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  • Nonesuch

    Looks like someone is unhappy with the working conditions.
    Maybe reconsidering his choices in life? ;)
    Maybe even ready for a heel-face turn, if given a reasonable opportunity….?

    Vee muzzling Sid like that is quite amusing. :p

    • jess

      “Looks like someone is unhappy with the working conditions.”

      honestly I think that might just be his neutral expression, at this point

      • #092f0a

        Looks smug to me. Like he is going to have a bite behind gluttony’s back :P

        • Euodiachloris

          “Thunder-cloud atop a beard and below some thatch” is his standard expression, though. It’s hard to tell. <_<

    • If Harry were there and not Vee, she’d do the same.

      But in a friendly manner.

      Wondering what Alexa’s message was.

      And is our far future time agent going to show up?

    • TheGorram Batguy

      Oh, I am indeed fascinated by what must run through that character’s mind. That he is so compelled to do Gluttony’s bidding suggests to me that indeed, he is so wholly given over to his own gluttony that he is unable to resist or refuse its urging, and so just as his own human gluttony compels him to indulge, the sapient spirit of Gluttony can command him absolutely. But how literal is this, and how metaphorical? Is he forced to follow the commands while identifying himself as their ultimate origin, the way a mortal would obey his own hungers as his own desires? Or is he very much conscious of being forced by another will and is brimming with hatred (and likely self-contempt) all the while?

      And if all of this speculation is at all on the mark, could a 12 step addiction program empower him to break free again, in theory? Or is that already insufficient, with all the magic at work?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    shhhh !

  • pisoprano

    Wait…I thought Gluttony *did* get food from eras the first time around. How is it more powerful now? Or is this just a case of Sidney not being fully informed?

    • Phil

      Last time it bought chefs from different eras together to cook for it, this time it is switching entire rooms in the hotel through time to directly steal food from different time periods. Looks like it is switching pretty fast too if the sudden KRRZT! change is anything to go by!

      • billydaking

        Yeah….the Piece of Cake storyline didn’t have rooms in the hotel changing eras on the fly. Everything stayed consistent with the origin time period. There was a border around the hotel; now it’s like that border has been breached, and the entire building has become fluid.

      • maeverin

        Does that mean that someone, somewhere, sometime is very confused and wondering where their breakfast went?

      • Spirit22

        It brought food from different time periods too. Alexa commented on all the different expiration dates when she first baked. Last time Gluttony was using a circle to do it. He isn’t using one this time, thus being more powerful.

  • Ghostdanser

    “I wouldn’t touch it, unless you want to check in here for a long while.”
    Welcome to the Hotel California…

    • Ghostforge

      …Any time of year, you can find me here (find me here); Her mind is tiffany-twisted, she got the mercedes-bends, she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, she call friends; as they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat; some dance to remember, some dance to forget!

      • Jeff Eppenbach

        So I called up the captain, please bring me my wine. He said, we haven’t had that spirit here, since 1969.

        • Ocean Burning.

          Well thank y’all for getting that song stuck in my head all day. Especially as I went and looked up the lyrics… After reading them, however, I really wonder how this song never got commented through the whole Hotel Gula storyline. The last two verses are particularly appropriate, it really sounds like Gluttony set up a very similar scheme in Hollywood in the 20th century as what it did back in Widdershins!

          • One of these days, I’m gonna write a cosmic horror story based on a literalist interpretation of that song’s lyrics. And another one based on 1950s novelty song The Thing (no relation) by Phil Harris (sure, it’s a goofy song, but the premise is unnerving as hell).

          • Ghostdanser

            In fairness…there are worse songs to get stuck in your head! :)

          • Actually, Ventura, California. The original inspiration was an abandoned psych institute there.

  • John

    Be vewy quiet, we’re hunting wabbits.

  • John

    Looks like Wolfe only barely made his saving throw.

    • Heylir

      I wonder, what meals he looked at. I can’t recognise them.

      • Emily

        It looks to me like a breakfast tray – I can see toast and scrambled eggs, and I think that’s orange juice in the glass.

