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November 9th, 2012- Kickstarter at 100%!

November 9th, 2012- Kickstarter at 100%! published on 9 Comments on November 9th, 2012- Kickstarter at 1009!

While I have no personal experience on the matter, I hear tell that this is what sisters are good at.

Hey guys, you can still pledge on the Widdershins Kickstarter, even though we reached 100% this morning! There’s still plenty of books available, and a few weeks left to pledge!

The higher we get, the more I can add to the book, the more goodies I can give out to backers, more stuff for everyone, basically!

If we get to £3500, I’ll scan in and annotate my entire Widdershins development sketchbook, which is probably 20-30 pages of all sorts of Widdershins goodness! All backers will receive a PDF copy of this.

If we get to £4000, I’ll add a short 4 page or so story to the end of the book, just something silly with the characters that I’ve been brewing up.

Either way, I am thrilled and relieved beyond measure that we made 100% :) Thank you everyone!

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