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Greed: Hmph. Same as the rest. I was rather expecting you to be different.
Sid: (lifting the statue from the pedestal) Yes, well.. I had little choice..

Greed: Oh, we all have a choice, little Thiefking.
Greed: And now I take your offering.

Greed: The richer reward would have been freedom, but I suppose I shall make do with your life.
Sid: What?!

Greed: As the sun sets, you shall depart from this earth, and from your newfound treasure also.
Sid: But I didn’t even want-

(The spirit begins to return to nothingness, and the light of the summoning circle fades.)

Greed: That is the price of Greed.
Greed: Enjoy your last few hours as a rich man.

(One of Macavarty’s thugs lifts the statue from Sid’s unresisting hands as the spirit vanishes entirely.)

Macavarty: What a sense of humour on that thing!
Macavarty: I suppose killing you now rather takes away from the intended irony, but ah well!

Submitted by Jewelcast

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