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  • William Rice

    Gee I wonder what happen…

    • Euodiachloris

      Catgut off. ;P

  • Sounds like we’re in for a musical throwdown. I hope this scene is composed by Nigel Godrich. ;P

  • Andy Nguyen

    Huh, Voss really doesn’t know when to quit, does he…

    Envy’s comment about Wolfe being immune to the green-eyed monster does make me wonder whether that’s going to come into play with the other deadlies. It’s been hinted that Mal is immune to Gluttony; perhaps our assorted heroes are going to converge once the seven deadlies are released and face down their respective strengths and weaknesses?

    • Nalyd

      Mal is immune to Gluttony? When was this mentioned? o.O

      • Andy Nguyen

        I wouldn’t go so far as to state outright that Mal is immune to Gluttony, but it is one possible extrapolation of Mal’s answer to the sandwich question here:

        • Phil

          That’s some big extrapolation!

          • Tsapki

            Well, recall that one thing Gluttonly did was enslave people by tempting them with delicious food. It may not be exactly resistance but it means that particular avenue is much more difficult.

        • Sessine

          At the very least, it sure sounds like he’d be highly resistant.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    This tavern has hired a pair of SERIOUS MUSICIANS!

  • rainycity1

    ooh, ooh! a competition!

  • Wow, did you color all of this TODAY? I am super impressed. Voss are you actually planning something reasonably good right now? I like the direction this is going. OO OO ARE THEY GONNA PLAY A DUO I mean it’s with stolen talent on Voss’s part but that could still be cool.

    …I mean he might also be looking for another way to make Wolfe jealous but we all know how Wolfe will react so we know this will only work for good.

    • Guest

      You colored all this today? -Color me impressed.

    • Hah yeah, colouring doesn’t take too long once I’ve already got all the colours for the scene picked out, I think this took 3 hours or so? It’s the inking and pencilling that takes the time!

      • Sanjay Merchant

        So do you draw on the computer or with pen(cil) and paper?

        • Til partway through the third story, I pencilled/inked on paper, coloured in photoshop, but then I got a tablet monitor and I’ve been doing it entirely digitally since. Using Manga Studio 5 instead of Photoshop for this chapter, too, which has been pretty nice.

          Sometimes I stream the drawing process here- Might be doing it later tonight too, since I’ve got an upsettingly long way to go on today’s page, and I like the company of the chatroom :) I post on twitter and tumblr when I’m live!

  • Nalyd

    “And Voss’s heart melted and grew three sizes that day.”

    “But how could it melt and grow at the same ti-”

    “SHUSH. Don’t question it. The heart is a delicate thing.”

    • Frances Ahlborn

      Obviously his heart is constructed of a matter that expands drastically when it ceases to be frozen.

      • das-g

        Most matter expands when thawing/melting. IIRC all pure substances except for water do that. If they expand drastically that’s typically because they skip the liquid phase at the respective pressure level, like carbon dioxide (CO2, called “dry ice” when frozen for this exact reason) under atmospheric (or lower) pressure.

  • slim kittens

    Those two pub fiddlers probably affect their audience the same way I do when I play.

  • David Argall

    Option 1: Voss steals Wolfe’s ability to play the violin. Wolfe thanks him since he learned all wrong and now can learn to play properly.
    Option 2: We are about to get a Voss-Wolfe duo. Voss hopes to show up Wolfe, but Wolfe is either the better player or just does not get jealous.

    • Nightsbridge

      We already know he cannot steal what he has already stolen, and I think we all know why that great violin player suddenly ‘took ill.’ So Wolfe’s skill is safe.

  • Mujaki

    I’m predicting a violin competition in the next update.
    And a lot of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” jokes in the comments. =)

    • Deepbluediver

      Ha! That was my first thought, too. I should have known I wouldn’t be the only one to think that way.
      I’m still wondering if Voss is hear of his own accord or if he’s keeping Wolfe distracted on Evny’s orders.

    • dbell5

      One of my favorite renditions:

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Wow the fifty fifty part. Half of him enjoying his new abilities and half of him regretting the price of how he got those abilities. The only question is which one will win out.

  • Just when you’ve settled down for a nice, quiet well deserved pint a couple of rubbish musicians turn up… some things haven’t changed from 1834.

  • “This song’s an oldie… well… it’s an oldie where I come from.”

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