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  • Lewis

    Putting in an early vote for the next Kickstarter to have a bonus story with Edie and Gladys as a stretch goal <3

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Well, Gladys did mention that this was her longest stint being incarcerated.

  • dotlaura

    Dumbwaiters! Now we really have a murder mystery going.

  • Oh, come on – there aren’t any Barbers in this story yet?

    • =Tamar

      I think Gladys and her sister may be Barbers.

      • Hmmm.

        What’s Sid’s last name … ummm … Malik.

        Well, there’d be a generation or so between Sid & Harry and the twins;

        Time enough for a Shaw to slip in there.

    • The Wing

      Two words – Nora “Fenton”

      • Well, i didn’t know that then, did i?

        • The Wing

          Sorry mate, I didn’t either! It was just a hunch until just now.

  • Volk0v

    Being from the times of prohibition, I imagine they would know quite a bit about locks…

    • Prohibition wasn’t a thing over here, we like our booze too much!

      • Guest

        Oh, we love our booze, too. We just like telling other people what to do more. :-P

      • So do we. Folks during Prohibition actually drank MORE.

      • =Tamar

        Instead of all-out prohibition, the UK just time-shifted it, with pub closings arranged according to the working hours of the local population. Same concept – limiting drinking – just a different method. That led to the “pub crawl” concept, with people leaving one as it closed to stagger to the next one that was still open.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          [music] The More You Know! [/music]

  • Johannes Hjortshøj

    Flashback o’clock? Yes it’s around that time. Right after 10 to exposition.

  • SoItBegins

    Now I really do want to hear about the background of these two.

  • Wait… I think I remember Alexa having a smartphone. Why not just send that?

    • Killersquirrel66

      With all the magic around, they’re almost certainly still in some version of Widdershins – ergo, if Alexa turns on her phone, it will probably blow several fuses.

      • Or maybe it’ll break the magic that’s keeping them there.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          If just riding into the train station was enough to overwhelm that kid’s phone/music player/whatever, then I think being inside an active summoning circle is going to be much, much more than enough to turn Alexa’s cell phone into a paperweight.

  • Marek

    More than bartenders? Nah, just ladies from far more adventuresome times…

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Also interesting to confirm that they don’t actually know what’s in the dining room.

  • So, if the food is delivered directly by dumb waiter, what do the maids do? Are they upstairs serving and do they know what the guests are? And do the chefs really want to know?

  • awhorl

    The hotel itself has jaws and teeth and can swallow. Why does it need “guests” at all? dum dum dum

  • The Wing

    Going up a dumbwaiter! Spiderwick Chronicles reference…? Um probably not.

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