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  • Columbine

    I absolutely have biscuits! I would give you biscuits!

    Thank you I am waaaaay too happy with that answer and drawing. And O’Malley’s casual ‘eh so what he’s useful’. And Harry calmly walking out while Nicola goes beserk. :)

  • Mal so needs to keep the Purple Hippo of Happiness as a pet/office assistant . . .

  • carboncat203

    Does this mean the PHoH is going to be in future story arcs? Please say yes.

  • D. Schwartz

    I would love to hear the story of harry’s time in the police and serving under her sister.

  • Kelvara

    Oh man, the scenes with Harry and Nicola are great and provide good back story. But I just burst out laughing at Voss at the end.

  • Ganurath

    Harriet Barber: Gives less [I have no idea if the f-bomb is allowed here]s than a koala in the rain.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Eeh, so gren was a police dog ?

    Good job O’malley, teaching your new friend the ways of the world~

  • I dread to imagine what it looks like when an invisble malform starts eating biscuits. And as for the rest of the digestion process…

    Thinking back, the hunger malform was eating too and the food became invisible when it ate it, so maybe not so much fun after all.

    Although PHOH doesn’t say he was actually going to eat the biscuits. Maybe Mr O’Malley is getting him to tread them into the carpet just to annoy Mr Thackeray.

    • Columbine

      May be PHOH makes replicas of famous monuments from them? York Cathedral in Digestives. :)

      • Euodiachloris

        *cough* It’s a Minster, not a Cathedral (minsters are both bigger… well, usually… and serve slightly different administrative and liturgical roles). Durham has a cathedral, though: and, it’s more architecturally interesting than York’s overgrown tumour of a Minster. *buffs her fighting words* ;)

        By the way, I was born in York and know the Harrogate and Pocklington areas well. I still stand by that statement! (But, if you want a cute cathedral, go to Ripon; if you want perplexingly confusing as to why it’s even there, go to Beverley’s Minster. Harrogate is only good for shopping and wondering how you spent so much. To complete a regional stonepileathon, hit Fountains and Rievaulx Abbies. Ignore. Leicester. We’re not talking to Leicester. We won’t forgive Leicester: you know what you’ve done! It’s the House of York, you thieves: he should be on the Abbey grounds and you know it!)

        • Haha, I love Durham cathedral. I went to uni there, lived right next to it.

          • Euodiachloris

            Collingwood College for me: wandering to Psychology for 9 am Monday lectures with a zombie gait had, at least, one compensation. Seeing the Cathedral during the seasonal changes. And, marking the advance and retreat of the scaffolding. ;)

            • Haha, my husband was in Collingwood. I was in Chads, the one with the crap bar but nice view. Psychology was the one with the killer hill you had to climb, right?

              • Cestrian

                Cardiac Hill they call it, don’t they?

                It’s weirdly gratifying for a conversation in a webcomic comments to be about my workplace.

                • Haha, Cardiac Hill indeed! I had it easy, I was in Elvet Riverside for English Language. Nice, non-hilly, Elvet Riderside.

                  • Euodiachloris

                    Shut up. *grumble grumble*

                • Columbine

                  I remember Cardiac Hill! I didn’t have many lectures up there and *boy* was I glad about that. (I seriously had no idea what I was starting here- Is half the readership ex-Durham or current-Durham?)

                  • Seems that way! I graduated something like ten years ago though, so I might not have been around at the same time.
                    Hell, I dunno if I’d be making comics if not for Durham, Darken was based on a game we played in GameSoc!

                    • Columbine

                      I started there 9 years ago, we might have just missed each other. And…yeah there’s a lot of things I wouldn’t be doing now if not for Durham.

              • Euodiachloris

                Cardiac. Hill. *shudders* Muggins over here did Anthropology as a subsid. Riverside lectures. With a back-to-back… up… that… effing… hill. >_<

                Wait a tick: Chads. You met him in Collingwood Bar, right? ;) Meh: better than Mary's. xD

                • Oh, much more embarrassing- We met in Anime Soc :P

          • Columbine

            Cuths on the Bailey. One of the sober ones. Honest. :)

            • ‘ey, I was right next door, practically! Cuths had the best bar, had a fair few brownie bombers there.

              • Euodiachloris

                Yeah: I guess here is where one of us fesses up to how other universities battle drugs. But, Durham produces more liver failure. :P

                Speaking of: never did the full challenge, me. Not in one go, at least. ;)

                • Columbine

                  You are not alone

              • Columbine

                Yeeah it was the penguin that did it, honest. Chads? Damn small world. We might well have walked past each other on the street every week but I’m guessing the first time we talked was years later at Thought Bubble- I miss Durham. The south sucks.

        • Columbine

          Lol, I stand corrected. As someone who a) went to Durham uni and b) has a partner from York I should have known better there! (Also I agree, Durham Cathedral is about the prettiest building in Britain).

    • Euodiachloris

      The real horror would depend on the nature of the biscuits. Biscuits do not crumble equally, after all. ;)

  • =Tamar

    Harriet Barber gives no hoots.

  • Apvogt

    Voss did it for the Lulz? Up to a certain point anyway.

  • maeverin

    haha, Gren knows where the fun’s at.
    (and…if you happen to have a little free time…could we maybe have a sketch of the O’Malley giving the PHoH a biscuit ((pretty please)))?

  • I love Voss’s response. It’s a good response.

  • Sonja

    I love the Q&A panels! Much as I look forward to the next chapter, I’ll miss them. ^^

    By the way, who else thinks that the next story will be one from the past of the famous grandparents?

  • svartalf

    Voss: I think that they’re asking “Why” in regards to everything you
    did… Why did you allow this to go as long as you did? (We have some
    inklings as to why it started…few would have had the strength of will
    to refuse Invidia once summoned at an Anchor the way you inadvertently
    summoned him…) I’m impressed that you found the courage (and yes, it
    was…) to actually resist Envy as you did. You have more in you as
    virtues than you give yourself credit. Shouldn’t you contemplate that
    instead of the pity-party you’ve got going on? You did wrong. You know
    you did wrong. Now, do something uplifting for yourself and others that
    actually makes for pennance for it. :-D

  • svartalf

    Heh… Now I’m jonesing for a story about Harry quitting the Force, in light of the initial explanation and her getting Gren as part of the “quit” even though she shouldn’t have.


    But I will say my absolute favorite part is that it is now OFFICIALLY CANON that they are keeping the purple hippo of happiness.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I think my favorite part is Harriet’s resignation from the force. Brilliant.

  • just another flyboy

    this is much fun! the character questions crack me up. and yes, Ben, it is wise to Fear teh Fangirls!! *is quite respectful of them himself*

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I love that Omalley explained to the Hippo about demanding payment and insisted on giving the adorable little thing biscuits ^^

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