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  • Odo

    My bet is on him going out the window into the water (again).

    • Hey, they don’t call him “Lord Henry the Defenestrated” for nothing

  • …and just what diabolical scheme has our boyo thought of now?

    • Haven

      I’m thinking he uses it to turn into her and go down to them, which buys her at least enough time to set up the circle.

      I’m not sure about the part where Luxuria actually steps into the circle though, since for one thing, he doesn’t seem to be here.

      • Yup. That might be a problem…

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        Same idea ; but maybe the circle will be for them instead, then.

        • DavidArgall

          It’s an idea, but There have been enough hints in the text that Lust’s partners are in fact human, and thus unaffected by the spell. Of course, that might be only true of some of them, or only partly true of any given one. But there is, at least, a major chance the idea won’t work.
          [An out of story point is that this story is getting a bit long. It is already 79 pages, and the longest story so far has been 115. True, each story in turn has been longer than any before, but we still have the climax, and the return to “modern” times. There may not be room for another “chapter”.]
          And the odds are quite good that Luxuria is somewhere near. His companions are not trustworthy, and he is too close to the prize to take the risk of their running off with the McGuffin. He may not be lurking outside the door, but he is going to want to be close enough to snatch the toy, or at least close enough that the others have to follow orders. So a circle that only affects him may be all that is needed here. They just need some clever tactic/or dumb luck or lure him to the right spot…
          So Barber maybe shows he has the goodie and then scampers around for the needed time before he allows them to catch him. It would be a mite tricky to get captured at just the right spot, but he may expect Luxuria to show sometime during the chase, which would solve other problems.

          • The final page count for this chapter is less than the last two, and even if it wasn’t, any notion of “too long” is quite arbitrary, isn’t it? Either way, we’re entering the third act soon. Please have a little trust in my pacing, it’s about the only thing I’m okay with complimenting myself on.

            • Marvelous TK

              That’s okay. You’ve got fans to compliment you on everything else.

            • l33tninja

              if everyone reading it is happy, then there is no such thing as TOO long. I’m still happy. So keep going.

            • kuku

              Oh, I didn’t get the impression anyone was complaining about the length – I took that comment to be more of a prediction, “I expect X rather than Y will happen because for one thing, if Y happened, this chapter of the story would go on longer than I think the author has planned.” I’m fuzzy on the details of X and Y because I don’t entirely follow discussions of the magical mechanics.

              At any rate I’am delighted with the pacing and everything else about this comic, so keep following those excellent authorial instincts, dear author!

          • Well, yes, as the characters and the plot arc develops the stories are getting longer and more complicated. This is A Good Thing.
            And, of course, the only way to discover if your speculations about the plot are right or not is:

      • awhorl

        Once they tell him that they have her in custody, he shows up, yes? He particularly wanted her–presumably to destroy her himself, or at least to witness her destruction.

    • Maybe they can figure out a way to get the barrier to project downward from the circle instead of up

  • ThisCat

    Ohh, no. Henry, are you sure this is a good idea?

    • Marvelous TK

      When has he ever cared?

    • Define “good” idea.

      Just as a “good landing” is one you walk away from, a “good idea” would seem to be one you survive carrying out.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Luxuria can make you feel like a natural woman.

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    Okay first panel makes me feel all warm and squishy inside TOO WARM AND SQUISHY HELP I THINK I AM INTERNALLY MELTINGGLKJHLKJAhghhrhghsploop

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Heh, Acedia using Gula as a convenient wall to lean on.
    Also, I realized that on panel three they left her books on the ground floor and she’ll need to get them back! (As a book lover, I find situations where leaving books behind or getting destroyed to be most distressing.)

  • l33tninja

    “I . . . have a plan”

    • billydaking

      Famous last words….

      • Euodiachloris

        Unjinxed — no mention of it being either cunning or great. ;)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    “No respect for smooches time.”

    Hey, at least, for once, the plot let them actually kiss before rudely interrupting. Usually, the heroic couple doesn’t quite the chance.

  • Lucky Ms Ira is in a good mood. If she were cross she might have just shot Lord Barber to encourage Ms Holt to do as she’s told.

  • Maybe he’ll turn into Izzy and pretend to go quietly?

    • That’s what I was thinking

    • ShadeTail

      That was my first thought. My second was that maybe he’ll turn into Luxuria and bluff them.

      Whatever disguise he chooses, it needs to be one to both delay the three of them *and* draw out Luxuria.

  • Euodiachloris

    Um… Can he do passable vocal impressions? Because that could be an issue in the near future… :/

    • Pizkie

      I think maybe the amulet takes care of that? I mean, apparently Izzy sounded like Henry when she transformed.

    • AJ

      Somehow I feel like he’s enough of a dweeb to have vocal impressions as part of his talent set….

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Holt! In the name of love!

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