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  • Ah. The route to a solution begins to be dimly glimpsed through the underbrush and fog…

  • What’s the betting that the staff and the hotel came from 1834? And that this is the ‘Local Hotel Set to Close’ from the back page of the daily news of Tim Chiang’s paper at the end of Vanishing Act? I am so glad I got the hi res pdf from the Kickstarter.

  • cphoenix

    Heh. Reading a comment about “hi res pdf” and then the next one about “underbrush”… I thought at first that “underbrush” was a drawing technique.

  • Me-me

    The hotel will keep eating until it eats someone poisonous… at which point it might just throw up!

    • Ooh, good theory

    • Sanjay Merchant

      But it’s a spirit of Gluttony, what makes you think it won’t just wolf all the kidnapped people back down again? I mean, binging and purging is a (disgusting) thing. Then again, this place seems obsessed with getting the BEST food, so maybe…?

  • Lewis

    First time I’ve seen “cannat” as the spelling for “cannae” or “canna”. Though Google turned up an example from Walter Scott, was that where you got the spelling from? Most of the time I see it as cannae though occasionally it’ll show up as canny.

    Has it as “cannae” while another video of the same song has it as “canny”.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I want there to be a meme using Alexa’s thinking face. Because it’s awesome.

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