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  • Jack falling in love with the Majesty of Colors in that last panel. ^_^

    • Euodiachloris

      Perhaps a touch too much shock, still, to hit the “love” bit. But, give him two hours or so. :)

  • Tikatu

    Does Ben know what Jack’s referring to when he mentions, “That”? He’s not looking in the same direction. I don’t think he quite understands yet the whole issue of spirit seeing = no colors otherwise. And what *does* he see when he looks at Jack? I guess they need to get to somewhere safe and quiet for a bath and a figuring things out session. Wolfe, however, has likely already gone to the party!

  • Winger

    I’m not sure we’ve ever seen Mal look so unnerved (though there may be a close competitor in his reaction to Wolfe’s kidnapping) and it’s…oddly endearing. Can’t smug your way out of this one, pal.

  • Sonja

    So… Mal is in shock for now. But will he like it to be off his burden? Or will he find it much more difficult without knowing what everyone is feeling? No more cheating at poker…
    Ben, though, could work alone now, with seeing and removing malforms all in one go!

  • Nin

    Is Ben looking at Mal’s soul in that last panel? I think he is. As for Mal, I hope to see him overwhelmed by glee sometime instead of just overwhelmed.

    Also, Ben’s really on top of things in this story. He’s come a long way from the querulous suck-up he was when he was first introduced. You could always see the potential for it (or maybe it’s just me), but it’s really started to show. I guess Mal and Wolfe have been good for him.

  • Shinzy

    I can relate to Ben now, after seeing the Next > Button grayed out :p ..Read all the chapters too fast :(

    Speaking of chapters! this one’s been the most intense one for me! I’ve honestly always had this irrational fear of someone being able to steal my talents somehow *brr*

  • Jamini

    If anything, I’m pretty sure Mal is damn scared. Seeing spirits and malforms is ordinary for him. Not having the sight has got to be really freaky.

    • reynard61

      That puts me in mind of this ST: TNG episode. As I recall, Troi explained that her empathic ability was so second-nature to her that losing it felt as if she had lost a limb or gone blind or deaf. That might be how Mal is feeling right now even if he *can* now see color.

      • Wombat140

        Do you mind not comparing Mal to a Betazoid, it makes my head spin round and round.

  • I feel strongly that Ben has completely misinterpreted Mal’s question in the last panel. I think he’s just amazing at the night sky. Aaaaa Mal gets to see in full technicolor for the first time ever, this is special. =) Even if/when everything goes back to normal, at least he’ll have this brief time! I bet he’ll miss not being able to read everyone’s emotions, though. Wishing you could turn something off usually doesn’t equate to actually feeling comfortable when you lose the ability entirely, and he HAS had it his whole life.

  • JWLM

    I wonder: will Ben be a better wizard, going forward, now that he can see and interact with the spirits himself?

    • rhapsha

      Ya, I was wondering about that myself. If you can get past the “can’t see color” downside, this talent is incredibly useful for a wizard in this setting. Being able to see and interact with the spirits you use for magic without needing a circle has to have some use for a caster. I still doubt this switch will remain the normal status beyond this chapter though.

  • Stormy

    I love Mal so much, but he’s got so much self-loathing and defensiveness bottled up inside him that I’m afraid when he realizes Ben “sees” him, he’s going to snap and get violent. Hope Ben has good reflexes!

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Pro Tip: If you’re going to tell anyone about this, change your clothes and take a bath first, otherwise, you’re probably going to end up in the drunk tank.

  • Nonesuch

    I wonder whether Mal will like the world better, as seen without his spirit-vision…

  • ~OrangeMellow~

    I think Mal has no spirit representation of himself. That may be why he hates mirrors. And why Ben hasn’t noticed it yet. Maybe. Just a speculation. Freaking love Mal, btw.

    • Mujaki

      Actually, I think he doesn’t like mirrors because they let him see himself the same way he sees everyone else. All illusions of civility washed away, and the true essence of the self exposed. And he doesn’t like what he sees.
      But then, who would?

    • Mujaki

      Ah, here we are:
      The original instance of Mal’s aversion to mirrors.

  • AJ

    Seriously, NOBODY else thinks that Mal is looking at something alarming off-panel in that last? Because Ben isn’t looking or paying attention, and Voss is up to something. It’s entirely possible that Mal is seeing the results of shennanigans in progress.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    A page that will make questionings? Zathras is best at answerings!

  • This is turning out to be a very fun chapter. Edit: I mean, more fun than they usually are, even!

  • Watching the eyes, I don’t think Ben has actually looked directly at Mal yet . . . which is prolly being saved for the next page . . .
    And Mal does seem to be talking about something off-frame in the last panel, considering where he’s pointing while looking over his shoulder to talk to Ben.
    They also need to get cleaned up, get to that party, fill Wolfe in, and deal with Voss . . .

  • Wombat140

    Aw, poor Ben.
    Discovered this comic a few weeks ago and been working my way through it. Causing various people to wonder what all the hysterical laughter was about.
    You know I NEVER saw this coming… when I spotted the possible connection between Voss’s stolen “talents” and Mal’s “talent”, I just assumed Voss was going to end up with it and possibly end up begging to be allowed to give all the talents back with no questions asked, which would have been quite satisfying at this point. But Ben – for some odd reason this is perfect!

  • I’m guessing Jack is now seeing the physical world in full colour for the first time in his life.

  • Ciara

    This chapters been so amazing! Definitely my favourite so far, and thats saying something !

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