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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Blue ? I think I like “Blue”.

    • Wyvern

      Is that a quote from something?

    • Dee

      Perhaps that’s why he has an affinity for blue when he can see it…being a “city witch”?

  • Winger

    Hu-uh. Developments indeed.

    I wonder if that means blue is frequently associated with the city witch? The other two doors had fairly strong colour themes going (red and yellow respectively) so I suppose there might be some sort of inherent, instinctive pull towards the, uh, representation of your…witchery. And “two minute’s respite”? I’d just about do murder for a box of that.

    Edit: Wait a hot doggin’ second. Look who’s knitting something blue:

    • Foehn

      It seems like a different shade of blue, but dang, that’s a good catch!

      EDIT: And she knows Voss has strong emotions! And she’s wearing yellow! I think you/we have found the Mountain witch!

      • Winger

        Well, I’d also hope it didn’t take her years to knit a single scarf. The knitting plus the placement plus all the points you mention do make me think she’s a strong candidate, though!

        • RLB

          Well, it’s obvious that she is… but the scarf-knitting may have been a habit. This probably wasn’t the first scarf she made, let alone the only one.

          • Tyfariel

            Ah, and if you look at the bottom-right panel (fourth panel) on the page that Winger linked, it appears that her gaze is pointed up above Voss’s head! Which, now I realize, Foehn has already mentioned that she knew he had strong emotions, but I’ve already typed this all out… D=

            • svartalf

              Ding! Good catch indeed. Odds are good that this is the “Mountain Witch” there.

        • svartalf

          I don’t think it took years to make it, but it was being made to suit the soon to be wearer, knowing he would want/need it. He DOES seem to be drawn to Blue. Better yet…note the color she’s wearing… >:-D

    • Tsapki

      Hmm, well Blue, Red and Yellow are the three primary colors so there could be something on that.

      Red would be my guess for mountain, given the earthy tone.

      Yellow I suppose might fit island due to the sand and sun.

      Blue might fit city in that early civilizations were often built around a water source to support a stationary community..

  • tali

    Well, if it’s blue, I guess there’s no need to worry, eh?

  • Ghostdanser

    Idle pondering time…so brown door would be what…”Sand Witch”. (I will be PUNished for that.)

    • AJ

      Boo! *throws shoes*

  • dana

    “Mm, you don’t seem like the type that gets many gifts.”

    Harriet Barber, master of the obvious. :)

    • TheGorram Batguy

      Some folks need the obvious pointed out to them.

  • ShippingTrash4Life

    I can’t wait to see Mal wearing the scarf…! ^-^

  • Saibot

    Hmm. Thinking about that scarf made me notice Harry and the O’Malley are both wearing a white shirt and burgundy neckerchief. Coincidence?

    • Saibot

      Also, I wonder where he may be going that he’ll need something to keep warm? Perhaps the top of a mountain that no one has ever climbed (yet)?

    • Dud

      Nah, Kate is using a cheap paintbox with only a few colours and besides it saves washing the brush out so often…

      • Stinemite

        Actually, Mal’s neckerchief is slightly more vibrant

    • RLB

      Nah – fashion.

    • There’s a stall on Widdersins market that flogs them cheap.

      • Disloyal Subject

        “Widdersins?” So they picked them up recently then? :P

      • Hush

        I admit, I thought of the other definition of ‘flog’ at first. Very strange image.

        Also, ‘Widdersins’ is best typo.

        • I plead guilty to rubbish typing and would like a further 4,237 offences taken into consideration.
          Edit: On the other hand, Mr Luxuria painting out the ‘h’ in the ‘Welcome to Widdershins’ sign would be a fun wallpaper.

    • Ghostdanser

      Ya’ know…looking at panels 1, 2 and 3,, with the shirts and neckerchief in mind…they both have similar expressions and reactions, it kinda makes me wonder if they aren’t related somehow. Distant cousins perhaps and they just don’t know it.

  • plore

    it’s blue so I can use it. Nice thoughtproces there

    • LA Julian

      Or possibly, “This is creepy, how’d they know what colour I like best….?”

      • plore

        that’s also true….

  • Killersquirrel66

    Huh. How did she know? From his door? Intriguing.

  • Phlebas

    Ooh, Chekhov’s two minutes’ respite!

  • Lemeres

    ooooo…. promises of more characters that do not seem to be showing up.

    Which means we might be in store for more chapters. I was kind of worried, since this artist is one of the few webcomic artists I know of that brings proper conclusions to his series. And this arc seemed rather ‘finale’-ish. But no -promises for more to come!

    • non_canon

      You know what is also awesome? The fact that there are established witches elsewhere also means there’s the high probability of other support teams like Wolfe and Ben are for Mal, and all the possibilities that come with that.

