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  • Daggerpen

    I am really concerned about Mal and Ben, but ngl, I cannot stop laughing at this. All that fluff about envying and hating Wolfe, And Voss comes to him for advice because he’s genuinely the nicest and most levelheaded guy around.

    • Qwefg Lockheart

      That and he is possibly trying to figure out what to do next. I mean if envy fox wins then what happens to him or what happens if envy fox loses. He does like all of his new talents and money. With them he could retire and life peacefully by himself. The only question is what he will do next and will Wolfe loss a few talents after this encounter.

  • Drat, he’s only being a distraction. Or MAYBE he’s trying to convince Wolf not to bring Ms. Barber, but all subtle-like. Although he clearly didn’t steal a subtlety talent from anybody over the years.

    You know what I bet, I bet some small part of him that remembers Wolfe being a cool dude and a friend before the jealousy started kicking in got knocked loose by all of this, and that has something to do with why he’s maybe-kinda-sorta seeking out Wolfe’s company. Still have a smidgeon of hope for this guy and by goodness it will not be snuffed out until it is irrevocably proved wrong, possibly until the arc is completely over. So there!

    • Here here. It’d be interesting to see him somehow redeem himself from his petty actions before.

  • Bloodplum

    Good lord, Wolfe’s gonna nice guy him into confessing.

    • Wolfe doesn’t realise he’s the Good Cop.

      Which makes his “Mutt & Jeff” with Captain Barber all the more effective.

  • Meg

    The talents of an accomplished liar would be high on my list of “Must haves” if I could steal people’s abilities.

    • Keytium

      The thing about really good liars is that they are impossible to tell apart from anyone else. If he was just stealing abilities as he traveled he likely wouldn’t have had the opportunity.

      • Meg

        I hadn’t thought of that. You’re right.

  • Pam

    It’s interesting how uncomfortable Voss seems to be with the current plan (whatever it is). And earlier, when he was so unnerved by the idea of outright killing Mal and Ben – I wonder, has he directly harmed anyone before now? With consequences he can see immediately, I mean? (Stealing someone’s livelihood and/or ability to communicate is obviously harm, but he seems to skedaddle before he can really see how badly he’s screwed them over.)

    • =Tamar

      He was willing to shoot the female organizer, a few years ago, while “following orders”. This is such a change of behavior that I wonder whether he accidentally stole Mal’s ability to care about people.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I sometimes wonder whether or or not he would’ve been so eager if it weren’t also an opportunity to show up Wolfe. Still, it definitely seems that, if nothing else, being a literal slave to Envy has forced him to reconsider his priorities.

      • David Argall

        He of course was also willing to shoot Wolfe, and to lure him into a trap. So yes, his behavior does seem odd. Of course, a lot of us will do nasty stuff “in the line of duty” that we would not consider without that handy excuse. But he is acting squeamish on matters we are used to him volunteering for. Of course, Mal hasn’t shown any outstanding amount of caring about others, and we have not seen any real change in his behavior, but it is early on. And it seems that something happened when they knocked heads. So maybe ….

        • =Tamar

          Mal did go back to free Wolfe, and he didn’t know him well at the time.

      • billydaking

        “…a few years ago…” And that’s your answer right there. It’s been years. He was a soldier then, trained to kill and attempting to impress his superior. For his troubles, he got scapegoated and shipped off to halfway around the world, where he met something supernatural that gave him a terrible gift he took advantage off and a constant deadly companion who doesn’t think much of him:

        That’s going to wear on anybody. Voss’s only concern was getting revenge on Wolfe, but he’s starting to realize that his own time is running out, and there’s no telling what’s going to happen to him when Envy gets what it wants. His uncertainty with that showed up (along with his cowled spirit wolf, which should give a clue to how he’s doing) before attempting to steal Mal’s ability:

        The thing with villains is that they don’t stay static, either. They have their own uncertainties and fears. It’s quite possible that despite his own desires, Voss has realized the danger he’s in himself and, as he mentions in this comic, whether his own desires are worth Envy’s price.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Oh don’t worry, just a something…


    about the world coming to an end…

    you know party as if it is 1899…

  • Emanate Hieromech

    I’m just going to read that ‘lyyyyying’ in the gravely voice of a certain cat.

  • Is that one of the artist’s cats making a guest appearance in the first frame?

    • Nope, it’s a neighbourhood cat. I tried colouring it to look like Ham, but it was blending in with the fireplace too much, and Susie’s a tortie so her markings are nightmareishly complex.

      • Euodiachloris

        Dark torties are the shadowmancers of cats, aren’t they? What with the blending into most light-and-shade situations. Even more so than black ones.

        I guess most people don’t learn this until they’ve been ankle-attacked from just by a wooden fence in what should have been a possition in plain sight. ;P

        • The light ones are no angels either. Susie brings me many 3am vole deliveries.

          • Euodiachloris

            Ah… I see her technique: footpath and tree bark blender! xD Also… wooden bread board clepper?

            • Yes, when she’s on the driveway she is incognito. A deadly spy.

              Bread board.. the thing she’s sat on? That’s a cardboard scratchpad thingy, they love those things. Here is her brother, Ham, with a demonstration.

              Edit: haha, three Hams! Thanks for that, Disqus.

              • Euodiachloris

                Curses: foiled by tiny mobile. The laptop showed it true. :)

                Hmmmm: a triple Ham pincer manoeuvre. Sounds like wrestling…

        • My tuxedo kitty has discovered that she can hop up on a part of the furnace/AC unit, and hide behind the open door from the utility room into the bathroom, and reach out and zap me on the elbow as i go by.

          ‘Course, she doesn’t do it as much since she started getting a bip on the head when she does…

  • pingo1387

    I just noticed that Voss is not using the supplied coaster.

    • Well, he *is* a villain.

  • Deepbluediver

    I don’t think I like this new, cringing attitude of Voss’. Even when he was being a stupid bully he was someone we could love to hate. But not he seems more pathetic, almost pitiable.

    Of course there’s no telling if he’s being sincere or not- I guess in 3 years he could easily have stolen some acting lessons (though to what end, I’m not sure).

    • Euodiachloris

      If it’s acting, he’s not about to win any awards for it. He’s got “I’m feeling guilty” practically tattooed on his forehead. :|

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