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  • TrueWolves

    Awwwh, they’re so cute when tipsy together.

  • Nin

    Ben’s grin might be the result of a concussion, but it’s rather cute.

  • Lleyn

    That’s the spirit, Ben! You’re quite literally soaking in it.

  • David Argall

    I’m not sure how they think this is going to work, but sometimes wet ropes are easy to untie.

    • Idunyken

      but nigh impossible to break :S

      Engineer in me says they shouldn’t be able to tip a barrel like that. Also says that it looks like they are rotating in that last panel and that Voss’ party rehearsal is about to get a very literal performance of ‘roll out the barrel’ :)

  • steelraven

    … where the hell is that light coming from?

    • EmilyS

      Yeah, I don’t know XD

      • szbnahl

        At first I thought that it was just for our benefit, but then I noticed the shadow. Plot-lighting doesn’t cast shadows. Now my guess is that Ben cast some sort of light cantrip.

        • Border Lassie

          Well it could quite possibly be mimicking real life–in movies when it’s supposedly “pitch black” they of course have lights on so the audience (and actors) can still see what’s going on. And those lights of course cast shadows. Adding the shadows in the comic certainly makes it feel more “real” (when we see things there are *always* shadows), whereas no shadows would make it feel much more flat and would be a bit more likely to break the willing suspension of disbelief.

          …That’s my two cents on the subject anyway, feel free to ignore it.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    I’m wondering how drunk you can get off the vapours of whatever they’re sitting on ^^

    • Frances Ahlborn

      Drunk enough for oxygen deprivation to finish the job?

  • Euodiachloris

    *sploosh* hee hee. I’ve no idea why that tickled me, but it did. :D

  • John

    Enjoy your vacation!

  • Hans Rancke

    I don’t see why they should have such a sense of accomplishment. After all, that barrel was a pushover.

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