  • #092f0a

    Those lamps don’t look like they burn gas or something like that. Either simple electric devices such as lamps are magic-proof, or the hotel-owners felt adventurous with vintage interior design after the hotel was shielded sometime in the 2020’s or 30’s

    • #092f0a

      Aaaaaand I just realised that it’s not the hotel that has the “magic shieled” banner in Ethan’s backstory. Although I suppose that magic shielding just wasn’t available long before then, so the hotel probably had to wait just as long :P

  • MoeLane

    With regard to either Time travel or firing the decorator: as we used to say… Embrace the healing power of ‘and.’

    • John

      The second like is at best “eh”, but that first look is definitely unfortunate.

      • AJ

        I feel like this is a case where the ages of the commentors is relevant. That second look is “eh” to me, but the first look is quite nearly vintage and nostalgic. (In that fake kind of way where you weren’t born in that era and the pictures of your grandma as a kid make you say, “Wow, how cool was your childhood, Grandma!”)

    • billydaking

      Hey…you leave my 1970s memories alone!

      • Ocean Burning.

        Is that look 1970s? Groovy.
        Now, does anyone want to theorize as to why Gluttony in particular is fond of (abusing) time travel powers?

        • MoeLane

          Because it hungers for *everything*?

        • JasonAW3

          Nah, more 1960’s than 70’s…

          • Kaunisenkeli

            Either way, it’s hideous.

            • JasonAW3

              In many ways, so were the 60’s and 70’s…

            • JasonAW3

              Hey! I was around in the 60’s and 70’s! And the style then was… Uh… Well… Ok, yeah, it was pretty hideous…

        • Sir. Orc

          The sins seem to have powers related to removing constraints on them. Greed could make Harry’s pipe so that it never needed refilling; removing the constraints of supply on having more and more, Sloth is implied to allow for teleportation; removing the need to actually move in the intervening space, Envy allows one to steal talents; thus removing the constraints of cause and effect and physical practicality, and Lust of course can change shape. It makes sense to a degree that Gluttony’s abuse of time travel ties in with this; it removes the constraint that time places on both the availability of the ingredients, and the time it takes to prepare the dish.

          That or it just flowed better in the story.

          • This guy

            This might be better than the authors reason.

  • Emily

    Is Wolfe’s exclamation in the second panel German for “Wow”?

  • MrDraMaster

    uhhh…why is Heinrich saying “woof”? I’m not sure when we Germans ‘borrowed’ “wow” from the English, but we also took the spelling

    • Hah, my research showed it to be an acceptable alternative, but if people who actually speak the language are saying otherwise, I’ll change it!

      • Jason Justinger

        i read it as a german- Keanu Reeves type “Woah” for what its worth.

        • Odo

          Consider the hero of the works of Kilgore Trout, Ralph von Wau Wau. It is needful to remember, Ja, that “W” is pronounce with a “vuh”… Ja.

      • MrDraMaster

        well, I might be tainted by having learned English, but I see a difference between “wau” and “wow”

        the first one mimics the short, sharp sound that a dogs “woof” makes (Wauwau is often used by small children to refer to a dog, as they go “woof woof”, my dictionary tells me to compare “bowwow”)

        the second one is the same as it is in English, as that’s where we got it from I assume … no idea when that happened though

      • naurael

        Hi there,
        German native speaker here! :) Nowadays, we would for sure use the English spelling ‘wow’ – it is even listed as such in the Duden (the German OED). As Widdershins is set in the past, though, ‘Wau’ makes a lot of sense, since that spelling would be pronunciation based. If I remember correctly, I even had a Donald Duck comic from the 60ies (courtesy of my mum) that used the ‘Wau’ spelling.
        A similarly weird German exclamation would be ‘Boah!’, but that’s probably unsuitable here, since its usage only started to really pick up around the 1980s.

        • Ah hah, thank you, this is massively helpful! “Boah!” is great though, I seriously like that one!

          • Wyvern

            I think it would be really confusing to any *non*-German speakers, though.

          • Tamira

            There’s also “Ui!” or “Hui!”, but those are both a bit… well, girly? Or childish? I could see someone like Wolfe use it though, he’s such a jolly guy.
            “Boah!” does work, but as naurael says, it’s a pretty modern term.

