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(The circle lights up with power, forming a translucent barrier even as the green smoke coalesces into the giant, six-armed form of the spirit Greed.)

Sid: Miss Barber, stay out of the circle, it can’t see out of it!

Greed: Ahh.. I have been longing for the fresh air for some time..
Greed: What other little gifts will I find here..?

Sid: Gosh, er.. This is embarrassing..
Sid: Look, I didn’t actually mean to summon you, I didn’t do the words, I don’t have an offering-

Greed: (folding all his arms) Oh, but you do, my little Thiefking.
Sid: Even if I did, I don’t actually want to make any deals with you!

Greed: But.. what is this? Such a strange nature for a thief..
Sid: I’m not a- Well, I’m not one on purpose!
Greed: No matter, I see you have a true gift for it!

Greed: Now listen, for I do not give away information twice.
Greed: Your choice is this; take this trinket away, becoming richer than your tiny dreams..

Greed: (catching Sid by the arm to paw at the mark) Or give to me the mark and statue both..
Greed: Ridding that mark of mine from the world.

Submitted by Jewelcast

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