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  • Nonesuch

    Sooner or later, everyone who meets MacAvity wants him to shut up. :p

    Now what’s going on in the background, I wonder…?

    I doubt this crew will abandon the vault and be satisfied with what they have; not with Greed in the house.

    • Maybe the magpie stole the bolts out of the chandelier?

      • Matthieu Cravatte

        Either that, or the “something” that the lock is infused with is acting to protect the vault. But probably yours.

        • I noticed there’s a teeny sound effect as it breaks loose.

  • Imagine Ink

    “I didn’t sign up for no haunted heist!”

    • JWLM

      “Who’re ya gonna call? // Spiritbusters!”

      • Emily

        Luckily, two out of three of the Malform Busters are on their way into the building…

  • Phil

    “We make a great team, you crack all the bank vaults and I stand around talking about all our plans so everyone can hear. Great team!”

  • Darastrix

    I am just relishing Macavity’s expression of discomfort in panel 4.

    • Del

      Macavity thinks every vulnerable woman in his vicinity is named “Girlie.”

    • Bieeanda

      “What? Oh, damn, she’s one of those ‘don’t call me a girlie’ girlies…”

    • Tsapki

      The unease on him at being called out on his lack of meaningful interest in her as a person is delicious!

    • Rolan7

      I also like the “distracted while working a tough puzzle” expressions in 2 and 5!

  • The lady does all the work while the man lazes around talking and making vague plans. How long have these two been married?

    • Nonesuch

      How very David & Leigh Eddings.

      “In Styricum, women do the farming because they have a stronger connection to the earth.”
      “Really? What do the men do?”
      “As little as possible.”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    First step of going next level : being on a name basis !

    • John

      Not only did he not ask her name but he wasn’t even paying that much attention to the conversation in the jail. Sid said her first name at the beginning and the end of that conversation and Vee said her last name after Sidney stopped talking. He should not be surprised that she does not find his “offer” particularly appealing.

  • Anne-US

    Uh oh, they are looking for a wizard… and 2 are about to walk in the door.

    • JWLM

      Including a very powerful one. And Sid, too.

  • PraetorDragoon

    For some utter unfanthomable reason I keep reading his name as Mac-Cavity. It’s weird.

    • Nonesuch

      Or maybe “ma (my) cavity”? ;)

  • Ghostdanser

    Did the Magpie steals the pins holding the lamp to get everyone at the door looking in the opposite direction…or was it just because the pins were shiny?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Why not both?

      But does anyone really need a reason other than “SHINY”?

      • AJ

        *looks up from her pile of assorted costume jewelry, glossy magazines, bottle caps, and fanart* Huh?

      • Tsapki

        There is a webcomic called Lizardbeth which I believe compared Dragons to giant fire-eater magpies due to the idea that a dragon hoard in modern day might by composed mostly of rhinestones and the like.

        • DataProwler Netizen

          Two things:
          One, collecting things over a long period of time leads to interesting behaviors like branching out, so you get things like optimization or organization by types.
          Two, I cannot find a webcomic called Lizardbeth with Google-Fu, so I’m starting to think it is like the game Wereshark: The Buffet.

  • Nonesuch

    “Say my name, punk.”

  • Emily

    I’m trying to work out the perspective of the last panel. I assumed the white bit with the stripe along the top that Macavity is leaning against in panel 6 was just the wainscoting on the wall, but in the last panel we’re looking at him and Lei from behind it, like it’s something that tipped over when the lamp fell.

    • It’s the balcony, look at the first panel- my fault for not laying it out clearer.

      • Emily

        Oh, I get it! Thanks for the clarification. (In that case, that lamp is a lot farther away than I thought it was, and has presumably just been dropped on the other group of would-be bank robbers…)

  • Ocean Burning.

    Hm, vulnerable to both Greed and Lust, huh, Macavity?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’m not seeing any lust or attraction in this picture, just such a lack of respect that he never bothered to learn her name. (And Pride and Sloth are, fortunately, already bottled up.)

      • John

        I certainly read it as Macavity saying “I want to sleep with you”. As far as I can tell his only requirements for making such a proposition is that the person he is talking to is female. Possibly her being attractive is also a requirement. He does not seem to have enough respect for women to give me any reason to think that he knows women are NOT interchangeable, which is an attitude that I would expect to be a turn-off for pretty much everyone.

        • Nonesuch

          The oaf actually thinks he’s enough of a catch that a woman would take that kind of offer as an enticement and a reason to be loyal to him…

      • Rolan7

        It was innuendo, yes, but I like your interpretation too. Works either way, really!

        • Ocean Burning.

          It works either way based on the text, perhaps, but check out Macavity’s posture and facial expression… : P

  • Bieeanda

    I’d applaud for her, but these handcuffs are getting in the way.

  • Brother Nightmare

    Yep, still not good with names.

  • JWLM

    Does anybody else think that Macavity looks a lot like Ethan Booth? (

    • Ocean Burning.

      It’s the hair, my friend.

      • JWLM

        So you’re saying that Ethan inherited the Macavity hair, just like the Nicola, Nora, Harry, Florrie, and Eddie all inherited the Barber nose? Interesting idea.

  • Tsapki

    Interesting. Other than the obvious (and highly illegal) Greed, what else might one infuse a bank vault with to add security… Stubbornness perhaps?

    • Brilliand

      She said complex. I’m thinking some sort of spirit of puzzles or comprehension… that would demand that the lock be opened *correctly*, not so much that the gold remain unstolen.

      • Tsapki

        That is intriuging. Hmm, a Spirit of Precision? Accuracy? Strictness?

    • Good question. How about:
      Guilt – It’s wrong for me to steal
      Fear – I’m going to spend ten years breaking rocks when I get caught
      Irresolution – This lock is far too complicated – I’ll never be able to open it
      Sloth – This isn’t worth the effort

      • Ocean Burning.

        I liked “irresolution” the best. How few people would realize that was what’s going on…