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  • Jack seems perfectly okay with this situation. ^_^

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Actually, to me it’s almost like he genuinely can’t figure out how he feels.

      • Nonesuch

        He keeps looking at the sky, though, so he might be coming to terms with it.

        Interesting to note that Ben does not even consider maintaining this situation and his acquisition of spirit-vision. Envy wouldn’t get that much from him, methinks…

  • Ombreh

    Is that fan lady a certain someone from Darken? Hmm… being a snake isn’t such a bad thing to be.

    • Thus bringing my total of hidden Darken cameos to 4, I think.

      • There’s 3 others?! * re-reads the entire archives *

        • They’re all on walls, if that helps.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            FINALLY found the fourth one.

            • Haha, grats! One is just barely visible, but people did seem to spot him, if the comments were anything to go by.

              • Sanjay Merchant

                Actually, that wasn’t the one I had trouble finding. ;-)

        • Sanjay Merchant

          EDIT: You know what? I’ll just let people look on their own. Did find one of the two I’d forgotten about already, though.

          I know I remember spotting at least one of the others at the time it came up, but I can’t recall it now….

      • If that isn’t a cunning plan to get us trawling through the archives and generating lots of pages hits, it will do until a cunning plan comes along. Didn’t have anything else to do this weekend anyway… The only cameo that springs to mind is the Violet and Leon play in ‘No Rest for the Wicked’, possibly with Violet herself in panel 2.

        Oh ho, and looking at the posters again, is that a Sherlock Holmes callout I see?

    • Euodiachloris

      Depends on the snake. That looks like a constrictor. :P With plans for the evening. <_<

  • Mara

    Is that Jill?

    • Well, she always did wear the right clothing for this time.

      • JWLM

        I feel very sorry for the (presumably very rich) man she’s walking alongside. I hope he’s gotten a lot out of his life, because he’s certainly not going to get too much more.

        • Me-me




          • Me-me

            Correction: Cameo. Couldn’t find the word; was too indignant/excited.

        • David Argall

          Maybe, but an alternate reading is at least possible. The snake is often a symbol of treachery and so she may well be up to something painful for someone. But the man may merely be her partner in crime whose spirit seems to have a worried expression, quite possibly based on the lady’s plan being quite risky.
          of course, we are highly likely to never find out.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            I read it as more confused. Like maybe some part of him grasps that she has ulterior motives, but hasn’t yet worked out just how dangerous she is, both in general and to him, personally.

            Of course, as you, we’re almost certainly never to find out, since this is, in the words of Oscar the Grouch, “a very brief cameo.”

            • Wyvern

              That’s my favorite line from that movie!

          • JWLM

            Yeah, if it’s Jill…he’s going to be a corpse very, very soon. And I doubt that she cares much about painless; she’s much more concerned about untraceable.

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      Is it bad that I thought that just from the spirit, before I saw the fan?

      • Nonesuch

        Nope. The woman’s poison. She’s so much poison, she gives snakes a bad name.

    • Silly Zealot

      So she actually HAS a soul! And it is infinitely more okay-looking than I imagined, too!

  • Tikatu

    Jack still seems to be in shock that he no longer has his power. However, it seems as if he can still see that Ben is a wizard. (Because Ben wouldn’t be able to see his own corona, yet there it is.) It must be a pain to draw for two different pairs of eyes looking at the same thing when the differences are so great!

    I still think they need a good bath and a strategy pow-wow–preferably with Wolfe! Rushing off to the party in their current state will only cause an uproar and warn Voss and Envy.

    • Nightsbridge

      I was fairly certain we were viewing it via ben-vision at that point.

  • DaggerPen

    Huh. Just caught that Mal’s eyes stay blue in spiritvision even like this. That is interesting… still, we did know that even without his Sight, he has something that even Envy can’t steal.

    • DaggerPen

      Oh, and his aura is still visible, too, which is interesting, since Mal’s wasn’t in Mal-o-vision – and in fact still isn’t. The latter, I imagine, is just the usual convenient perspective stuff, but the former intrigues me.

      • Alex Hollins

        unless his blue eyes IS his aura?

  • falco

    Ben is so scruffy and adorable <3
    But Mal seems… alarmingly okay with this situation…

  • Andy in Germany

    Was Mal ever happy to have his ‘gift?’

    • Nonesuch

      Only when he got to sic malforms on other people, I think. :p

  • Lewis

    Is that Jill from Darken I spy making a cameo there?

  • Cinder_<3

    Mal must have paid Kate A not to show his spirit.

  • Is it just me, or does it look like Ben is trying really hard not to look at Mal?
    Now the question is: Has he already glimpsed something he shouldn’t have?

  • CFF

    ….We’re going to get to see Mal’s, aren’t we?!

  • Nin

    I think the orange aura is that of a man just beginning to realize he is doomed.

  • Nonesuch

    I think that for the very first time, Mal is getting to see the beauty of the living sky…

    … and already he doesn’t want to lose it.
    That, and the pleasure of not having to see people’s inner ugliness.

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Ah the old age walk a mile in the other man’s shoes… Only this time it’s one man stuck in a pair of tight shoes as the other one is doing just fine. Just wait till they get to somewhere crowded.

  • Frances Ahlborn

    That’s going to be a fun argument…

    “Take it back, I don’t want it!”
    “What the bleedin’ ‘ell makes you think I want it BACK?”

    And I STILL think Jack hasn’t lost the ability to hear spirits…although Voss didn’t know what he was taking, so it’s possible the whole shebang is with Ben now.

  • NinjaKitten

    This has to be my favorite part of the whole comic. I just LOVE this kind of stuff!

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