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  • Liz


    I’m… not sure what to do with this information.

    • Well, burning him isn’t a viable option, any ideas?

      • ShadeTail

        Has he turned anyone into a newt?

        Regardless of whether or not they got better, mind.

        • Jason Reed

          We must determine whether or not he weights the same as a duck.

    • ThisCat

      I thought that might be it last page.
      “Read your mind, tear out your soul” anyone?

    • svartalf

      That would mean that if he wasn’t so clumsy with wizardry, he’d be a Wizard of EXTREME ability- because he just did something MUCH like what was described here and did it in the previous story arc.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        Hippo of happiness will flumph along giddily to this knowledge.

      • Nightsbridge

        I dunno about clumsy. His ignorance on the subject is deliberately cultivated.

    • J.C.

      I just hope Nicola also figures it out!!!!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Oh, so
    StarRose3 did call it last page :)

  • GristleMcNerd

    Yeah well, lust isn’t much good without a body. *eyebrow wiggle*

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

      (Because why should the witch scene from Holy Grail get all the Monty Python love on this page?)

  • The Shadow

    Giving Lust a body – what could possibly go wrong?

  • Darth Fez

    Oh, dear. I do hope that give it its own body is all that she did for lust. Although things could certainly get interesting if Isa were part Lust.

  • Del

    This is the story of the spirit who was summoned by the witch,
    whose story was told by Isabelle who was flying in a boat,
    whose story was told by Henry who was sitting at a table,
    whose story was drawn by Kate who posts from Manchester,
    whose story I can read at my computer in Wisconsin.

    While I smoke my pipe with Henry and Harriet.

    • szbnahl

      Manchester? I’m pretty sure she’s in Yorkshire. Still, I might be wrong.

      • Iituem

        If so, I hope she’s besties with John Allison, because I’m reasonably sure he’s from Leeds or its surrounds.

        • I’ve met him at conventions pretty often! He is a lovely chap, and was very understanding when I accidentally walked into his portfolio review room while trying to find the tea room.

  • Valerie Kaplan

    …oh, Mal.

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Well, it seems that Lust didn’t waste any time putting that new body to use… The year in the comic is 1834, 400 years earlier is the early 1400s, which is when Izzy’s research says the Liar’s Heart started popping up.

    Interesting note of how the ancestor’s braids are coming undone; perhaps a visual representation of how she was loosing herself to Lust? Also of note that Harry and the sibs are the ninth generation descendants (eight generations ago) of a witch that gave Lust a body, fourth generation of a baron, grandchildren of the country’s most famous hunter, and from Izzy, 1/8th Romani (of which the first were from India, and Sid just happens to be East Indian).

    The differences between the ancestor and O’Malley are of note: with the right aptitude, anyone, with varied success, can train to be a wizard, but you MUST be born a witch to be a witch. Not only does this seem to be increasingly rare, it appears to not be hereditary, otherwise there’d be more popping up in Harry’s family. While it’s very unlikely that O’Malley could even train to be a wizard if he wanted to, he does have the physical abilities of a witch, which Ben was able to direct once he understood what O’Malley can see. The ancestor clearly had wizard training, or the equivalent, and was able to direct her own emotions; O’Malley can’t even see his and had to borrow Wolfe’s positive vibe. O’Malley has never had the opportunity to learn what he is, let alone how he can use his abilities like Harry’s ancestor did.

    Also, since O’Malley is a witch and a witch was able to give Lust a body, with direction could O’Malley possibly dispel/destroy the body?

    • svartalf

      Perhaps. He had the ability to dispel one of the most powerful malforms he or any other mortal ever experienced. None of the Deadlies are easy to deal or be trifled with. One wonders what our erstwhile ancestor was thinking…obvious that she couldn’t have been.

      • Pyre

        I’m going to go with a Cynthia Von Doom situation. Make a bargain with the best of intentions for something that is supposed to make an intolerable situation better……then find out that, with a powerful spirit, you really need to read the fine print.

      • LA Julian

        If she were Gytha Ogg, there wouldn’t be any doubt of it!

    • Alex Hollins

      Not just the braids, she’s getting younger.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I’m not 100% convinced of that. I think it’s a trick of the softer light Lust is giving off.

  • MoeLane

    I like how the hair came out in the last panel.

  • wanderingdreamer

    Oh shit, O’Malley is the witch.
    Ah i see the rest of the comments have concluded the same thing!

    • rainycity1

      Great minds… ;-)

  • Oh, this can’t be good.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    “the witch of the Widdershins Anchor”

    Makes me wonder if there is, in fact, supposed to be a witch connected to each Anchor? Or was she just called that because she was a witch who lived near the Anchor? If it’s the former, then maybe O’Malley was, in some way, destined to come to Widdershins, as he is the rightful heir to that title? Also makes me wonder if the Cryptic Old Woman at the Anchor in the Himalayas where Voss met Envy was the Witch of the Himalayan Anchor?

    • DaggerPen

      Come to think of it, she did kind of squint at Voss before declaring he held great emotion and should unbidden himself, didn’t she? I had wondered how she knew.

      On the other hand if she was I’d have expected Envy to want to take her abilities like with Mal.

