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  • steelraven1

    I guess that would make Mel the smooth one.

  • Ah, yes. Trapped between two feuding friends with no escape.

    Almost as much fun as arguing in code with your girlfriend while her husband and your wife are in the room…

    • Who, me?

      Hope you aren’t speaking from experience!

      • svartalf

        Heh… Sounds like *FUN* (NOT!!) if you ask me!

        As for the situation described, depends on whether the parties arguing are cheating or are in a non-monogamous relationship situation like Swinging or Polyamory. In any of the three, it’s a bad story, but in the former it’s probably the worst thing. If so, I would have to agree with you. If it’s the latter two…not envious of the personal experience…wouldn’t want it either.

  • spas

    it’s hard to imagine how these two patched things up and traveled together all this time since then, if he didn’t properly appreciate lei’s unique talents. this scene strikes me as odd…

    • alurker

      Actually, this sounds more like the typical male-puts-foot-in-mouth-without-thinking argument than him not appreciating her. Too eager to use the new shiny tricks to watch how he phrases things.

      • spas

        males and females ALIKE make THAT mistake, but i’ll argue the point, as tim stands up to argue further, rather than concede. and conceding the point immediately would have been the thing to do in this situation, not only because time was in the wrong, but also, because he wants her to make these things for his act!

  • Cooper

    Gentlemen, if you are ever on the receiving end of a stare like the one in panel four, run. Far away. And lock as many doors behind you as possible.

    • svartalf

      Won’t do any damned good at that moment. You can only really hope to maybe do damage control at that point- and that doesn’t always mean coming out of the mess unscathed. >:-D

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Alright. Probably Wrath for the Deadly of this storyline, then.

    • svartalf

      Wrath or Pride…not sure which at this moment.

  • Who, me?

    Ok people, let’s stop wildly guessing and just let the storyline unfold. All will be explained in another couple of weeks. I’m getting antsy too, but I trust the author to explain.

    • All will be revealed, of course! but don’t stop guessing, I love the speculation!

    • svartalf

      Oh, but it’s entertainment for the author in exchange for the entertainment they provide… As Kate points out… ;-D

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