Posted March 17, 2020 at 11:39 am

'ey up, sorry for the lack of updates, had a pretty nasty illness that i originally took for a cold but it seems quite likely that it was covid.. kinda took me out entirely for a week with coughs. yes, we isolated ourselves! still staying indoors for another week too.

all back to work now though, thanks for your patience! updates will resume as normal!

oh also! during this self-isolation period, i've marked down the high-res e-book versions of widdershins, they're only £12 for all 8 now! they contain all the book-only exclusive extras, such as an 11 page story about henry and izzy's wedding, notes from harry's diary, and much more. just click on this link or enter the coupon code CORONACON at checkout on my gumroad store. 


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