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September 29th, 2015

September 29th, 2015 published on 40 Comments on September 29th, 2015

Who coulda seen it coming?

Hey, we over at Countershot Press are putting together the most awesome calendar of webcomic ladies you can imagine!

It’s full of gorgeous and classy art from some awesome creators:

Ariel Ries (Witchy) – Kathleen Jacques (Band vs. Band) – Allison Shabet (Dead Winter) – Amanda Lafrenais (Love Me Nice) – Amy King (The Muse Mentor) – Cami Woodruff (Doomsday, My Dear) – G.C. Houle (H&J) – Kate Ashwin (Widdershins) – Lily Hoyda (Bad Reputation) – Miranda Chamberlain (Riverside Extras) – Robin Hoelzemann (Curia Regis) – Rosa Lee Marnie (Mythos)

There’s an exclusive print of Harry and Vee in there! Preorder one today!

  • ShadeTail

    OK, so that answers the question about Luxuria. He’s definitely the Spirit in human form. That still leaves the question about all the others. Since we met the big gorilla guy in chapter 4, that seems to prove that the others aren’t actually the Spirits themselves. So how is Luxuria planning to use them?

    • Tsapki

      I’m still of the opinion he might be planning to turn them into vessels for the other Sins and wreck some bloody vengeance once that step in the plan is complete.

      • ShadeTail

        That’s the obvious answer. And considering what Envy was on about in chapter 5, what with seeking to summon them all, I would bet you’re pretty close.

    • Phlebas

      It also answers the question about the other figures we saw wearing the Heart – they were all Luxuria wearing different faces, rather than incarnations of the other Deadlies as some of us speculated.

  • The Galpalendar looks good, but I thought that hanging up calendars with pictures of young women wasn’t allowed anymore? :-)

    • ThisCat

      Eh, it’s no one’s right but mine to decide what I hang on my walls.

    • Not many would take issue with an array of awesome ladies being awesome, which is what is within the calendar!

  • Columbine

    Still loving the style. It’s nice to get some answers about both Luxuria and the necklace. It’s making me wonder if Luxuria is the only one the necklace works for?

    • ThisCat

      If not, I imagine Henry found quite a few uses for it over the course of his career.

      • Columbine

        ‘Hey look at the shiney thing!’ *WHALLOP!*

        • ThisCat

          X) Not what I was thinking, but that works too.

    • If Henry could really shapeshift, don’t you think he’d still look young and dashing?

      • Columbine

        When he’s *married*?! XP I think he has eyes only for Isabelle so it may be less of a concern. Or the necklace may allow you to shapeshift……for a price he isn’t willing to pay.

  • Euodiachloris

    Yes, well. That’s a whole lot of oops. :/

  • Tikatu

    Does this mean Mal–who sees malforms and the emotions of others–can see Luxuria? Maybe even if Luxuria is wearing the amulet?

    • Shee Soon Theng

      Panel three explains what would happen.

      However, it’s possible that since Luxuria knew he was being looked for, he was prepared to shift to many subtle forms, and he apparently knew the ancestor’s descendants were hunting him. Envy was able to hide when a malform tried to warn O’Malley.

      Envy was also able to tell if O’Malley had, what I’ll refer to as “the gift”, been removed from him (ie.did not have the “gift” anymore), but could not just detect that it had moved to Ben.

      However it may be that Luxuria could perhaps be caught off guard since he does not have the Liar’s Heart, preventing him from shifting, and it’s apparent Luxuria could only create one Liar’s Heart or he would have done so after 1599.

      • svartalf

        He lacks the ability once done once. He has to have that piece of himself that was shoved into the Liar’s Heart to be able to make another… Very probably like the binding Invidia had in her story arc.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’m guessing that something about his physical body hides his nature from people who have Mal-O-Vision.

      Or maybe the Witch could never tell the difference between Luxuria and a normal human who was simply feeling lustful.

      • svartalf

        I’m sure it’s more because the Liar’s Heart shields Luxuria when possessed by the same. Diffuses the impression/image. I’m pretty sure that the intensity would be like the difference between an average person and a Wizard to them, save worse. It’d be like being in proximity to the Sun unless cloaked off somehow.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    It’s Shard!

    No, wait, his shtick was possession, not shapeshifting.

    • JWLM

      Darken for the win!

      (IIRC, Shard could shapeshift as a weapon. Does that count?)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I really love that drawing of Queen Bess I. :-)

  • Wizardblizzard

    By the way, speaking of bloodlines and the 1590s and all, look what Her Queenship had to deal with in Ireland at about the same time. I have no idea whether this is intentional, but it’s a nice thought :-D

    • Hah! It isn’t intentional, but I like it all the same!

    • Columbine
      • Dee

        There’s another, by a local duo in the Chicago area (who are sadly no longer together) “Grania” by Molly & the Tinker. It’s a live video, with plenty of background noise and a moderately long intro.

        • Wizardblizzard

          Well, if it isn’t intentional, then the thing that appears in the third paragraph of “Early life” is a bit of a strange coincidence. Or ghosts. That’s what it is, it’s ghosts. :-) Only noticed that on rereading! Thanks for the songs, peeps!

  • Dane 72

    How exactly was the spirit executed? With all that blood it looks very dramatic

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Hey, nice touch that they just call her Queen Elizabeth, since there was no Queen Elizabeth II yet, and therefore no need to distinguish her from her descendant.

    • Scots, of course, don’t consider the current Liz “Elizabeth II”

  • Mecha_bill

    I just noticed you will be coming to Seattle! A third of the way around the world! I’ll be looking for you at ECCC.

    • Lawless

      Where does it say that?

      never mind I found it

    • Awesome, please come and say hi! I’m sharing a table with some friends, should have a little more info on where we’ll be nearer the time :)

  • So that’s why he looks the same as in Elizabeth’s time! No amulet, no shapeshifting.

    But I’m also interested to know- Isabelle’s gotta have some cousins that are in on this, right?

  • Darth Fez

    That’s what you get for hunting a shape-shifting monster without Kurt Russel’s help.

  • Firedog

    Queen’s pose kind of makes her look like Freddie Mercury.

  • CyberSkull

    Damaged, not bested.

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