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  • The One Who Sees can’t see himself! D:

  • Mindsword2

    Well this explains why we can’t see it either.

    Curses. Foiled again.

  • Michael Brewer

    I confess, I hope O’Mally gets to see the sunrise in color, before he gets set back to how he was.

    • AJ

      Hmmm… Extra cruel because he’ll never see it again, or a fond memory the rest of his days?

      • Graham Garrett

        Both. Bittersweet ending and a spark to light their bromance

  • Sir_Krackalot

    “I died once, okay?”

  • Wait… mean there are all these malforms everywhere that we could have been getting paid to desummon and you never thought to mention it?

    • AJ

      We only get paid if people know they’re there. And, y’know, want them gone. Who’s to verify our story if we desummon invisible things that aren’t bothering anybody?

      • Alex Hollins

        well, if they wanna go home, we let them know who’s got a fat wallet and fun stuff to trash.

        • In the extra story in the hard copy of ‘No Rest for the Wicked’, O’Malley got the malforms to hand out business cards.

          • AJ

            ….How did they get the business cards in the first place? Or did he just sort of sneak back-door to back-door? How does that conversation go?

              • AJ

                Seriously, are you the marketing department here? First you make me spend two weeks of spare time reading Darken, and now this?

                • Hmm. Maybe I should start asking for a commission… If the book’s a bit pricey you can also get the story from the cheaper downloadable pdf.

                  • AJ

                    Don’t be absurd. What’s the point of purchasing a print copy if you don’t get actual PRINT?

                    • Uh, he means that you can buy the PDF versions of the books in the store, too. It’s because some folk prefer to read on tablets rather than on paper, and they’re good and high res, usually with a couple of art tweaks and a bunch of extra content :)

                    • AJ

                      Oh, I know that. I was just being heavily biased toward paper copies because when I put money down for something, I like to be able to whack people over the head with it.

                    • I like the PDFs for offline reading, but there is indeed something satisfying about a bookshelf full if emergency projectiles.

  • Foehn

    I guess the duet is going well!

    • Reader

      Unless – plot twist – it’s actually Voss playing, having stolen Wolfe’s skill after all!

      • Jeff

        Unlikely. Envy told him he can steal anything which he does not already possess. It’s clear he stole the musical ability of the violinist that was supposed to be performing, so at least in that regard, Wolfe should be safe.

  • Jay

    …does that mean he’s immune from accidental summoning and temptation (unlike, say, Voss?)

  • Mujaki

    Well, I had surmised it was that he just didn’t like having to face his nature, but this…
    I freely admit I was wrong. But now I am wondering WHY…

  • Winger

    WELL then. I suppose the implication you’re dead inside / arguably inhuman would be a bit disheartening. That his eyes still shine blue suggests it may not be an absence so much as something about him just being Different…but then we pretty much knew that already. Hmm. HMMM.

    (Is anyone else out there getting fond flashbacks to His Dark Materials at all?)

    • You mean like daemons? It’s been a while since I read the books.

      • Ilmari

        The “no face” analogy is used in HDM for people without daemons, indeed.

    • Why would it be disheartening? I can’t possibly imagine anything more validating than that.

  • Sarah Hardister

    SERIOUSLY? Darn you, Kate! That’s so messed up. Poor Mal.

  • Euodiachloris

    Well… that begs a few questions. o.O

  • Redgryphon

    I knew it!!!!

  • Lleyn

    So, in essence, Mal doesn’t like looking in mirrors, because it feels like as if he hasn’t got a face… Yeah, that would be disturbing! I guess also nagging as to why he doesn’t have a spirit, and if he did, what it would look like, since so many people seem to have ugly spirits (remember his first reaction to Wolfe’s soaring violin-player spirit, must have been a sight of pure beauty). But, you know, him recognizing Wolfe’s playing from its sound alone just touches my heart.

    • Percabeth_trash

      Well, he’s spent three years listening to it regularly, and he’s already admitted it makes him happy. And we all know not many things make Mal happy.

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Wow… nothing? That somehow make him even more terrifying than I had thought.

  • Deepbluediver

    Confirmed, Jack has no soul.

    • Shinzy

      Ooor maybe it’s just really small and resides in his eyes! eh! EH! *mindblob*

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I can’t help but notice that Mal’s eyes are always colored in, even when looking at him with Displaced Mal-O-Vision. The eyes are the windows to the soul indeed.


    Ohhh man…no wonder he gets freaked out. That would be terrifying, knowing everyone has an emotion spirit aura all the time EXCEPT YOU. Poor Mal. I think that would be more disconcerting than spirit vision. Which he basically just said, of course – it’s like everyone not having a face. Reminds me of an episode from Star Trek where the empathic Diana Troy lost her empath abilities and suddenly everyone seemed to flat and lifeless to her.

  • Somebody

    O’Mally is about to find out what color eyes his best friend has.

  • Also, unrelated to my last comic, the spam is totally about to hit the fan.

  • Del

    He doesn’t need an aura. He has a cigarette.

  • Nalyd

    He has a CONDITION. Geez, try to be a little more sensitive about these things Mr. Wiz.

  • Guest

    Could be like you can’t smell your own scent, Mal got so used to seeing it that he just blocks it out. Somewhere along the line he forgot that he was blocking it out. Or his powers gives him immunity to seeing his own aura and that protection didn’t go away when his power was taken.

    • Jeff

      That wouldn’t explain why Ben can’t see one either.

    • svartalf

      Ben can’t see it either…there’s something TO that. But what, might that be?

  • Graham Garrett

    That was unexpected…. Mal doesn’t have a soul?

  • I just noticed – Mal’s in black and white now like everything else, but his eyes are still colored blue. Maybe his spirit/aura/whathaveyou is on the inside somehow? Or it’s another “side effect” of what’s different about him, like Envy said?

  • Elphie

    I’m on an archive binge but I just feel like Mal’s ‘lack’ of aura could be something similar to Adam’s aura in Good Omens. Like, it’s too big to be easily noticed as an aura or something.

  • Astrelan

    “It might, or might not, have helped Anathema get a clear view of things if she’d been allowed to spot the very obvious reason why she couldn’t see Adam’s aura. It was for the same reason that people in Trafalgar Square can’t see England.”

    I feel like this quote applies here.

  • Even though Mal’s black and white now since it’s Ben with the vision his eyes are still blue though? Hmmmm!

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