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  • Mr Hats

    It IS quite a suit, at that.

  • Phil
      (DAA dun… DAA dun.. DAAdun DAAdun… dudundudundudundudundudundudun)
      dun DADUNNNNNNN Dun dun dun, da daDUM, da daDUM. Dun dun dun, daa daDUM daa daDUMM. DA dada DAAA da da DARADA da DA–
      d̳ar̦͉̩a̺̮̥͚͇D̠̮̻̰͕̜A̙͇̺͇A̩͇̭A͚̹̭̖̳̤A͇͓̘̯̘ͅͅA̮̖̻͔A͈̖̼͚A̰̰… daradaraDAA DAAAAAAA. d̗̣̝̱͚a̱͕̥r̦a̖͖̗̰̰̭̠DA͓̯̘A͕̠̗AA̳A̘̲A̰̰͎̯̺͎A̝̤̱͉̣ͅͅ… da da da DAAAAAAAA. Ḏ̷̛̹̙͢a̹͚̜A͇͇͙̟̖͚̬͠A̺̤̞͚A̟̞͙̩̦͡A̴̢͓̖͘ͅA̺̠͕̗̳̬͙̣͘͟A̸̴̛̬͙A̻̲̩͙̣̻͕͔͚͟A̵̬̞̭͈͓͞ͅA̯̼̹̱ͅà͎̪̪͔̩̭̺̰ͅa͈͔̙̙̰̲͙̕a̤͈͕̯͚̬̙̯A̵͈̭̭͓̺͍͞A͏̩̖͈͈͇̺A̩̯͈̥͈͙͓̰͡a̞͖̙͓̙̦͘a̶̶̳̙̭͙͔̙a̧͍͎̜̱̗a̸̛̬͈̮̮̩̦͞A̝ͅa͏͈̦̘̪̯a̷҉͕̳͈͓͖͇̯͇á̸̶͕̰͇͍̞̠a̵̡̳̥̖̙̱͕͙͢.͈̖̕͞.̪̦̬́́͜.̹̘̪̰͉̝̦̭


      • AJ

        Good heavens!

      • LA Julian


        • AJ

          I still have trouble believing that “paradiddles” is a word. And my mother is a music teacher.

      • Wyvern

        I recognized the Jaws theme, the Psycho shower music, and the Imperial March, but what’s the last one supposed to be?

        Also, you forgot: DUN daDUN dum… DUN daDUN dum DAH!

        • mokudox13

          O Fortuna. Classical instrumental used for scary things about to happen.

          • Wyvern

            Or exciting things. The first and probably most famous cinematic use was in Excalibur, where it accompanied Arthur and his knights riding to battle.

        • Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. There’s a link in the last ellipsis. (And typing organ music in vanilla text seemed like an insult.)

          I’m hearing Ride of the Valkyries there, but I can’t be right, right?

          • Wyvern

            If you’re asking about DUN daDUN dum… DUN daDUN dum DAH!, it’s not Ride of the Valkyries, it’s the Dragnet theme.

            • Wyvern

              Ride of the Valkyries would be darada DAH dah, darada DAH dah, daraha DAH dah, darada DUM.

  • Tikatu

    Now we know why they couldn’t find Lux on Curiosity’s map; he’s playing human again.

    • Jorbun

      That or his proximity to the anchor, I think.

      • svartalf


    • I was expecting him to be doing Villainous things over at the farm.

      • Tikatu

        The story is young; he may yet do so!

        Though I’m not as sure he’s Florrie’s SO as I was before. He seems taken with this form and it’s the one Henry and Izzie would recognize.

  • Jorbun

    I was thinking he wouldn’t try the whole Liar’s Heart trick again because last time he spent centuries stuck in human form. But then, centuries are nothing to a spirit, and if a human form lets him hide from anyone who might desummon him, why not use that?

    On top of which, that may not even be Luxuria. We know that the same trick that lets him take human form also lets others use his power. We may be looking at Acedia.

    • Sapphire altera

      Good thought, but I don’t think he’s wearing the liar’s heart (or anything resembling it).

      • John

        The last time we saw the Liar’s Heart was when Sid returned it to Henry, and it doesn’t have its magic any more because Luxuria took it back. On the other hand, Luxuria made the Liar’s Heart from its own power,so it could either do that trick without a prop or it could make a new prop if it needed it. And there’s no reason why the new prop would have to look like the previous one.

  • Sal

    How much time do you spend finding references for nice Victorian-era clothing?

