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  • spas

    and WE’RE OFF! on another magical adventure! this reminds me of that movie Rat Race in which some of the best and funniest participants get off to a very late start. one bc he’s a narcoleptic and falls asleep in place where he stands…

  • Cooper

    Woohoo, semi-legal shenanigans ahoy!

  • Me-me

    Point of fact, it’s Pontefract!

    • Me-me

      Ha ha ha, I find me funny.

      • Felix Kütt

        Me too, I also find me funny!

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Pontefract. What a wonderful name for a valet.

  • Doofus

    Is it just me, or you cant see the comments while entering via the main page? I can post from the archive section, but not from

    • They’re just collapsed on the front page, if you click on where it says “___ comments, ___ reactions” just above the news post and underneath the date, you can see them.

      • Felix Kütt

        yeah, only annoyance is it forces the whole page to reload, rather than only a part of the page.

        • Yeah, sorry about that D: It’s mostly so the majority of people (the ones who don’t read the comments) don’t have to load it up every time. Which is a shame, because I love comments!

          • Doofus

            I’ve just discovered the charm of the comments section while browsing back the whole story… guys don’t know what they’re missing

          • Felix Kütt

            yeah, I can definitely understand, not trying to dis here, just saying, it’s kinda annoying if you do want to read them.

            a solution could be if the site can be allowed to store a cookie on the browsers pc and then as per policy from the cookie the site could show comments to re-visiting browsers, if they have previously allowed for them to show up. :)

            • That’d be awesome, but I’m afraid I don’t have the first clue how to do that :(

              • Felix Kütt

                hint: if-else statements. :D

                edit: sorry.

  • Frankie D.

    Mmmm, liquorice….

  • Pip

    Pretty page, lots of anticipation. I got my package in the mail today (am in Sweden). Very nice quality, A++ would kickstart again etc.

  • Ruby

    Sid looks ready to do the Can-Can in that last panel.

  • Ilmari

    Pomfret, Pomfret! Oh thou bloody prison, Fatal and ominous to noble peers!

    … so what act of wizardry transported Pontefract to Widdershins? Indeed, where is Widdershins – is it even in Yorkshire?

    • They took a coach :P Widdershins is in West Yorkshire!

      • Ilmari

        Well, that makes sense then! And here, I was assuming Widdershins was in the south (in betrayal of my own heritage and all) on the basis that everthing important in England is down there…

        • The fact that everything tends to be set down there is exactly why I set it up here :D

          • Ilmari

            I very much approve! :-)

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