      Other wizards to commiserate with Ben about not getting to enter anchorspace and to compare notes with. Non wizards like Wolfe who don’t really know anything about magic but are willing to jump in feet first because of friendship. Other people with auras like Wolfe and their witches going “you get used to it” and Mal going “oh I know”. Or Wolfe being unique and the other witches going “whoa” and Wolfe just sitting there like “I want to respect their privacy but why does everybody keep doing that?”. Or Ben being the only wizard because of the way the sight reacts and the other witches reacting to his aura and Mal telling them “you get used to it.” Other witches who picked their team specifically for usefulness and how they contrast to the thrown together closeness of Team Buggerup. Is Mal’s team the only one who had to confront a magical crisis so soon after claiming their anchors or is this a tradition? Is there a witch or a certain team member making presents for all the new witches or is there a tradition where the last new witch does it for the newest witch so in the future it’ll be Mal’s turn.

      Just, so many possibilities.

      • Lemeres

        yes, this implies an entire new strata of communities in this setting involved in who knows what.

        Before, we had the general populous, the police/bounty hunters, criminal organizations, and wizards. Now we have secret societies of witches managing the anchors with their own secret high level tech.

      • LA Julian

        And Mal getting to meet nice understanding people who aren’t trying to use him for their own purposes, in spite of being powerful magicians in their own right — people who make up little care packages and greeting cards to welcome you to their neighborhood — that’s got to count for a lot, too.

      • TheGorram Batguy

        I love this.
        First and foremost, calling them “Team Buggerup” works on a nice couple of levels.
        The whole progression of thoughts is nice, and thought provoking.
        And lastly, the thought of Mal having to make a gift for anybody is quite the notion. Has he demonstrated any crafting skills, or gift-giving capacity?
        “Oi, here’s a cigarette mate. It’s the best I could think of on short notice. It’ll help calm yer nerves, eh? What? You don’t smoke. More for me then. {Puff}”

    • Dud

      So if those other doors lead to where we think they do we have low-cost near-instant world travel. Quite a business opportunity for a cuple of enterprising witches…. Widdershins to Nepal in a couple of minutes; “Keep together now, move through the doors in an orderly fashion…”

    • rainycity1

      If I remember correctly, Kate has said she has more in mind for our favorite characters after the ‘sins’ arc wraps up (fingers crossed!)

  • Airista

    Perhaps the lady outside the mountain is that achor’s witch. I mean, she was knitting something blue when Voss visited:

    • AJ

      Good catch!

    • rainycity1


  • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

    Blue? Bugger it. Go on then.

  • Amy

    It occurs to me that it’s a good thing Harry is here, seeing as Mal can’t actually read. “The hell is there just a scarf and a box here?”

    • AJ

      Ben taught him a little, right?

    • AJ

      But oh how awful if: *opens box* “‘s nothing in here!”

  • rhapsha

    You know, I didn’t think Mal’s offhand comment in “Green-Eyed Monster” about liking blue was going to become such a major factor in his character/situation.

    Well done.

  • Corwyn_Ulhar

    *wide-eyed gasp* Two-minute’s Respite? As in respite…from being a Witch? From seeing Spirits & from not seeing color? That seems the most likely, given the death of other explanation, & what else would a Witch need respite from?

    • AJ

      It’s time stop so when the Dastardly Villain reveals his Nefarious Plan Mark XIXIXIXIXIX ™, the heroes can craft a new plan before the Doomsday Counter reaches 117.

      • Frankie D.

        *Not valid in cases of Ozymandias…

  • Reasons to read this comic
    ☑ Harriet’s face
    ☑ Mal’s face
    ☑ All the face

    • Sanjay Merchant

      You know it’s all about that face, no trouble.

  • Sapphire363

    *Mal grudgingly accepts the scarf because it’s blue*

    • Alétheia

      That’s a good fluffy thought to go to bed on, it is~ XD

  • AJ

    Husband, reading over shoulder: “So he got a package delivered inside his mind, sort of, and… he’s also blind?”
    Me: *David Tennant ‘Welllll…’* “He’s colorblind.”
    Husband: “He only sees black and white?”
    Me: “Black and white… and the color of your soul. Yeah.”

    • Ahaha, a good summary :)

      • AJ

        My working hypothesis is that if I summarize enough, he will cave and start following the comic himself. Maybe a paper book would help him out….

  • Jess Kay

    So since it’s not stated outright which is which, odds on “two minutes respite” and “something to keep you warm” NOT matching the items the obvious way around?

    *happy squeak*

  • Not all kinds of colours in stripes?

  • Certified Cockblock

    Island witch!! I am /preening/ >:’D I’m so excited to see island witch they are going to be awesome

  • Chris the Blue

    he likes blue.

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