        • CountSessine

          No idea about German, but… as MrDraMaster says, the imitation of a dog’s bark (bow-wow) is unrelated to the exclamation “Wow!” A translation engine might fail to distinguish the two. In trying to unearth some clues about the origin of the latter, I discovered that it’s a lot older (in English) than one might think. Here’s a link that seems informed:

          ““Wow! my father, of those two regiments not one escaped.” That sounds odd, doesn’t it? The rest of the sentence is very 1892, but it starts with this hippy-sounding interjection. Best guess seems to be, it’s Scottish in origin, and might be a shortening of “I vow!”

      • Narrwal

        Putting aside whether the spelling is technically correct or how appropriate it is for the depicted time period, the audience is a contemporary one and native German speakers will definitely associate ‘Wau’ with a dog noise first and then the part of the brain kicks in that tells us it’s meant to be ‘Wow’.
        I’d probably change it, also because, like it’s been said, the pronunciation differs, but then again seeing Wolfe exclaim ‘woof’ is pretty funny, too, and most people won’t care either way.
        We will still love the comic. ;)

  • M. E. Gibbs

    Ehehehe, Ben shoved into the tinier part of the closet, I am SO PLEASED BECAUSE I AM TERRIBLE.

    And I had a feeling Wolfe might have a little more trouble with Gluttony. He likes nice things, he likes nice experiences. Good food is part of that list and Gluttony KNOWS good food.

    • TheGorram Batguy

      He’s also the member of this crew who best knows what it’s like to go hungry, having spent some time as a vagabond.

    • Emily

      >>Ehehehe, Ben shoved into the tinier part of the closet

      I had the same thought! On the one hand, it makes sense because he’s short enough to fit; on the other hand, it’s raised fairly high off the floor, so did Wolfe have to give him a boost to get up there?

  • Brother Nightmare

    I was about to ask if the mouth covering was really necessary, then I thought about whose mouth Vee is covering…

    • TheGorram Batguy

      I find myself fascinated by your Discuss identity and avatar. Might you be so kind as to tell me more about it? Is this Brother Nightmare part of any particular fraternity of horrors?

      • Brother Nightmare

        I’ll give you the watered down version because I don’t know if this is the place for me to ramble on about my story as it is another’s web comic page, but here goes.

        Brother is an honorific in this instance, one the nightmares I identify with use to identify one who is not only a friend, but has gained similar traits and can live comfortable among them, but was not born as such. After loosing my face to a wishing well (long story), I suffered dreams that during which shadows, and other broken/nasty things would wriggled through the new void in my soul (face is one of the four elements of the soul, it would take too long to explain the rest here), which made me a danger to myself and others. After some research, I found I could cure this by having something else do the dreaming for me. I contacted some nightmare beings (not easy), and would allow them to feed off my dreams by replacing them with nightmares every night if they would help me understand my new condition. The rest is another long story, but that’s the basics. Like I said, watered down, but I hope this helped.

        • TheGorram Batguy

          Interesting. Thank you.

    • Euodiachloris

      Let’s just say she has a handle on his bubbly personality… ;P

  • Let us hope there is not another ‘KRRZT!’ moment and the room changes to a design that doesn’t have wardrobes.

    • Ocean Burning.

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Ghostdanser

      That would be bad…but what if it changes to a room where the wardrobes are changed into nightstands! *ick*

  • Sarah Hardister

    Hehe. Why is Sid drawn so…girly? Just look at him. “Oh, gosh!”

    • Ocean Burning.

      I really must protest. Lancelot Sidney Arthur Oliver Malik, girly? A font of bubbling enthusiasm, yes. But, girly??

  • Thanatos1320

    So, I’m curious, Gluttony only seems to deal in food. But the word gluttony, and the sin in general, can mean an excessive indulgence in anything , not just food. Does Gluttony use food because it’s his preferred method or is it simply because it’s the most common (and often erroneously believed only) know meaning of gluttony?

    P.S. Love the story. You are a wonderful artist and writer.

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