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  • Progress is progress, no matter how small. Man I love these guys, they make such an adorkably klutzy Crime-Fighting Team. Just remember, guys, your success rate can only go up from here! (Like, seriously. I don’t think it’s possible for you guys to do worse at this point. XD; )

    Ben looks super cute with his hair all messy, just sayin’. ^^

    • Raibert’s Law: Things can always get worse. Mr Thackeray and Mr O’Malley will now give us a practical demonstration…

      • Dvarin

        Hm. I can’t help but notice they’re sitting in a liquid that’s probably flammable.

  • So Mal saw Envy, but didn’t recognize it for what it was or realize that Voss was trying to do something to him . . .

    As for escaping, it appears that their feet haven’t been bound: if they can manage to stand up while bound together, they could throw themselves at the wall of the barrel and perhaps knock it over. Best case scenario, the lid pops off and they wriggle free. Worst case scenario, they fail and end up bruised for their efforts. Mid-grade scenario, the lid doesn’t pop off but everything is either loosened or damaged enough for them to get free with a bit of trouble and bruises.

    And I agree with Ben looking adorable.

    • Tsapki

      Benny Hill Scenario, they turn the barrel on it’s side and end up rolling it all the way to the party.

      • Tikatu

        Getting faces, mouths, and possibly lungs full of cider as they do!

    • Euodiachloris

      In Mal’s defence, Envy isn’t going around as obviously Big-Bad-Cardinal-Sin-like as, for example, Pride managed. :P He does just look like a particularly fox-shaped malform. Unless you manage to join the dots about his particular yen for greenness and why he took that Voss-related shape as a silly pun to disarm, match and insult, it’s hard to tell.

      Which, I’m guessing, is as much about design as it is about Envy’s nature: he’s not one for being big or gross like either Sloth or Gluttony, for instance. He’s more into being lithe enough to stab you in the back… <_<

  • pingo1387

    Plot twist: Captain Barber, as it turns out, has fantastic hearing and rescues them immediately, allowing them to tell her what they saw. The three of them bust down the door to the party, arrest Voss, and they live happily ever after.

    But then where would our story be?

    • Jonathan Trouba

      Plot Potential looked up from it’s indent in the ground, and said “The hell did ‘at lorry come from?”

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    So now that we are done with the pissing contest…. I got to take a piss.

  • David Argall

    “…really don’t know. Something magic, I suppose.” Was there a talent theft there?

    • Marvelous TK


    • billydaking

      A wizard’s not going to know all forms of magic, just like a mechanic isn’t going to know all types of engines or a doctor all types of diseases.

  • Have a good week off Kate. The inside of the barrel could have been really dark, so the week’s comics could have been easy-to-draw black panels with speech bubbles of our heroes bickering – I’m sure they could have kept it up. And don’t forget to leave us a really big cliff hanger on Friday.

  • “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship..”

  • Enjoy the recharging! Look forward to the guest comics. :)

  • Mar

    The truce is easier said than done. Possible ending: they spend all the barrel’s air bickering and asphyxiate.

  • When those two agree on a truce… somebody is seriously going to get in trouble! :D
    … once they have completed their barrelrun that is :p

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