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  • dana

    I keep wondering how Voss got them in there to begin with.

    I can only imagine opening a huge barrel like that, putting two people inside and closing it back up is non-trivial.

    • Swagner

      … good point. I mean, neither of them are big dudes, but…

      • Nightsbridge

        He took someone’s strength at some point on the journey, surely.

        • IWX

          He probably had the henchmen help. They were just temporarily distracted by the buggerup.

    • David Argall

      Such questions are very hard on the logic of a story. However…
      A-He had to hide the bodies somewhere, and we already see that doors get opened.
      b- Those barrels are Big. Got to have something like a forklift around to move them anyway, so…
      C-There is an “empty” nearby and so he dumps the bodies in and caps it with the aid of tools that are around there. Then he uses such tools to move the barrel to a quiet corner. Still a bit of a stretch, but nothing really impossible about it.

    • Someone in a previous post had issues with the barrel design. Clearly, these are not normal barrels, but dastardly devices (almost certainly designed by the little doggy of course) in which to imprison inconvenient snoopers. They have lids easy to open from the outside, difficult from the inside, and look to the untrained eye just like ordinary barrels. Who is going to look for a missing person in there? The Fiend!

  • JWLM

    Well, it looks like they’ll be getting out. If they’re lucky, it’ll be when the barrel hits a wall and splits wide open. If not, it’ll be after the barrel rolls through a window and splits wide open on the courtyard below.

  • Euodiachloris

    Between the booze fumes and the barrel roll… just how dizzy will they both be? :D Also, no bets: anything odd he sees, Ben will put down to the… uh… “situational circumstances”. At first. xD

  • Mal: “Did I breathe in too much booze, or is it really wobbly in here?”
    I just love that line.

    • Me-me

      Por que no los dos?

  • Of course, Mal and Ben are having some interesting shifts of their own…

  • cphoenix

    Hm… the barrel could only roll like that if the men inside were not in contact with the rotating barrel wall (because otherwise they’d rub against the wall and cause the barrel to slow down pretty quickly). So I guess there’s enough booze inside to float them once they’ve fallen over? Which means that they are now floating in booze, and given the way they’re tied, at least one and probably both are drowning. I hope the barrel cracks, or the janitor gets the lid off, pretty quickly!

  • Enjoy your well-deserved holiday! With all the hard-work you’ve put into this webcomic, I really hope you have a restful and relaxing time :)

    • mendel

      Seconded. :)

    • Thank you, I most definitely will!

  • Mujaki

    Roll out the barrel! We’ll have a barrel of fun!

  • mendel

    On the last page the barrel had a cock; I thought it would have snapped off when the barrel fell, but now that it’s rotating it most certainly has, which ought to do wonders either for the air supply (they’d be unconscious in 3.5 hours without air) or the fluid level in the cask.

  • Tsapki

    Queue the Benny Hill music!

    • Disloyal Subject

      …do you mean cue, or queue? I guess either fits…

  • Duke of URL

    How are they standing up in a horizontal barrel that’s less than three feet across?

    • Because I’m very tired

  • Weird Oregonian

    Whistling janitor is now my favorite character in the webcomic.

  • WitUnderPressure

    (Shrugs and goes back to sweeping)
    “The things I have to ignore in this city…”

  • SteinarB

    On the bright side they could have been worse off than they are. After all, this is just a barrel with a bit of booze in it. It could have been a barrel full of monkeys, which I am told by reliable sources are not, in fact, fun at all. Probably because monkeys are vicious little buggers and being stuck in a barrel with them is a surefire way to get bitten in painful places.

    I’m sure this will just be a barrel of laughs. They may even do a barrel roll as they are barreling down the road.


  • FlyingMug

    Cue the Pirate’s theme.

  • svartalf

    Enjoy the holiday, Kate!

  • This guy

    The Great Casket Escape

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