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  • Jenny


    • Nah, she’s gonna be part of the Great Escape plot.

      • GristleMcNerd

        Love interest, obviously.

        • I asked if Alexa likes girls on the previous page’s comments and Kate replied that if/when it was relevant, it would be obvious what a character’s orientation was.

          Interpret that how you like.

    • No, it’s Alexa. Anyone who sits in the aisle seat of a busy train with her luggage piled on the window seat has got to be the bad guy. :-)

  • Me-me

    Yeah or the tags under each page, they’re right there.

    Lazy, Alexa.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    *opens cast page*
    That was subtle.

  • Tea

    I’ve been wondering, what happens to the cast it someone better stays in the hotel?

    Alexa’s the best now but what would happen to her if Mary Berry stayed there?

    • Gilotyna

      Interesting question. It all depends on how does the kidnapping spirit works. If it can time travel, then she was just the best confectioner to ever stay in hotal, but if it can only transport cooks to the past and it itself cannot time travel, then, well…

  • EdorFaus

    Butbutbut… if she tried to open the cast page, wouldn’t the computer she tried it with make a nasty sound and lose its magic smoke as soon as she tried to turn it on?

  • Sanjay Merchant


  • Barium-Sulfate

    Why isn’t the meat guy from 2032 on the cast page?

  • Barium-Sulfate

    Ethan. Why isn’t Ethan there?

    • Just haven’t got around to it yet, I need to write some proper bios for them all too.

  • Pogonophobia

    Oi! My name is Nora!

  • John DeCarlo

    Whatever you do, never think Nora is Harry Barber in disguise, or even a relative.

  • 50% Pain

    Wait a miniute i new nora’s last name seemed familiar Danny Phantom’s family were the Fentons. And it has to do with spirits. Coincidence, I think not.

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