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February 22nd, 2012

February 22nd, 2012 published on 14 Comments on February 22nd, 2012

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Always get a receipt.

Just to state again, this story’s coming to an end next week or thereabouts, and I could do with some help from some of my art bros! I’d like to run guest strips for a week or two while I buffer up the next story, so if anyone could send me something I’d appreciate it! Email me at :)


Greed: So much greed here! What a delicious place you bring me to, little Thiefking!

Sid: (holding up the idol) I believe you were after this!
Greed: Oho!
Sid: If you’d take the mark too..?

Greed: Such generosity! The life of a monarch is not to your tastes?
Sid: Very much not!

Greed: Then I may take back my stolen freedom!
Greed: I am, I think the word is.. grateful?

Sid: And that whole bones to dust thing is off, yes?
Greed: If you insist..!
Sid: My associate did have one request, before you go..

Sid: What was it, Harry?
Harry: (locked in combat with Macavity on the table) A receipt.

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