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  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Volunteering my foot XD

    • reynard61

      Considering all the marching that was done in those days, you’d have to volunteer *both* feet to do any good…

      • Nuuni Nuunani

        Would a foot and a peg leg suffice?

        • reynard61

          Only if one is in service to His/Her Majesty’s Royal Navy. (And then only if said limb was lost in the line of duty.)

  • Not Me

    Is this an early update I spy?

  • Basil Sage

    Such an early update! Between the cover and this “three years ago”, I am now psyched for a Wolfe+Mal origins story.

  • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

    Three years ago, somewhere in Germany or Prussia… I’m wondering where this is going. Or coming from.:D

    • Lleyn

      “somewhere in Germany or Prussia” – *lol* There was no Germany back then, or not in the way it is today. Back then, it was the “Holy Roman Empire” (of German Nations, to give you the full name, and I did not make that up ;) and it consisted of literally hundreds of small, smallest and some larger principalities, ruled by kings and sovereigns. One of the larger ones was Prussia. But there was no sense of a common country or nation, as each of these principalities saw themselves as their own independent country (traveling between them was a pain). The people living in Prussia would’ve called themselves Prussians, not Germans.

      And from the uniforms, this could just as well play in one of the Austrian states (some of which did belong to the Holy Roman Empire).

      • Lleyn

        Whoops, have to correct myself, the Holy Roman Empire only existed until the beginning of the 19th century (then came Napoleon and turned Europe upside down ;). Afterwards, and for the given year of 1830, it would’ve been the “German Confederation”. Still, no “Germany” in sight, still consisting of lots and lots of independent German small states. *End of history lesson*

        • We are in Prussia for this one. You can kinda see the flag in panel two.

          • JediaKyrol

            stupid context cues! Ruining a perfectly good internet argument!

          • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

            Dammit, seeing that would have made things easy. :D I was too lazy to search for the uniform.

            • It’ll be made a little more obvious in time :)

            • Hornet

              really wouldn’t have helped, not only did uniforms differ based on nationality but unit to unit.

        • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

          Yeah, thanks it definitely wasn’t needed since I am German and was merely trying to locate it geographically. Or would you give a history lesson to someone who says that the Vikings were in America before Columbus because the name America came up in the 16th century, around half a millenium after the settlement of Leif Ericson was abandoned?

          • JWLM

            Since we’re giving each other history lessons, the protoAmerinids migrated across the Bering land bridge at least 12000 years ago. They were the first Americans; the Vikings were late-comers.

            • =Tamar

              Don’t forget Caucasoid Kennewick man, and the Chinese ritual artifacts in South America. (Edited to correct the name I got wrong.)

              • Ghost123

                Could you share a source for this “Chinese ritual artifacts in South America” – this is the first time i heard about it, a quick google search didn’t bring up useful informatiuons. Thanks in advance

                • =Tamar

                  It isn’t popular now and several reports have been removed from the net. I’m referring to the LA Venta Offering No.4, Mexico (1100 BC- 800 BC). Mike Xu recognized Shang dynasty characters on the stones when they were exhibited at the Smithsonian. In his 1996 book, _Origin of the Olmec civilization_ , Mike Xu, with the aid of Chen Hanping, claimed that celts from La Venta bear Chinese characters.
                  His website is still up: but some of the links no longer work.
                  The Atlantic Monthly of January 2000 has a fairly balanced three-page article about many aspects of diffusionist theory; it takes a few paragraphs to get around to Mike Xu and is still online as of April 4, 2014.
                  While I certainly don’t accept all the ideas of the more rabid diffusionists, I do think that there was some diffusion.

          • Aileen

            Vikings settled along the Mississippi River, too. They’ve dated the Heavener, Oklahoma rune stones to a pretty narrow date range by the style of script they used. There is an active archaeology site at nearby Spiro Mounds. It’s a very interesting tour.

  • Not too long after this my great-grandfather decided that a Bohemian boy had no reason to let them conscript him into the Army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire … and now i’m here in the US.

  • BillSoo

    Well, this guy seems to be German and Wolfe is German so I guess there is a relationship between them at some point. Possibly it leads to envy of Wolfe’s skill with the violin but would not bet on that yet.

  • Geist

    I had to recheck the cast page because that attitude strongly reminded me of O’mallay when he was interrogated

  • D. Schwartz

    Attitude and issues with authority? Oh he’ll be perfect for a 19th century army.

  • Del

    I know it’s just the first page and we haven’t opened any pockets or backpacks yet….. but I’m ready for some pipes and tobacco. Maybe some snuff.

    What’s the joy of reading an old story setting if it still looks like the Nannies have taken over the Real World?

  • Sloth and anger on the first page. Wonder if Herr Voss can get the complete set of 7 by page 3?

  • Osk

    Sure join the army to get out of heavy work… Does anyone else have a problem with this logic?

    • ShakeJake

      I’d guess he was told to join the army, as referenced by the “learn a hard day’s work” and his gripe about how he was basically being conscripted, despite it being classified as a voluntary enlisting.

  • practik

    Dominik’s a big tongue-clicker, isn’t he?

    Forgive me for being persnickety (not one of the seven deadlies, fortunately for me), but in 1830 that banner on the tent probably would’ve read “Werbebureau,” not “Rekrutierungsbüro”….

    Looking forward to seeing you bounce this guy off Wolfe!

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