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  • Yay, Wolfe.

    Now hit Voss over the head and hold your gun on the sergeant … and then run like hell.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Voss just isn’t allowed to do anything properly, is he?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Now I can see why Wolfe couldn’t exactly go home after the war ^^;

  • awhorl

    “Lady Boss Person” I like. I bet he could even say “Extremely Noble Lady Boss Person” if he weren’t so shook up,

  • CallMeGameBoy

    I’m not sure yet, but that neck wound looks like it may be fatal…

    • Landale

      Obviously not though. But it does explain the scarf, that’s the kind of scar that’d get some questions. Even after he got his fancier clothes he kept it, but we did get one brief look at it before.

      • CallMeGameBoy

        Yeah, I really need to go back and start over sometime. All the comics tend to blur together after awhile.

    • George Orwell had a more serious neck wound than that while fighting in the Spanish Civil War and he survived. It annoyed him that all the Doctors kept telling him how lucky he was. He thought that if he had been lucky the sniper would have missed him. In fact the wound invalided him out of the front line just before a major offensive where his unit suffered heavy casualties and it also enabled him to escape from Spain just before the Communists tried to arrest him.

  • Istas

    Judging by where boss lady was grazed, I think that Voss would have missed anyway.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Yeah, it kinda looks like Wolfe actually intervened too late, and what actually saved the woman was Voss’s lousy aim.

      • David Argall

        At this point, it hardly matters. Wolfe has directly and deliberately interfered with orders, and will be lucky not to be facing a firing squad. And I don’t think we need worry much more on his chances of becoming an officer.
        However story tradition makes it highly likely that Wolfe interfered at just the right moment, which really is not that unlikely. He certainly acted close to just the right moment. A second later, there would have been no chance to act, and a second sooner, and there would have been no shot. Add in that the exact second is likely extended by Wolfe’s sudden action provoking a shot before Voss had fully aimed and there is a very good chance Wolfe saved her life.

        Now the shot lines do suggest Voss would have missed anyway, but not only is that less dramatic, but they seem to aim nowhere near their target and nobody should have been hit at all if we call them precisely correct. The lines seem to be put in for artistic purposes, not to show the exact path of the bullet [which likely would have passed directly in front of Wolfe. Clearly inferior for artistic purposes.]
        Now what comes next? We have got to get O’Malley and Wolfe together, so there is a good chance of Wolfe, and maybe the other soldiers, being captured. A possible story line… The “rebels” charge and capture Wolfe, but the other soldiers escape, leaving Wolfe with the fired rifle. Our workers? decide to hang Wolfe, but O’Malley intervenes, saying Wolfe has never shot at anyone. [This requires translations between Wolfe and O’Malley.] After demonstrating his talent, O’malley is able to save Wolfe, who thereafter sticks with him.

        Now, this doesn’t mention Envy, so there is some flaw. However, our deadlies have taken their time appearing in the stories, so it may be some time before we see Envy and get a good idea of who triggers it.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Kind of occurred to me after the fact that it makes a heck of a lot more sense that way anyway.

        • Apvogt

          The one breaking orders is the sergeant. The sergeant took them on a (possibly unauthorized) scout mission, then tried to take out the leader now, giving the rest of the rebels a chance to escape.

      • Hey, don’t knock his aim. He’s only fired one shot and he’s still hit two more people than all the Imperial Stormtroopers in the first Star Wars film combined (at least the ones we see actually trying to shoot people).

  • Nightsbridge

    I am not a good person.


  • Hans Rancke

    With the trajectory indicated by the speed lines, the bullet should have gone high above Boss Lady’s head.
    Also, ignoring the speed lines, Wolfe is beating some pretty astronomical odds by hitting Voss’ barrel in that fraction of a second where the barrel has deflected just enough when the shot goes off to make it miss but not enough to make it miss by a wide margin.

    • “He hit the gun with the other gun, the shot missed” is pretty much all you need to take away from that panel

      • The Wing

        I’ll have to admit, all of the nitpicking in the comments is really off-putting. That’s saying something, coming from someone as naggy as I am. :P

      • Hans Rance

        I beg your pardon. I thought you might want suggestions for corrections that would make your (generally excellent) panels easier to understand. The trajectories should (IMO) be horizontal. But if you’re not interested in that sort of feedback, I shall not inflict such on you in the future.
        As for what I need to take away from the panel and what I actually take away, the two appear, alas, to be two different things, since what I actually took away was that Wolfe reacted too late and Voss would have missed her anyway. If that was what you meant to convey, you nailed it.
        Please accept my apologies for any offense I may have caused you by excessive frankness.

        • No, god, I’m sorry. I’ve had a bit of a rough week and I was overreacting, it was a fair comment and I should have taken it better. Many apologies.

        • Considering that the soldiers are most likely kneeling in the bushes while the woman is standing and we don’t know their relative elevations, it’s not really possible to say what, precisely the lines should be doing.
          The only thing we can really say is that since Mal’s neck wound is higher than her shoulder wound the bullet had to be on an (at least slightly) upwards trajectory.
          The lines may not be perfect, but they do consistently depict an upwards trajectory.
          As for the long odds of being able to hit Voss’s gun at just the right moment? This is a story: it happened that way, because it needed to happen that way.

    • Obviously there had to have been a second shooter!

      • Hans Rancke

        Take a laugh point. :-D

  • The Wing

    Wow, Mal knows how to say “Lady Boss Person” in German! But he can’t say “I need food”! Impressive.

    • ShakeJake

      “Lady boss person” is just a combination of three nouns, “I need food” involves more complications, being an actual sentence. Also he hasn’t eaten in two days.

  • Nomi

    Did that shot miss the Lady Boss Person but kill the Brit? That neck shot could be pretty ugly…

    • JediaKyrol

      He’ll be fine…we’ve already seen him before in his future! (or whatever the tense for an event in the observers past but the subject’s future)

      • Alex Hollins

        down the line. things that happened in the past are up the line.

    • First Mr O’Malley gets shot, then he gets called a Brit. He’s really having a bad day isn’t he?

  • Heh, well that explains that! Time for running now! (also want to agree, try not to let the nit-picks bother you, I love how fun your stories are and for my part I’m delighted to see the back story for these guys. ^.^)

  • Katelyn

    Went back to see if O’Malley has any visible neck scar… Why did I see? Scarf and stubbornly place collars.

  • Graham Garrett

    Mal’s expression says it all. O. M. G.

  • This guy

    Scarred for life
    And convenient story telling

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