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  • Sanjay Merchant

    Voss did a bad, bad thing.

  • Nin

    Yay, Wolfe might be right after all!

    Voss’s posture here made me remember something, so I went back and looked at earlier comics. Every time we see Voss’s spirit, it’s in some twisted-up, uncomfortable-looking position. I’m not sure why that last panel made it click for me. It’s one of those little details I hadn’t consciously noticed until now.

    • David Argall

      Well, it does seem possible that Voss has learned some detail about his deal that horrifies him, but we have seen no sign of it so far. But this does seem out of character for Voss. As far as we know, the plot was going smoothly and Voss has no need to lure Wolfe into some sort of trap. So we have strikes against this being sincere and insincere.
      Now if we look back at Piece of Cake, we have the sandwich man needlessly sneak out of the kitchen like he was going to betray the others, which turned out to be a trap. So we may have something needlessly complicated as well. Here, that could mean Voss is trying to lead Wolfe into a trap when Wolfe is already heading into one.
      But it is possible Voss did get some share of the talent and he is now switching sides because of what he has seen. So keep your eyes open.

      • ShakeJake

        Honestly, I’d find it more odd if he had walked out of the kitchen openly. Anyone who had been outside of the kitchen could see the other’s lack of exclamation and perturbedness if he did that, which would mean leaving the kitchen mid planning would be part of the plan. Him sneaking out in a stealthy manner makes it much more of a solid plan. It’s been shown that Nora was the only maid whom was truly included in the details of the plan, so if a maid saw him leave and go straight to Sykes like it was the most normal thing in the world, it’d be plenty suspicious. His act should have, and did, start from the moment he began to open the door.

  • Cooper

    ‘So, there’s a spirit of envy inside my eye, and he’s telling me to do bad things.’

    • pingo1387

      The voice, it speaks to me, Wolfe! You must help!

  • steelraven

    “…Funny story.”

  • Me-me

    “______ Offices”
    Crap, what were they before?

    *writhes in anticipation for Wednesday*

    • Del

      Voss’s job is to get a Barber to Envy’s party. Voss’s desire has been to make Wolfe envious.

      Voss looks like he has abandoned both of those goals.

      Has Envy left Voss unsupervised for too long?

      • Nin

        It’s possible he’ll still get Captain Barber to go to the party, but with her collusion instead of through trickery.

  • Hermitage

    Uh…that looks an awful lot like Ben’s body language. Was there a soul swap of some sort?

    • Marek

      Good to see i was not the only one thinking that kind of thing. That maybe Voss absorbed Ben as a whole and Ben sort of took over from there…

    • David Argall

      Not ruled out at least, but there are a long list of possibilities along this line. This could be entirely Ben, or Voss with a light coating of Ben, or 50-50, or … About all we can be sure of at this point is that Envy is too confident his plan is going well.

  • Mindsword2

    Who can it be knocking at my door?

  • Marvelous TK

    As soon as I hit that last panel, I squeed at the implications.
    -I don’t squee-.

    What have you done to me?

  • fwknight

    Perhaps he stole some compassion on accident? Or he is trying to get Barber through Wolfe? Either way, this looks very much unlike the Voss we have come to know so far.

  • Somehow it’s adorable that Wolfe talks aloud to himself about silence being golden. I’m sure he can manage on his own just fine, but it seems like he is a social soul by nature.

    • Jodah

      Wolfe is the picture of contentment in all things. I think that both society and solitude seem to suit him.

  • “…. last night was amazing”

  • DaraX

    I think Voss’ body language in the last panel hints at having Mal’s ability. He’s not looking Wolfe straight-on, possibly an attempt at protecting himself from seeing Wolfe’s spirit as much as he possibly can.

  • Neoriceisgood

    :o that’s interesting body language.

  • davidbreslin101

    Next up: Voss steals Wolfe’s ability to be a thoroughly decent chap! Then things get confusing.

  • I love Voss’ expression in that last panel.

  • Euodiachloris

    That is one tail-down, ears-sagging and downright cringing little fox in a corner… Which means he’s realised he did or is doing something very, very wrong (and is going to get hit for it).

    I bet Envy punches at steam-roller strength, and he knows Wolfe is just too nice to hit him. So, it must be Envy he’s now terrified of. :| Progress, Voss. A bit too late, but progress.

  • ShadeTail

    The two possibilities I can think of:

    “I absorbed that weird guy’s power and it’s driving me **NUTS**!!”

    “I’m here to subtly draw you into a trap, and Envy is perched on my shoulder to make sure I behave.”

    • Considering where his eye is directed in the last panel (above Wolfe’s head), I suspect you’re on target with the first possibility.

  • Wonder which language Herr Wolfe talks to himself in? Presumably he speaks English when he answers the door to what he thinks is Mr Thackeray and Mr O’Malley, but he’ll be speaking to Herr Voss in German.

    Sorry, I’m over analysing again aren’t I?

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Wolfe asking for help or stealing talents?

  • Nalyd

    He’s so nervous it’s adorbes. XD

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Voss… I had such high hopes for you. Oh wait, you are cunning one. I see, you want to keep your fortune while backstabbing Envy; and still get to play the hero.

  • This guy

    Funny, when you disappeared, Malley didn’t “take a break”

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