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  • Tikatu

    Ugh. I hope Vee learns some humility? Some compassion? When to keep her mouth shut? She envies Sid, that much is clear. Right now, she’s far more unpleasant than she’s ever been. Harry walking out on her still stings.

    • Dinolil1

      I’d agree, but what if what Harry did was bad?

      • Tikatu

        So far, the only thing Harry has done vis-a-vis Verity is walk away from being her junior partner–and being more successful at hunting than Vee is. I’m sure Vee would think that’s bad; she seems to think the world revolves around her. But Harry going out on her own isn’t a bad thing.

    • Heylir

      Actually, appealing to Harry’s high opinion about him is the worst choice of an argument Sidney could make, with Verity. Still, it doesn’t make her words any better.

      A lesson of humility to her would be good, no doubt. One obvious way to do it is letting her screw up something important, with Sidney saving everyone, including her. Though, in the end of things, I would like to see Verity come over her resentment of Harry. It doesn’t any good to anyone, to Verity herself first.

      • non_canon

        I just have to love the little character detail that is Sid going right for that argument over trying to come up with examples of his own talents being used on an adventure.

    • Unhooked

      For all of her hard work keeping Pride distracted at a pivotal moment in its premiere chapter, she’s the absolute best target in the whole cast for its influence when it shows up as the next sin on their list…

      • Heylir

        Just after the summon, Pride indulged in showing off, feeding its own pride. So, Verity’s pride was naturally adverse to that. Putting her against Pride’s influence… I’m afraid, the Deadly even wouldn’t need any effort to make. The worst of it, she isn’t aware of the danger at all. “I’m me” is the essence of her attitude.

  • Robbie Disbrow

    I dunno Vee, Harry seems to like puppies quite a bit.

    • John

      Liking puppies does not necessarily mean you’re OK with a person following you around like a lost puppy.

      But seeing how close Harry the uncommunicative got to telling Sid that she loves him (in this comic and the next one) I say he has an advantage over Vee that she either hasn’t noticed or is deliberately ignoring.

  • Heylir

    Well, well. All of my bonus points that Verity has scored during Envy’s part suddenly are slipping away. Maybe, hurting Sidney’s feelings is somewhat like kicking a puppy, in my view.

    And, dammit, Verity, you had got under influence of Wrath! You just were lucky that it had no bad effects.

    • John

      Yeah, so far Wolfe is the only one in this group who hasn’t actually given in to a deadly. Given that this is the third deadly of seven that statistic is a bit worrisome.

      • maeverin

        I have this niggling feeling that he’s going to cave to Lust. Nothing to back that up, and probably wrong, but it’s still there.

        • fatweasel

          I’ve had a theory rumbling around in my brain (plenty of people will likely have the same idea) that everyone in this group has a specific weakness against one deadly and a specific strength against another

          harry has a weakness against wrath but made envy her bitch
          ben was weak against envy but will likely shine against sloth
          verity will be weak against pride, I don’t know much about her character but she’ll likely be strong against greed because of it’s connection to sidney
          sidney will be weak against greed but will be good against pride (for a wizard the guy is surprisingly down to earth)
          wolfe kicked wrath’s ass (by not wanting to kick anyone’s ass) but I’d say he’s seriously weak to lust (like his performance in the last part of green-eyed monster, there’s a ritual summoning of one of the deadlies going on and you stop to flirt? really?)
          o’malley is likely going to be weak against sloth (apathy is counted towards sloth) but is likely going to be the final key to defeat lust (it makes a good end to the story, o’malley get’s wolfe’s bacon out of the fire for once and the new witch of widdershins makes right what the old one did wrong)

          the one I didn’t mention is gluttony because well we’re one man short and there’s nobody in this group who’s likely going to be weak against it (no fat persons, no food critics, no hobby cooks, no picky eaters, etc) and while it would be perfect to be defeated by o’malley (his known aversion to food due to not seeing colours) his “destiny” is to defeat lust, I’m really curious how this chapter will end since gluttony was always the odd one out

          • John

            I lie the idea of O’Malley being key to dealing with lust so that the new witch of Widdershins can make right what the old one did wrong. It just feels right.

            Although Harry still has to do something public enough that Alexa King could recognize her name.

            • Mindsword

              Also, O’Malley is likely to be asexual. Lust may have some trouble with that.

      • Nonesuch

        The way he reacted when he thought Florrie might be pregnant suggests Heinrich HAS given in to sin, without having to meet a Deadly Sin….

        • Del

          That was very disturbing. I suspect that Kate has some very interesting twists in the plot ahead, involving Wolfe and Florrie’s conspicuously absent husband.

          Yeah… We are all thinking about who that might be.

          • Nonesuch

            *shudders* Bleah. The possibilities are horrifying.

          • Ocean Burning.

            Yes, yes we are. I try not to theorize about story possibilities too much because I find it gets in my way of just enjoying the story and the characters, but Florrie’s husband is the one thing I’ve caught myself speculating about more than I should. : P

      • Tsapki

        He did seem to be a bit tempted by the food here…

      • Clyde Adams III

        “Wolfe is the only one in this group who hasn’t actually given in to a deadly.”
        When did Sid give in to a deadly?

    • Nonesuch

      But admitting that would go against her grain…. ;)

  • I can’t see Mr Malik in one of the waiter’s dresses. They really aren’t his colour.

