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  • Mecha_bill

    I wonder if any other past characters will reappear?

    • Alex Hollins

      i wonder if any other past characters WONT.

      • Including Alexa of course.

        • Technically she’s not really a “past” character, as such

      • *looks at you*
        *looks at the chapter title*
        *looks back at you*

        • If it’s only on the last page or panel of the story, I’m not sure it counts.

          • John

            Actually I can think of one character who could come back on the last page and have it count: Princess Victoria. After all, showing up for the last page of Vanishing Act is pretty much what she’s done in the story so far.

        • Alex Hollins

          I was being sarcastic. heh.

    • Mecha_bill

      I’d particularly like to see Samuel. As a time travelling agent, this battle is a “must see” for him.

      • I’d like to see a chagrined and helpful Voss appear as well.

        • John

          Voss should be trying to get out of England, but I don’t think much time has passed in the present (of the comic) since we last saw him, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets caught in this before he can get out.

          • It’s only been about a week or two since Green Eyed Monster concluded, yes!

  • LSKollt

    lol, look at Harry’s satisfied grin in that last panel :p She done good, and she knows it.

    • Nightsbridge

      I think she’s mostly happy because this is as close to Vee ever goes to expressing concern for someone.

    • ThisCat

      They did work together once. And while they’re not as good friends as they were anymore, it’s still nice to have someone beside you who you know you can trust. And maybe it’s nice to get this chance to work together again, even if it is only because the world is ending.

  • Winger

    I do love Vee’s aggressive manner of showing she cares. Harry’s brief clasping of her hand over her face in the second panel is killing me, though. It’ll be okay, Harry :(

  • This girl wants a thorough kicking.

  • Just a moment. Hire the best? Ms Cunningham is expecting Ms Barber to pay her for saving Widdershins? I think we need a signed agreement before we go any further, including liability and injury compensation clauses plus who gets the novelisation rights.

    • AJ

      Not at all! We plunge ahead, get her help, and if she demands compensation, we say, “Foolish one, you neglected to ask for half up front!”

    • Gwennafran

      To be fair, this one probably can pay off on reputation alone. She might not know it yet, but going up against all 7 deadly sins. And saving Widdershins… In a business where it probably is vital that people know you if you want to be on top, this is *the* battle to be in. ;)

    • Chris the Blue

      Oh, yes, novels. Lots and lots of Cunningham novels. The franchise rights alone will make her rich beyond her wildest dreams.

      • Now that’s a good idea. The Verity Cunningham Adventures!
        “While rescuing a talented engineer from her domineering brother, Verity Cunningham discovers a fiendish plot to strike at the very heart of Magic! Can she save Widdershins, the beautiful princess Victoria and the hapless Harriet Barber before disaster strikes?!”

        • Chris the Blue

          We can make one of them new fangled radio shows.

  • Verity does know this isn’t an anime, right?

    • AJ

      Her wardrobe certainly doesn’t.

    • Alétheia

      Shhhh… everything is anime. Anime is life, anime is love.



  • Natalie

    Man… I don’t remember who this is at all!! Obviously I need to go back and do another reread of Widdershins :’)

    • You’ve just delivered the biggest insult to Ms Cunningham that it is possible to imagine.

  • Shannon

    Is that a smile in that last panel Harry, or am I seeing things? One might think you don’t hate her being here. :)

  • Is it me, or is Ms Cunningham’s outfit a trifle risqué? Those short trousers look like a pair of racy bloomers that don’t even cover the knee. Is this an early example of a superhero wearing her underwear on the outside of her clothes?

    • Marvelous TK

      You’re looking at it upside-down – those are long boots with her trousers tucked into them.

      • Ah right, got it! And those are green gaiters, not boots.
        Hm. Maybe I should get out more.

        • Tsapki Perez

          Well the cut of her vest could possible be considered a tad risque, though nto really showing too much off. I assume it;’s to make sure everything is comfortable but held in place for various acts of derring-do.

  • AJ

    I was okay, really, I was, and then I started reading Verity’s lines in Ms. Frizzle’s voice…

    • MoeLane

      ..Dagnabbit, now I can’t *stop* doing that.

      • AJ

        You’re welcome, dearie!

  • MoeLane

    I will give Vee credit for this one: she dropped the initial BS as soon as she got an anomalous response – and switched to a different line of BS. One that made Harriet smile a little, so go her.

  • Dane 72

    I wish I was so enthusiastic about my job, that stars appeared behind me, when I say “Lets get to work!”

    • Usually the only thing that appears behind me when I say that are ellipses

  • cphoenix

    OK, how many of the Deadlies does she channel?
    Probably Jealousy and Envy
    Likely Anger
    Maybe Sloth
    I’m guessing not Gluttony, unless she feasts on the annoyance she spreads

  • Sanjay Merchant


    • Euodiachloris

      *taps the cunning gauge* Are we totally sure about this? And, this isn’t a case of diesel in the petrol tank, right? ;)

  • Sapphire363

    Aaand I officially like Verity

  • Mistwraith

    From smug to angry in a New York minute, I’m impressed !

  • Lemeres

    Oh…so she isn’t a complete jerk. She is just competitive with a flare for theatrics.

  • Tobias

    And Harry keeps her back to Verity, concealing the sly smile of victory that would give away how well she just got played.

  • rainycity1

    This is going to be fun!

  • rainycity1

    (I *love* this chat community)

    • Sanjay Merchant

      We love you, too!

  • Graham Garrett

    Oh look, it’s Agatha Heterodyne…hehehe.

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