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September 2nd, 2013 – Last chance to get in on the Kickstarter!

September 2nd, 2013 – Last chance to get in on the Kickstarter! published on 26 Comments on September 2nd, 2013 – Last chance to get in on the Kickstarter!

We’re in the last hours of the Kickstarter, hop in now to get the Widdershins books with lots of extra goodies!

Support the comic, buy some neat swag!

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  • Qwertystop

    Well. So the ingredients don’t just materialise?

    • But they gotta know in advance, i guess.

    • Stretch Longfellow

      I would hypothesize that they appear in much the same way as the cooks themselves did; nicked from somewhere in time.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        The receptionist at the beginning did say that things tended to go missing….

    • Guest

      I think that would be the “things tend to go missing so this place is rumored to be haunted” phenomenon that the receptionist alluded to back in the beginning.

  • “Go home”, huh?

    Rriiggggghhtttt. (Imagine Bill Cosby Voice)


    I like Mr Cranky McSurly’s way of making presenting his list into a little gesture in the next-last panel, BTW

    • Jacob

      while that would be very amusing, he’s just holding a piece of paper between two fingers.

      • Well, looks like three fingers, with the middle finger most visible…

        • GristleMcNerd

          Besides, Widdershins is in England, so 2 fingers are actually just as rude.

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      “How long can you tread water?”

  • Jacob

    Somehow, I don’t think “home” is, well… home.

    • Well no, not actually his original home. They sent him to this big farm upstate where he has lots of room to run around and play…

    • Wyvern

      The cake is a lie!

  • That old lady is way creepier than she has any right to be

  • Sanjay Merchant

    At first I thought Ethan was flipping off Mrs. Sykes. Took me a minute to realize he was just holding up his shopping list. :-P

    • Lleyn

      I think that was his way of flipping her off without appearing to do so *g*

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Also, does Phlippe’s existence mean Alexa’s actually the second best baker this hotel’s ever seen? Because that makes me sad.

    • LenaruHeart

      Well, not necessarily. Philippe might have been the best at baking bread or cupcakes, or he might have made the best-looking cakes. That doesn’t mean that Alexa isn’t better than him in some ways.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        As far as bread, rolls, and other not-dessert baking, they have someone called “Sammy”, right? That gave Rosie the bread for the sandwich over which Ethan was being so stingy with the meat?

  • SteinarB

    That little old lady scares the living crap out of me.

  • Sarah

    Remember at the very beginning of this chapter when Alexa woke up and exclaimed she’d been kidnapped by grandmas? Prediction proved. Niiiiice.

  • SoItBegins

    “You keep using those words*. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.”

    *’go home’

    • Widdershins is like the British “Avengers” TV series.

      There are no extras, except for crowd scenes.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    It’s kind of interesting how each of the characters deals with stress: Alexa comes out swinging, Gladys uses humor as a defense mechanism, Edie breaks off from her emotions entirely, Ethan just gets even grouchier than usual, and Rosie tries even harder to put on a brave and cheerful face.

    Oh, and the one maid we’ve met just breaks down crying.

  • NightSprite

    All I can say is I hope if this ever happens to me, that my recipe cards come with me! I’m a fantastic baker but I’m hopeless without my cheat sheets!

  • Nick Godby

    Ahh Mrs. Doubtfire reemployed..=)

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