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  • Voss is actually… happy? o.O

    • Euodiachloris

      Awwww: happy, happy hound! ^_^ (For once.)

    • rlb

      The power of music :-)

  • Listen to the man who knows what you’re doing, Ben

  • Cooper

    This would be Ben’s reaction to walking into the bar even without the sight. He simply cannot handle all this fun.

  • Eagle0600

    Aww, look at those two spirits holding hands. They’re adorable. Actually, so is Voss’ spirit, strangely enough.

  • Nin

    Oh, Ben. Your overconfidence is your weakness.

    There is so much going on in this page, no wonder Ben is overwhelmed! It’s hard to pick a favorite part. There’s Wolfe’s poor, usually twisted spirit looking like a puppy who just saw its owner break out a ball made of bacon. There’s the two musicians in the corner: one is straight-up envious, but the other seems to be sad that he can’t play as well but still enjoying the music. And the spirits of those two women: one’s all angles and points, seems sort of brash and harsh; the other looks like pink marshmallow happiness, and even though I can’t come up with simple names for the emotions they’re feeling I know I’ve felt them myself. This page isn’t just impressive artistically but also story-wise, because it does such a great job of showing how overwhelming seeing these spirit-presences must be. I think it may be my favorite so far.

    • Nin

      Ugh, typos, misnaming, mutilated sentences. . .next time, tea /before/ typing.

      • MoonicaMusing

        “looking like a puppy who just saw its owner break out a ball made of bacon”
        A++, would read again

  • Euodiachloris

    I like the grump in the back there.
    “You’re not supposed to enjoy this!”
    “Dude, lighten up: they’re good!”

    • Autocharth

      Is it just me, or does that grump-spirit look like it has a monocle over one eye? Or at least a monocle shape

      • JRP

        That seems to be more of an exaggerated cartoon nose.
        I think the grump prolly knew the German slur Voss used. Back in the panel before he took their instruments, when he interrupted them, the grump looked angry, and the chill guy just looked surprised.

  • Sonja

    Voss is really happy! O_o Wow!
    Nice how these two women’s spirits are enjoying themselves together. They seem to be friends.

    And I like the scene in the background, it’s exactly like Euodiachloris said. ^^

  • Nonesuch

    Voss is finally starting to feel the joy of working together with, rather than against someone… ^^

    • Christopher Gargani

      My thoughts exactly. :)

      • svartalf

        I caught that. He looks…alive…and happy…for the first time in his life.

        • David Argall

          Oh, Voss has looked happy before, quite often in fact, but usually because he had or was about to do somebody dirt. This may be the first time we have seen him happy without anybody else having a more negative opinion about the situation.

          • SayMrrp

            Those musicians don’t look too happy, but I get what you mean.

  • $62497881

    This whole comic is awesome, but the spirit vision scenes are one of my favorite things. I guess I have a weakness for lineless drawing.

  • Deepbluediver

    Is there ever a single instance, in all of literary history, where someone says “I can handle this” followed by things going well for them?

    • AJ

      Sometimes you get the scenario where someone is actively trying to fix someone else’s screwup (for the sake of example, something like they’re trying to pull a plane out of a steep dive) and the people around them are trying to stop them, and they shout “I can handle this!” and do so and the day is saved. That’s usually only at the eleventh hour, after they’ve gone through a few more failures than Ben has yet.

  • Lleyn

    Who’s a good doggy? Whoooo’s a good doggy? Fetch!!
    (They need to distract Voss after all, if they want to extricate Wolfe from there)

  • Tikatu

    Poor Voss. When things go south, he’ll lose this power and the happiness he’s feeling right now. Maybe he’ll learn that half the battle in being happy requires bringing happiness to others.

    On the other hand, Wolfe may have just found himself a steady, paying gig to supplement the malform-hunting business.

  • 4LS

    Things I did not expect to happen when this story started: …. Pretty much everything on this page. Good job :D

  • Liza

    I live for this, you know. I think this and the first page where we see Wolfe playing, back in “No Rest for the Wicked,” are my favourite pages EVER. It’s good to see the flame-like nature of Wolfe’s spirit; a bringer of warmth and light, and as a musician, it makes me rejoice to see that the violin is part of his spiritual form. And the women whose spirits are holding hands with their hair unbound, and the happy wizards! I love it. Well done, Kate!

    • JWLM

      Sadly, there’s a certain amount of loss of willing suspension of disbelief for me in this panel Wolfe’s posture is wrong. The smaller strings are held in place with the chin, not the arm. Your left hand has to be free to move up into a higher position and hard bowing needs to leave the instrument unmoved. That’s the why behind the chin-rest.

