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  • Sanjay Merchant


  • …. is that Lord Vetinari?

    • Me-me

      Don’t be silly. This person is showing emotion. More importantly, he’s failing at something. Both of these preclude him from being Lord Vetinari.

      • Subtle

        Vetinari has emotions! Even if the only one he tends to use regularly is “bemused.”
        Failing, on the other hand, is hardly Vetinari. He’d have that hotel managed without anything more than a raised eyebrow and some meaningful looks.

  • Marvelous TK

    Confirmation that the time period the hotel is based in is the Good One. Chances of that crew of cooks getting dumped out into the story at large is looking good!

    • Rook

      I was thinking very much the same.

      • Could be they get returned home at the end of the first Widdershins arc too or somesuch.. then they could interact with the rest of the cast and still get home : )

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’m actually on the fence. I figure 50% chance they all land back in 1834. 50% each lands back in the moment they left normal spacetime. (So the Shaw twins return to the chase scene 1927, Alexa to the baking competition in 2013, Ethan goes back to grump up the 2030’s or whenever, etc.)

      Maybe that’s just because I like Alexa’s parents and don’t want them to lose their daughter suddenly and unexpectedly. :-)

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Yeah, they can’t pass such a narrow opening !

  • Anyone with a moustache like Mr Cartwright Snr has got to be a good guy. Anyone with a moustache like Mr Cartwright Jnr may as well have ‘villain’ tattooed across his forehead.

    • =Tamar

      Don’t forget the pince-nez and the tiny beardlet.

    • exmsft

      Particularly since Junior is a spitting image of Mephistopheles from _Darken_. Just sayin’

      • Sanjay Merchant

        So does that mean Gort succeeding in taking over Meph’s layer of Hell? And Meph got himself banished to the life of a mortal hotel manager in an alternate universe?

        • svartalf

          That probably would’ve been a fitting punishment, much like Baal’s was eminiently fitting.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            I’m sure Baal thought his punishment was much too snug. :rimshot:

          • That would explain why he’s not a natural manager. He’s an unnatural manager….

            OK, I’ll shut up now.

        • exmsft

          I’m thinking of Komiyan doing to Gort what Gort did to Mephisto, and getting the same reward. Gort, after all, had rather persistently dismissed Komiyan as all but a flunky.

  • BeretCat

    First off, this comic is fantastic!

    Second off, the secret to a successful hotel was obviously that picture above the door.

    • Stretch Longfellow

      Isn’t it usually the area behind the painting that’s darker? Or have the walls just gotten grimy?

      • Stretch Longfellow

        Either way, that is a nice subtle detail. :)

        • Doubtless inspired by the artist’s recent house move (the discolouration rather than the grime).

          • Hah, quite! It’s off to buy paint tonight :)

      • awhorl

        He must have sold them, eh? Probably worth something. Hmm . . . gambling debts, perhaps?

      • =Tamar

        The walls get grimy.

  • JediaKyrol

    get rid of all those paintings! Guests don’t need paintings! Also it needs to be darker! Guests don’t need light! Might as well get rid of the beds too…This is a Hotel not a hostel! Give me a minute…I read this book by a M. Fairbairn that said binding daemons to your business was a surefire way to profit…Let’s try that!

    • svartalf

      Possibly the route in question that we got there, but what about the Father- he’s the one that was so reckless…

      Guess we’ll find out about what was so reckless of him shortly. (*grabbing the bowl of popcorn*) Time to sit back and enjoy the new ride…

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