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September 4th, 2013

September 4th, 2013 published on 21 Comments on September 4th, 2013

It’ll give you a while to catch up on your reading, at least.

The Kickstarter drew to a spectacular close, can’t wait to get the book out! It’s gonna look pretty neat!

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  • Is it wrong that my first reaction was, “Could I still get Kindle connectivity, or do they have a really good library?” And then I read your commentary, and I see I’m not the only one who went there…

    • Don’t know if this pocket dimension works on the same rules as Widdershins proper, but if so your Kindle will just go phut when you turn it on.

      • Okay, NOW I need to leave…

        • Bah, e-books are inferior to brick and matter books anyway. I’m gonna look for the library.

          • I love physical books, but new hardcover releases are harder to haul around than an eBook. And when I travel I love being able to pack a Kindle and have lots of books.

            And then there’s the whole “I ran out of bookshelves” problem…

            • They *are* pretty damn amazing for holidays, it’s nice to not have to stuff 5+ books into luggage any more!

              • Aye, but people have a longer attention span when reading from paper than when reading from a screen.

                • I find it a bit different with Kindles, since I’m properly in “let’s read a book” mode at that point. It’s all personal preference, really, I’m happy to own one as well as many, many bookcases of lovely stuff!

                  • Rows and rows of books are suddenly less appealing when you move house… Anyway, with 3 updates a week, when do you get to go on holiday?

                    • Haha, haven’t for a little while, can’t afford it right now anyway! One day I will buffer and have one :)

                • Barium-Sulfate

                  Actually, I have a bad habit of skipping ahead in paper books (counting how many pages in the chapter or just flipping ahead at random). I do this even with books I LOVE. For instance, I accidentally spoiled The Return of the King for myself because I knew Sauron & co. didn’t have Frodo. I can’t do that with an e-book. I’m getting better about making myself read paper books in order, but that, and the weight factor make me actually prefer e-books.

                • That’s not really true, at least for me.

                  Well, rather, it’s very true if the ‘screen’ is an iPad, iPhone, or whatever; I can’t focus on reading from that for too long. But an eInk device like a Kindle Paperwhite? Nope, I can read just as long as real paper.

                  Plus, since the Kindle is lighter, I can lay in bed and hold the book much longer than I could a hardcover without dropping it on my head.

                  Mostly, though, I buy my favorite books in both forms: paper to have one to put on my (overflowing) bookshelves and get signed or loan out, eBook for convenience’s sake since I can haul the Kindle around so easily. (Or read one-handed, which the corgi appreciates since she doesn’t approve of the whole ‘two hands for hardcover’ thing when I *could* be petting her!)

                  But yes, as Kate says, it all comes down to personal preference. :)

                  • A corgi is the best reading accessory :3

              • KaReN

                Before I was gifted a Kindle, I actually packed 5+ paperback books on my vacation trips. I seran wrapped each book so that the pages don’t get crumpled while traveling in my checked baggage. On my last trip last year, I just bought the kindle. Yep! You can take it everywhere with you, even on long lines at the Post Office and the DMV….

  • Itchy teeth? Is such a thing even possible?

    … says the guy who’s skin regularly gets tired

    • Lleyn

      There can be an unpleasant tingling in your teeth, they have nerves after all. But for me, little Miss Bossy Dumpling just makes my fingers itch. Though, probably not a wise reaction to follow up, what with the gorilla butler attached to her.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    “It’ll give you a while to catch up on your reading, at least.”

    Unlike the maid staff, I don’t think the hotel was considerate enough to bring that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

  • Hornet

    I think I may have found a way to get out of here that will really work, cook really horrible food???

  • The Wing

    Was that a reference to Sheogorath?? “You’re makin ma teeth itch!”

  • Michael Brewer

    Ethan, you’re really just a contrary jerk, aren’t you? You’ve argued against that same position you just held both earlier and later on.

  • KaReN

    It looks like Lexa is trying to form an escape plan.

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