      • StarRose3

        IIRC the reason Envy urged Voss to steal Mal’s sight was to stop him from interfering. There was no reason for Envy to care about her powers since she wasn’t likely to get in the way.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          “There was no reason for Envy to care about her powers”

          Except, you know, being envious of them. ;-)

          • Wizardblizzard

            I’m not sure it’s as simple as Mal being just one of a number of witches. Envy referred to him as “the one who stands between” – not “one who stands between” – so that suggests that it expected there to be only one person like Mal on the scene. Maybe it’s because of “the witch of the anchor”, i.e. there would traditionally be one Widdershins witch and Envy took Mal to be it. Or maybe something else weird. Anyway, the plot is clearly going to thicken further for Mal… in spite of his best efforts to dodge.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              Are you saying Mal failed his Reflex Save vs. Plot?

              • Wizardblizzard

                :-D :-D :-D Sanjay, you win an Internet.

  • Euodiachloris

    Whoops? :/

  • Columbine

    The sketchy style is really lovely.

    I did wonder whether spirits could get bodies, even the more powerful and visible malforms so far seem to have been made of smoke. I wonder how it works?

  • Bo Lindbergh

    Only six generations in 400 years? That implies some impressive youth-extension…. Natural witchiness or unnatural spirit deal?

    • You stopped counting at izzy’s grandma

      • Bo Lindbergh

        How do you parse “four hundred years ago, my grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother” as anything but equating six generations with 400 years?

        • Seven with Izzy included, she’s about 20 here so it’s six generations back over 380 years, giving a life expectancy of just over 60. Youth extension is not a thing here is what I am saying basically

          • Bo Lindbergh

            Average time between generations doesn’t equal life expectancy. Average time between generations equals average age when a person becomes a parent. If this is sixtyish, you definitely have youth extension going on.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              OK, assuming the narration is Izzy circa 1834 (and not contained in the sailfin flashback), that would mean she’s saying her great-great-great-great grandmother was alive in 1434. Let’s assume Izzy’s line all had kids relatively late in life, at 35. Let’s also assume Izzy is 59 (it makes the math slightly easier).

              So, with these assumptions, Izzy was born in 1775.

              Izzy’s mother was born in 1740.

              Izzy’s grandmother was born in 1705.

              Izzy’s great grandmother was born in 1670.

              Izzy’s great-great grandmother was born in 1635.

              Izzy’s great-great-great grandmother was born in 1600.

              and, finally, Izzy’s great-great-great-great grandmother, the Witch of the Widdershins Anchor, was born in 1565, approximately 131 years after she supposedly summoned Lust.

              So yes, it would appear SOMEONE got magical life and/or fertility extension somewhere in there. If someone else’s observation that the Witch seems to be getting younger as she dances with Lust is correct, then it’s possible she did live for something like 200 years.

              • The other option is that I got it wrong! There is no life extension of any kind occurring, I hate that trope.

                • Sanjay Merchant

                  Fair enough, I didn’t mean to sound like I was badgering you on the issue. Just wanted to do the math and see how it shook out.

                  • Spirit22

                    A person after my own heart as I did the same thing. Only I used my own family tree and realized 6 generations was only about 200 years.

                • Sanjay Merchant

                  Also possible we’re taking her too literally on the phrase “grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother”. I mean, you can use “aunt” or “great-aunt” to refer to someone several generations removed, so maybe she’s just being more poetic than precise when she relates “many generations ago”.

                • Spirit22

                  No, no. That was the wrong answer! The right one was that you typo’d the year and you REALLY meant 200; OR, that Grandmother’s, Grandmother’s, Grandmother is merely an idiom for an ancestor from a long time ago. Yeah, that’s it, go for option 2.

              • Five generations back in my family puts me at the ancestor who fought in the USAian Civil War.

    • Shee Soon Theng

      You’re getting confused. You’re assuming this is young Izzy speaking to Henry in the Sailfin in 1792, who is not. This is great-grandma Izzy speaking, sitting at the dinner table with her husband, grandchildren and great-granddaughters, years later in 1834. Izzy’s mother is gen six, Izzy gen seven, her son (Harry’s father) gen eight, and Harry is generation nine. And Harry and her sibs are old enough to have children; Harry’s nieces is generation ten.

  • Oh gosh, this is a really pretty page.

    • Wizardblizzard


  • tali

    I really don’t get how Mal feets here… everyone seems to mention it. Did I miss something?

    • dralou

      The feats attributed to witches are ones we saw Mal do. Read people’s mind ? Check. See things the rest of us cannot ? Check. Give a physical body to a spirit ? The Happy Happy Hyppo says “Check”. Nowhere in the comics you’ll find an official confirmation (yet) but the definition of a witch fits Mal too well to ignore.

      • tali

        Ha, must’ve somehow missed that one:) Thanks a lot:)

        • Wizardblizzard

          He didn’t give a spirit a body, the hippo was just another of the random malforms he finds around the place and brings along to annoy Ben (at least, there’s no suggestion it wasn’t). That’s not to say he couldn’t if he actually studied magic, as we know that’s not likely to happen unless somebody’s behind him with a big stick.

    • She sees what he sees. Look at Panel One.

      Took me a minute.

  • John

    So now we know that Izzy’s bloodline is definitely important to Lust (and possibly to all of the deadlies), which likely makes Henry’s siblings and cousins irrelevant to them. The question is whether Henry and/or Izzy will do something that will make one or both of them even more significant to the deadlies, so that any siblings or cousins Izzy might have also become irrelevant.

  • Sarah W

    what . . .
    where has my brain gone?

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