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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Kraash ♪ ♫
    Breaking pianos never sounded so melodic XD

    • Huh, and here I was thinking Envy had invented thrash metal a hundred years too early

      • AJ

        Please no.

  • McRocky71

    Ah, Ben. the way your day’s been going so far just saying that pretty much ensures that you won’t be able to simply “put a stop to it and have done with this.” Still, it’s nice to see you working on being more optimistic.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Haha, great sarcasm. As you realize, Ben’s not optimistic at all, that’s his “I have *already* had it up to here with the nonsense I’ve had to deal with today, and we’re only on two out of seven! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started on the next mess” face.

      • AJ

        I so very much want to see a problem that Ben actually succeeds in fixing by marching in with his game face and “mom” ing it out of existence.

        • Corsenna

          Sloth? In that “Go take the trash out right now” way.

          • AJ

            “Dont’ you just sit there with your earbuds in, young Deadly! Wipe your feet! Wash the dishes! Pick up all the broken pieces of building that Wrath dropped all over!
            “What, leaving already?”

    • JWLM

      Oh, come on! What can possibly go wrong?

      • billydaking

        “Could be worse….Could be raining.”

        • JWLM

          Well, yeah, but we’ve got it under control. It’ll only get easier from here.

        • Reminds me of my favorite bit from The Road To El Dorado”.
          “At least things can’t get any – ”
          *KRACK-A-THOOM rain*
          “…were you going to say ‘worse’?”
          “No, no.”

    • Euodiachloris

      “What’s the worst that could happen?”

  • Ghostdanser

    Ben…if I were you I really would have had Voss open that door…but since you’re hand is on the handle the word “DUCK” comes to mind.

    • non_canon

      I had a moment to wonder why Verity doesn’t insist upon it, and then I remembered who I was talking about. Apparently Ben’s propensity for striding headfirst into adventure is a family trait.

      • Ocean Burning.

        Ben doesn’t think of it as adventure, but you’ve got a point there! How about something like this…
        Cunningham family trait: “Already On the Job: Let’s Get This Done!”

        • Euodiachloris

          Another one: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth complaining about: loudly”. ;)

          • Ocean Burning.

            Oh, yes, the tendency to melodrama : )

  • Alright then, you can keep him, but you feed him, take him for walks and clean up after him.

  • JWLM

    I hope that they’re playing _Othello_.

  • Hasn’t this place been blown up since the last time Mr Malik was in it?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      A properly summoned spirit of industriousness, diligence, or similar can work (literal) wonders with repair and renovation schedules.

      That, or Widdershins has more than one theater.

    • JWLM

      “The building was on fire, and it wasn’t my fault” — H.D.

    • MoeLane

      “You sure you mean the Stork Club, Mr. Swann?”

      “Certainly. It’s been a year and a half. Surely they’ve repaired the wall of the bandstand by now.”

    • Spirit22
      • I was thinking of this incident:

        but you are right. Either there’s another theatre or they rebuilt it by ‘Vanishing Act’.

        • Ocean Burning.

          Maybe they summoned a spirit of construction/remodeling (this seems to be a very dominant spirit in the city where I currently live!).

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Rock and roll Envy. Calling it now.

  • Rachel McGonagill

    I hadn’t checked in for a week and got to read three pages at once; felt like when I was first bingeing! Now I’ll go back and savor, but I really just wanted to let you know that I love that Voss is back and maybe even in a redemption arc of his own. Curtain Call has been really great so far, and nailbitingly nerve wracking. In a good way.

    • Redemption arc? I was thinking more ‘ablative point man’.

      • JWLM

        I would say that a “redemption arc” is a “dance importer” or perhaps a “tepid romancer”, or a “predicate norm”, or perhaps even “intercompared”, but it is certainly not an “ablative point man”.

      • Rachel McGonagill

        “Ablative” as in surgical removal of body tissue? Yes, I can go with that. Also known as cannon fodder, yes?

        • Other terms are ‘Designated Idiot’ and ‘Picket Duty’.

          • JWLM

            Also “Red Shirt”

          • Ghostdanser

            +1 Trap Finder

          • Thorin Schmidt

            “Expendable Asset”
            “Human Resource”

        • “Heat shield”

      • Me-me

        Calling it now. Redemption Equals Death.

        • Death’s too good for him. But it’ll do.

          • Ocean Burning.

            The thing is, he himself said that first (Chapter 5, page 113)… which makes me feel like it’s less likely (?).

          • Ghostdanser

            Or to quote one of my favorite movie lines…

            “He’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging’s too good for him! Burning’s too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!” – Hanover Fiste

            • I was thinking, ‘Counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor? Death’s too good for them!’

        • JWLM

          Currently, it seems that redemption equals *depth*.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So either Envy has arranged some kind of diva smackdown over who gets to sing the Big Famous Aria or it has invented postmodern, John Cage-esque music over a century early.

  • JWLM

    Hey, Kate? The ad I’m seeing at the bottom of the page is an ad for an escort service (“Beautiful Russian Want To Meet You” // “Join for free”). You might want to talk to the Project Wonderful people about that.

  • Sarah Hardister

    Hehe. Sidney be all like “Oh hey everyone, don’t mind me. Shall we?”

    Also that last panel makes it really obvious that Ben is about to get a nasty surprise on the other side of that door. :p

  • non_canon

    Seconding pretty much everything else that has been said, and adding that I love the dynamic between the cousins. I also find it adorably endearing that for Verity Benji is actually an affectionate nickname.

    Speaking of nicknames, I realized recently that as far as I can tell Ben always calls Mal O’Malley and never Mal, which is a nice little character detail.

    • Sharp eyes! I put a lot of stock in what people call each other.

    • I’m sure Mr Thackerey has many names for O’Malley, but being a gentleman he never says them out loud.

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