  • Kaunisenkeli

    Verity, didn’t you just take part in beating Envy? Besides, it will soon be your turn to give everyone away to Pride, so glass houses and all that.

  • Nonesuch

    Oh, belt up, Vee. Ya grump. We know you have some issues with narcissism, but you are NOT the universal standard for all. ^_^

    • Tikatu

      And you don’t know Harriet as well as you think. People change and what you saw of Sidney last winter isn’t what you’re looking at now.

      • Nonesuch

        Very true!

  • Ghostdanser

    Ouch Vee…pretty harsh. Still, we don’t know the full history between Harry and Vee, but the look on her face in that last panel makes me think she was once the lost puppy and the question is as much for herself as it is for Sid.

    • Isaac

      I agree, I’d like to know what the full history between those two are before saying Vee’s resentment is unjustified.

      • non_canon

        I’d wonder if it isn’t so much the act of leaving as it is how she may have left. I mean, we know when she left the police she apparently fought with Nicola in the middle of the station and walked off with police property, and even now still doesn’t seem to understand how that might have made Nicola look in front of her peers.

        Which isn’t to say that Harry is a horrible person or that Verity is in the right here, just that I too really really want the story of how that partnership ended.

  • tinwatchman

    Welp. Somebody’s obviously still feeling the effects of Envy.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Someone’s jealous

  • John

    I notice that Sid is sill not admitting that a degree is something he definitely doesn’t have.

    • Heylir

      Well noticed, I missed that. I am sure it’ll turn out till the end of their anti-Deadly mission, and I hope he’ll tell about it himself and willingly. Maybe, in process of interactions with Pride. Just a thought. :)

      • Heylir

        Added later: I didn’t remember that Pride occupies the University when I wrote this. With that bit, I think it is almost certain that Sid’s secret’ll turn out there.

  • BaronHaynes

    She’s one to talk when wrath got into her head so easily >:|

  • Geoff

    Verity, buddy, this is the WORST place to have to eat your words in.

  • billydaking

    Maybe it’s time for Ben to step up and shut down Verity’s putdown. He looks like he’s about halfway to doing that all ready…..

    • Heylir

      And “three seconds to give us away to Envy” was a little tactless to be said before Ben, given his reaction at Envy’s words.

  • threadweaver

    Is there a sin called Split The Party? Because it’s seeming pretty active right now.

    • The deadly sin of Kill Stealing
      The deadly sin of Ninja Looting
      The deadly sin of Tits Or GTFO
      The deadly sin of Ragequit
      The deadly sin of AFK
      The deadly sin of Leeroy Jenkins
      The deadly sin of Split The Party

  • Emily

    I’m interested to see if Wolfe is able to defuse this argument as easily as he usually does. He’s at a slight disadvantage here; with Mal and Ben, he knows exactly what to say to calm each of them down, but he’s only been acquainted with Sid and Vee for less than a day, so he’s limited to generic soothing noises.

  • Tsapki

    Vee, Sidney have may given your group away to Envy, but you certainly seem to be lugging a suitcase of envy around with you. Just saying…

  • Tsapki

    -whispers into Sids ear- Steal her shinies, Sid. Steal all her shinies. You know you could…

  • I think Envy might’ve missed an opportunity there

  • Toddtr

    Sidney just volunteered to be the waiter

    Someone’s a glutton for punishment.

  • Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Ms Cunningham is simply explaining to Mr Malik how it is, so he isn’t hurt even worse when Ms Harriet discards him.

    • Nonesuch

      I’m sure that’s how she’d explain herself, if challenged.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    That’s fine, since you are the one of … being assertive, you do it.

    Mutter under breath: Guys, what is our plan B.

  • Emily

    This is a little off-topic, but I watched the movie Lion, starring Dev Patel, last night, and it occurred to me that he has the right build and coloring for Sidney! I couldn’t find a good full-length shot of him from the movie itself, but this one gives you the idea:

    • Oh yes, definitely! I’m pretty bad at matching actors to characters usually but that particular casting has crossed my mind too!
      Edit: Haha, IMDB has him at the exact right height too, guess it’s fate

      • Wyvern

        I’d be really interested to know if you’ve head-cast any of your other characters.

        • I’m afraid not, as I said, I am pretty bad at it! There’s not a great amount of short actresses with red hair and a prominent nose who can do a Yorkshire accent, but I’d love to hear about anyone else’s thoughts on it!

    • Ocean Burning.

      Oh yeah. Wow, that’s amazing. A little older than Sidney now, but yeah.

  • Heylir

    Not about this page, but somewhat about the Gluttony part of the story. I have recollected just now the question I asked myself after reading “Piece of Cake”: were there deaths among eating people Gluttony feed from? I mean, it “invited” new eaters at regular basis.

    • Lee Man Feng Michael

      Not entirely sure, but from what I remember, the issue wasn’t Eaters dying but rather the eaters Gluttony already had supplying decreasing amounts of “Gluttony energy” or Gluttony’s power demand constantly increasing. So, a supply of new Eaters were constantly added to keep up with the demand.

  • Chris E

    It never ends well when the ex hangs out with the new flame.

  • Wyvern

    All other arguments aside, Wolfe is really the obvious choice to play the part of a waiter. He’s naturally polite and deferent.

  • Michael Brewer

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