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Sid: Ah, well, you see..
Sid: ..I need to confer with my colleague!

(He leans out of the circle to converse with Harry.)

Harry: Problem?
Sid: Well, somewhat, yes! Weren’t you listening?
Harry: Of course. It’s obvious.

Sid: I-I know you’re used to bringing home the treasures and such, but..
Sid: Well, I just can’t.

Sid: I have the chance to destroy this unhappy object, and I will do so.
Sid: I’m sorry, but you cannot have that statue.

Harry: Of course not, what do you take me for?
Sid: Oh, I-
Harry: Give him the damn bracelet, it’s bloody evil and it needs to go.

Sid: I see.. I may have misjudged you, Miss Barber, and for that I apologise.
Macavarty: Don’t I get a vote?

Macavarty: (holding a knife to Harry’s throat with a grin) And I think I have the tiebreaker, too!
Harry: Hrm.

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