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  • Euodiachloris

    That… could be a issue, yes. :/

  • She expects Wolfe to tank while she handles DPS?

    • Bieeanda

      Joke’s on her. He’s so nice, the aggro just slides off.

      • non_canon

        Which is a good thing, really, as the few times we’ve seen him fight he’s been very good at it.

        • He’s not an amazing fighter, he’s mostly just kinda big. Against someone with any skill, he wouldn’t be too much use!

          • Wumer

            But… I thought he was a trained soldier?

            • He was trained, years ago, with very little enthusiasm for it, yeah. He’s probably as good at it now as I’d be at that martial art I got a single belt in back in university, which is to say, not very. He isn’t incompetent and being big honestly does count for quite a lot, but someone like Nicola or Vee could probably take him out.

              • Sir. Orc

                Plus, Gula easily countered him during their fight

                • Tsapki

                  Gula did have the size advantage in that case, which Wolfe normally has on his side.

              • Eva Schiffer

                I would still be afraid of him if he had a rifle and a compelling reason to use it. (I’d imagine he wouldn’t want to use it, but my impression from the stories of his training was that he was quite good at shooting… and that sort of skill doesn’t atrophy the way more physically complex ones do.)

                • Heylir

                  He was freaking good at shooting, given that he broke Envy’s conduit (a little glass thing) with one shot from an unknown gun, in twilight.

                • Ah yes, he’s definitely a decent shot.. He wouldn’t own a gun, though, and definitely isn’t carrying one right now!

    • Tsapki

      Amateur mistake, you need to keep the Bard on support if you can help it.

      Hmm, though we’ve discussed possible D&D roles before here yes?

      Wolfe as a Bard (just basically good at nearly everything and charming to boot), Verity as a Rogue (decent fighter, great sneak attacker, good with tools and such), Ben as a Wizard (good with knowledge and magical lore and can spellcasting but needs time and prep), and Sidney as a Sorcerer (huge innate magical talent but not very well trained and with random magical effects happening around them.)

      • Haven

        Wolfe is absolutely a paladin, and the violin is his holy symbol.

        • Wumer

          Wolfe as a Paladin of the Holy Bardic Order of Widdershins?

        • Ocean Burning.

          But, his violin isn’t a symbol, it’s a tool. It’s how he was earning a living before he came to Widdershins, and it was used to help desummon Wrath and the tragedy buggerup in chapter 2.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Nah, Paladins don’t get sidetracked from important missions to flirt and dance with people they find hot. They save that for later. Wolfe is definitely a Bard. Good aligned by a country mile, but a Bard nonetheless.

    • non_canon

      His face at that is priceless.

  • Heylir

    Ben in the fifth panel, wow!!!

    And I really look forward to see Wolfe helping Verity.

    • non_canon

      He’s really come into his own this chapter. And it’s cool to get to see him and Verity playing off each other in this strip.

  • Typical that Ms Cunningham doesn’t think the wizards can make any contribution. Couldn’t they summon something to help, even if it’s only something like intimidation or guilt? Or she could get them to run round the corner and see if there’s anyone available at the Central Police Station.
    I suppose she’s too proud to ask for help.

    • Nonesuch

      Summoning and contracting presumably takes more time than hurling a smoke bomb and throwing a punch, and leaves the caster vulnerable. Greed might be able to sense the magic, too.

      • Tsapki

        Good considerations, and also possibly that Greed is too powerful here for most other spirits to have much effect, except perhaps a Virtue.

        • Nonesuch

          Indeed, the buggerups were in a hurry to escape the presence of the Seven, in spite of their affection for “the O’Malley”.
          It is quite possible only the Virtues and greater spirits dare to face off against Sins.

          • I was wondering if perhaps they could do something like this:

            • Nonesuch

              I’d love to see more Virtues summoned, but so far in this chapter the Sins have been banished without such assistance.
              We’ll have to wait and see.

              • Tsapki

                Definitely would not be opposed to Charity showing up and foiling things if the story called for it.

  • Nonesuch

    Looks like the Magpie is getting more active the closer they get to Greed…

    • Emily

      It’s getting sneakier, too – before this we’ve mostly seen it taking things unobtrusively out of people’s pockets, but taking a man’s glasses off his face without him noticing right away is a whole new level!

      • Tsapki

        “I want to steal his pants.”

        “…why do you want his pants?”

        “I don’t want his pants, I just want to see if I can steal them.”

        • Nonesuch

          A thought: the Magpie may always have been affected by the presence of Greed. Remember it stole away the Mark of the Thief-King, supposedly an impossible act and far more complex than its usual larceny, as soon as it came within range — and the Mark was a part of Greed…!

      • Ocean Burning.

        Sneakier, or more brazen? ; P

  • Heylir

    Oh, and Ben is tempting fate again…

    • non_canon

      He seems to make a habit of it. Although And his look in the last panel suggests that at least in the this case he’s realized it.

  • Anne-US

    In the last panel, both Ben & Sid are too adorable. The magpie is definitely busy, though.

  • Emily

    It’s so good to see Ben back to his normal self – he doesn’t have the exhausted shadows under his eyes anymore, and he’s fully engaged in figuring out the problems facing them. Vee’s pep talk and a nap did him a lot of good.

    • Nonesuch

      Ben is better than his old self!
      Verity’s peptalk and the chance to get closure on Sloth and Fairbairn have charged and energized him! He is now Ben 2.0! ^.^

  • Archangel

    And we’re all going to ride magical flying ponies to the ice cream parlor afterwards, Ben. :P

    • DLKmusic

      no! that’s for after LUST is taken out too!

      • Archangel

        Ah yes, thank you. Getting ahead of myself. I really like ice cream, you see. ^_^

  • Michael Brewer

    Maybe a nice desummon on Sidney first, perhaps?

  • Stephen Riggs

    By definition, one cannot know that one is going to be surprised. …

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    This is gonna end hilariously poorly

  • Maria Gerasimova

    A propos, Heylir’s “Весёлое Рождество” now is at AO3 as “Merry Christmas”, translated –

    • Emily

      This is so sweet!

      • Heylir

        I’m very happy to hear that! :)

  • Kactus

    I hate to sound mean, but send Sidney away for this fight! The magpie is not helping! Though I’m sure it will suddenly be helping in proximity to the other side, and Sidney’s presence will distract Lei and annoy Macavity.

    • Heylir

      It would be cruel, after his words about his last failure. Especially given it was him who had freed Greed.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Are you sure? Sidney might be key to winning this fight.

  • pingo1387

    I’m wondering if Sidney actually is a kleptomaniac but no one knows because his magpie buggerup also steals things? Admittedly I don’t know much about kleptomania, but…

  • theophenes

    I know it’s not terribly important, but Vee’s current hair is a great look.

    • She would disagree- it is *definitely* terribly important

    • Tikatu

      It may be a great look, but it’s also easy to grab and use against her.

  • Oopsie