a redhead!
        Her dress is several colors. I have no idea how to describe colors to someone who might have never seen them, but I’ll try.
        The back, outside of the chest, and part lined with the floral motif is a muted rose color, pink on the red end of the spectrum. It’s a warm, inviting color- like the feeling of being in good, intimate company, sharing sweet tea in a quiet garden on a warm, summer afternoon. Her lipstick and the flowers in her hair are the same color.
        The flowers on her dress are a lighter shade of the same color; an accent, like highlights in the hair caused by sunlight.
        The rest of the body of the dress- the ruffled part in-between the ‘V’ over the chest, the puffed sleeves, the skirt underneath the ‘train’, and the gloves as well- are all the same color, a soft off-white. It’s a quiet white color used to complement and soften other colors without overpowering them; like thick cream is used to complement coffee or pies or various dishes, to add to the flavor and maybe soften and sweeten it a little without drawing attention to itself.
        The sash around her waist, her shoes, the ribbons around her upper arm closing her puffed sleeves, and the makeup on her upper eyelids is a dark rose, almost a muted burgundy. It’s a mature, womanly color, like the smell of dark wine and leather-bound books and the solidity of mahogany furniture. It’s often used as an accent to denote success and influence, and adds a hint of power to an otherwise soft, warmly approachable, slightly flirty ensemble.
        That’s what it looks like on my monitor, anyway! I would not be at all surprised to find that a floral look are her trade-mark. It’s elegantly flirty and playful. And her name *is* Florence, which means ‘flowering’ if I recall correctly!

        • Aravilui

          I have to say, while I seem to have normal color vision, I love the way you are describing them. Are you by chance a writer?

          • CFF

            Only in the loosest sense of the word. But thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed it.^^

    • Bobismeisbob

      If he does then he’s going to have trouble with the Barber sisters, they’re enough trouble already.

  • Redgryphon

    Well, Florrie is a bit of a show-off. She might have gone with (Married Surname) nee Barber. Which should have an accent on it, but I can’t do accents, so imagine it is there.

  • AJ

    Florrie’s way more cunning than we give her credit for. She just successfully caught herself a protector for what’s about to happen. She really is a Barber!

  • Iituem

    Phillipe! Time travelling again, are we?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Actually, Philipe was, if I recall, fairer skinned and not bald. But that guy was at the Hotel Gula, which means he’s terribly unlucky when it comes to the Deadlies. :-P

  • Averant

    Wooow, Mr. Smooth Operator here… *looks at Florrie* OperatorS, maybe.

  • Digid

    Hmm, a thought occurs – what if Envy isn’t stopped activating the ritual, but instead of Wrath (with Nicola gone) another Sin is summoned because of Florrie’s presence… a Sin starting with L….

    • rainycity1


  • Sir_Krackalot

    Irony Force, go!

  • Mecha_bill

    Looking forward to see what Florrie brings to the table. So far, all of the Barber girls have had strong virtues, albeit hidden. Wonder what Florries will be, but note that Kindness or Benevolence is the counter to Envy.

    • rainycity1

      Ohh…. neat thought. I hadn’t gone there yet; good observation.

  • heh

  • Necris Omega

    In my experience, Trouble + Trouble = Team Rocket, but I somehow doubt the likelihood of that here…

  • Rosslyn12

    Does the married woman not have any kind of qualms about definitely flirting with other men?? I used to like her. That’s over.

    • Let it play out, eh? :)

    • rainycity1

      As a married woman myself, I assure you that there is definitely a difference between flirting and doing anything untoward. I’ve been *loving* Florrie’s faces in these last two posts! <3

  • Aeirryn

    I LOVE them. Why do they have to be so adorable together? Mr and Miss Optimistic, off to find trouble…

  • I suspect that Florrie is flirting with Wolfe to find out more about him and if he’s a suitable match for her sister Nicola, as she is a blatant shipper (I recall her trying to set up Harry as well).
    Or, she just wants to have some fun at this party that her husband apparently didn’t want to come to and figures chatting up the handsome German qualifies (which it does).

    • She is very aware that he is far from Nicola’s type!

      • Ah, well, she does have other sisters . . .

      • Ilmari

        Nicola has a *type*?

        … I cannot imagine …

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