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(The light is low as both Sid and Harry wash up on the shore. Sid sits up coughing violently, then flops back into the water with a sigh of relief.)

Sid: (brandishing a key with a broad grin) ..abra-ca-bloody-dabra!

(Harry snorts, raising a hand to her forehead as, despite her best efforts, she begins to laugh.)

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And so it begins .. the romance between thief and thief-catcher. :)

i am not shiping them yet

Oh but you will
(I am from the future I have seen the updates)

wow! no kidding! i am ALSO from the future. we should be friends!

Actually, you’re both from the past. I’m sure it’s a real shock to you, but you guys are from an ENTIRE YEAR in the past!

p.s. still not ship’ing them, but almost maybe. i am slow to come around as harry on this one…even though i’m usually a hopeless romantic who annoys everyone else (for example, vic should {divorce her husband first, then} get together with sheriff walt from longmire, right? oh, you’re not watching longmire? wrongety-wrongness, mr./mrs/wrongerton!)

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