      I know, I know, I’m nit-picking. A cartoonist doesn’t need to get it right at all, as long as her audience understands what she meant.

      • Hah, yeah, I knew I’d mess something up! Copying poses from Youtube can only help me so much. Makes me wish I did violin instead of flute when I was in school!

        • JWLM

          Hey, you got Voss right, didn’t you? Wolfe is a treasure as a character; I don’t really care how he holds his violin.

          (ETA: OK, yes, I *do* care how he holds his violin. But I can look past that. You don’t have to get that detail right.)

          • I’d actually forgotton to draw in the strings, too, just changed it now. That one was something of a larger error, I think!

            • rainycity1


      • AJ

        Not always. Classical violin, sure, you hold the violin with your chin. For fiddling, the hand holds the violin. (Now, I’m only familiar with American players, and there might not be fiddlers in England, and I don’t know where Wolfe studied, so I might be wrong for this instance, but holding the neck up with one’s hand is done.)

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Maybe Wolfe is just that good. :-P

      • rainycity1
        • JWLM

          Hail, fellow dweller in the PNW rainforest.

          Ironically, that video is a perfect example of what I said. Vivaldi’s _Spring_ is a standard fourth or fifth year small group piece, as it has a number of segments played in higher position (with the hand as a whole moved closer to the fingerboard) and a number of other segments played in first position (with the arm at full extension.) Notice that the violist and the violinist only shift to the novelty performance style when they’re playing an extended segment in first position. Listen carefully to the difference in intonation when they’re playing those flourishes and when they’re not. The flourish segments are “crunchy” sounding, and somewhat sloppily pitched. The same segments played at the chin are clear (these women *are* very, very good musicians, if you were interested) and *ring*, with perfect intonation.

          (If you want to get into the portion from _Mac the Knife_, we can talk about that, too.)

          Wolfe is playing at the chin.

          • rainycity1

            JWLM, you are having absolutely too much fun analyzing this. <3

  • Oh my goodness, look how happy Voss’s spirit is!!! :D

  • Somebody

    I LOVE the two spirits reaching out to one another.

  • pingo1387

    I like the detail of the spirits of those two women holding hands while they dance! Does that indicate that they’re literally “soulmates”?

  • Dan

    I’m loving the artwork, it keeps getting more and more intricate. The story is awesome as well, I’m always looking forward to the next page. I didn’t know how I’d feel coming from Darken to this, but I’m a huge fan. All the characters are fantastic and the different storylines that give the different characters their own focus is actually a really interesting approach. It’ll be great to see when all these characters that I’ve become so invested in meet each other (outside of for two minutes in a boxcar) and have to work together. Keep it up!

  • Deepbluediver

    It’s a pity Voss is such a loathsome individual and all his cool suaveness is due to stolen talent. If he weren’t such an ass I think he’d be kind of decent to hang around with, in a frenemey sort of way.

    Basically, I guess I’m saying I kind of pity him and I wish he where someone else entirely so I could either love or hate him.

    • James Young

      some people take longer to develop into a better person, children in good men and woman, sometimes its not the strength that they need to carry themselves but a dirrections upon which to set their first unsteady foot.
      when I look at wolf I keep thinking the old man,( who is dead by now) and that is sad but the talent will stay with him (wolf), because it is part of an older spirit ( the old man, a teacher as the card(s)( deck of many things) often depicts him/ it/they to be.) that still wants to teach and to give back to the world and it ( the teacher) knows it can do this through wolf.

  • rainycity1

    Oh, Mal, you’re going to start a fire some day with those cigs.

  • awhorl

    The blue(s) spirit of the groovin’ violinist looks a bit like ol’ JS Bach . . . or Papa Haydn, for that matter . . .

  • CyberSkull

    Quite a lot going on!

  • ShakeJake

    Thack-Eyes, a NEW brand of Mal-O-Vision. Results may vary.

  • Wombat140

    Mal trying (albeit sketchily) to look after Ben makes me want to go and have a little cry.

    Also, Ben in panel 3… so, Voss, this is you if Ben hadn’t got in the way, right? You might want to reconsider whether that fox is a good person to take advice from.

  • Graham Garrett

    I like the former violinists in the corner basically replacing Wolfe and Voss’ roles — one is super jealous and doesn’t know why his companion is so cheerful about this. :) Oh, and there seems to be a wizard in the foreground — is that deliberate? Must be!

  • Ciara

    Goddamnit Ben, listen to Mals’ advice for once

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