  • Thursday Violist

    I will assume that you spent all that time actually designing and creating a real suit to use as a drawing aid for Lux. And then, of course, there was all the time you had to spend modeling the suit so you could get the perfect smug look.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh hey there.

  • Basil Sage

    First of all, Lux looks stunning in that new suit.

    Second, I just realized Verity’s the only member of the party we haven’t yet seen through The Sight, and now I’m wondering whether it just wasn’t relevant or it’s a SUPER IMPORTANT SURPRISE being saved for later. (Also, I may or may not be rereading all of her pages in another tab, because she’s so cool.)

    • Haven

      Probably because Verity never met Team Buggerup until just now.

      I bet hers looks like a peacock.

      • Basil Sage

        She hadn’t met (2/3 of) BuggerOff Inc, and O’Malley in particular, until now, but she did meet them now. There was an opportunity, but it didn’t happen, and I wonder why.

        And Imma disagree about that peacock. If her spirit should even resemble an animal, I think it would be closer to a raccoon or a badger.

    • Basil Sage

      *still obsessing the following morning*

      What if she’s secretly a wizard and doesn’t pursue it due to *reasons*? We know she doesn’t like wizards/magic. Could she be rejecting it by choice?

      If that’s really the case, does anyone else know? Vic? Benji?

      …Damn it, I’m making way too much out of a tiny random detail, aren’t I?

  • Dane 72

    Look at that evil super villain just sitting there, sipping his cup of tea. How despicable

    • LA Julian

      “SVDT” doesn’t quite have the same ring as “BEC” though…

      • Basil Sage

        Public service announcement (just because it took me three rereadings to understand the above comment):

        BEC stands for “b!tch eating crackers” and refers to the quote:

        Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. “Look at this b!tch, eating those crackers like she owns the place.”

        SVDT obviously refers to “supervillain drinking tea”.

    • svartalf

      It is one of Lust’s “anti-virtues” as it were

  • Sir. Orc

    It is a fine suit, but I dare say it could use more buttons. One can never have enough buttons.

    • Wyvern

      Yo dawg! I heard you like buttons, so I put some buttons on your buttons so you can button while you button.

  • Sid seems to have successfully minimized his inevitable panic attack, only the one panel.

  • LA Julian

    Sid and Wolfe, being all brave and chipper for their loved ones, until the portal closes and they both start meeping!!

  • rainycity1

    Ominous music swells in the background…

  • Sarah W


    Also: don’t worry about being late, Kate. It meant that this page got to be my #1 most suspenseful and worrying eighteenth-birthday present! (Actually #2, after the presidential election I as an American am also getting. But that’s not the good kind of suspenseful and worrying, so it doesn’t count.)

  • Ghostdanser

    Nothing ominous here…not like Lux has an “everything’s going according to plan” look on his face.
    And as for Lux’s suit…I’ll go with Warren Zevon on this…
    “Better stay away from him
    He’ll rip your lungs out, Jim
    I’d like to meet his tailor”

    • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

      And that’s why everything, every last little thing,

      every single tiny microscopic little thing must gooooo……
      According to plan!

      Sorry. I couldn’t resist. It’s that time of year. Shut up, stop looking at me in that tone of voice.

      • Ghostdanser

        Which is why the simplest plans usually work best.
        Of course…Lux doesn’t exactly strike me as a simple plan kinda guy.

  • robert袋蟻食skitch

    As if we weren’t worried enough. :P

  • AJ

    …..But WHY is he sitting in a CHAIR in the STREET? (Next to, technically, but just all out-of-context)

    • 703 Noemi

      No, look to the left of the fourth panel; it’s on the sidewalk.

    • Phlebas

      He’s sitting at a table outside a café – see the previous panel.

  • John

    I don’t have good enough screen resolution to tell – does Luxuria still have the scar on its neck from when its head was chopped off? Or did going to its true form and then back to this disguise allow it to get rid of that scar?

    • Yes, it is still wearing the scar.

      • svartalf

        It’s a bit of a badge of honor, I suspect.

        The biddy had his head cut off…and he’s STILL HERE.

  • Columbine

    It is a very fine suit.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I can never decide if Luxuria sounds like that one Skesis or George Takei saying “Oh, my…”

  • Phlebas

    And Sid’s brave face finally falls off.

  • Certified Cockblock

    are those buttons all the way up Lust’s pants?
    …are those tearaway pants?

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