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5 Comments on Links

My previous comic, the fantasy epic Darken, can be found here- 600 pages of demons, drow, duchesses, and dark lords of hellfire, all free to read online.

(Links with red borders are 18+)


Link to Widdershins:
996-1335869891 996-1325254506


Thanks for considering linking to Widdershins! Please rehost these on your own hosting if you wish to use them, rather than hotlinking, cheers!

  • Mah.


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  • Catkins

    Thanks Kate, I think my productivity is going to suffer after finding this page…

    • My evil plan has been revealed!

      • RobertTheAddled

        I’ve lost entire weekends several times after finding link pages. Usually to the archives.
        I’ve found its the best way to find new comics to follow. And thank goodness for RSS feeds to keep up to date with more intermittent ones.