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  • Bo Lindbergh

    Scandalous ankle exposure!

    • Darth Fez

      And in Lust’s presence, no less!

      • Nonesuch

        Exactly; it’s all about the distraction! ;)

  • But he was saying his aitches and everything.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Haha, so he DID know :)

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      Of course. He’s known everything, the whole time. He set it up so that they would meet. He loves it when a plan comes together.

  • MoeLane

    …This is going to be one of these contests that exist on several levels at once, huh?

    • *carefully extricates mind from gutter*

      • Alétheia

        No, no, keep your mind in the gutter. It has plenty of company there, I promise. *laughs*

        • Nonesuch

          The gutter is one of the levels. No getting around that when your opponent is Luxuria; it’s where you WANT him to be, so you can at least try to outmanoeuvre it on other levels…

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I just love your use of posing and body language. Luxuria’s so delightfully flirty at all the least appropriate times.

  • Jordan Hiller

    I’d hate Luxuria if he weren’t so utterly charming while being a complete bastard.

    • Pyre

      He is just so damn charming in the last panel. It’s almost impossible to dislike Luxuria at this point.

    • RLB

      That’s how they get you, you know.

  • Darth Fez

    “Delightfully daring, yet foolish.” Or, as the common man might say, “daft”. >.>

  • “Champagne imbued with sloth”

    Hmmm. So, was Ms Wossname involved in this double-cross?

    • tollymain

      i don’t think she’s actually sloth; just somebody extremely, hmm, attuned?

      luxuria chose each of his companions to fit certain profiles, i think. they’re not actually linked to the 7 deadlies in a nonsymbolic sense. not yet, anyway

      • Perhaps her magic can utilise Sloth’s power.

        • Columbine

          Well Sid says at the beginning that magic requires a conduit, something that…embodies or invokes the emotion required. And we saw in Piece of Cake that a human can be used (Courage). We don’t know if they have to be aware for this to work. She might have been used rather than involved.

      • Phlebas

        Mm. By the time she wakes up, though…

  • Columbine

    Waaaaaaaaait- Are Henry and Lust flirting?

    Great page, interesting that Luxuria knew all along. I’m guessing the people he knocked out are conduits for the other sins and looking forward to seeing how they’ll get out of this one-

    • szbnahl

      I seem to recall somebody saying at some point in these comments that we have word of author on Henry being bisexual (although I can’t recall where, nor do I believe they gave a source), and I can’t imagine an anthropomorphic spirit of lust letting something as trifling as gender get in the way of a good time.

      • Yeah, he’s bi. Wouldn’t be the first time these two flirted, either-

        • maggPi

          Cute blush! Wasn’t quite awake when I read it the first time, so I missed it.

        • I deleted a comment here- Please refrain from rude comments about orientation, thanks.

      • Columbine

        I wasn’t being particularly serious pet. Given the comic so far I’ve taken to assuming either bi or ace until proven otherwise.

  • Dud

    Careful Kate, you’ve let some of the comments here distract you. Henry isn’t and never will be a Lord – Luxuria would know the rules welll having masqueraded as (or possibly having connived to be genuinuely elevated to) an aristocrat.

    • He knows, he’s just riling him on purpose :)

      • Dufarge

        With that pert little smile Henry is giving him, it doesn’t look like he minds terribly.

    • Actually, he might be – is he the heir, and does his father have multiple titles?

      The heir may be properly referred to by one of his father’s lesser titles as a “courtesy” title – see the Marquis of Vidal, son and heir of the Duke of Avon, in Georgette Heyer’s “Devil’s Cub”.

      • Dud
        • Thanks. I wasn’t at my computer, and checking back to find a random page of the comic on thus tablet is a touch annoying.

          Though, actually, if his father had enough secondary titles, the courtesy title might extend to more than one, non-heir, son.

          That one i’m not sure about.

          • szbnahl

            I doubt Baron Widdershins would have multiple titles, seeing as how baron is the lowest rank of English lordship.

    • “Lord” is often used as a generic title for nobility

    • Well, I can hardly call him ‘enry; we haven’t been introduced. Even after being disowned I’m not sure he’s plain ‘Mr Barber’. Anyway, as he goes to great lengths to pretend not to be an aristocrat (drooping aitches, not shaving) but still acts like one I’m going to keep calling him ‘M’Lord’ just to annoy him.

  • rainycity1

    Widdershins… one of my joys. Best wishes, Kate, to you and yours throughout 2016. <3

  • Skralin

    You know I think that one of the reasons that Mr. Luxuria is so… worrying is that he’s just so gosh darned mild mannered and polite. He’s a bit like Mayor Wilikins in that regard.

    • Tsapki

      The Mayor from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

      • Euodiachloris

        That’s the one. Faith would still go some distance to make your day a bad one if you dissed him in the wrong way.

  • Somebody

    His feet don’t touch the ground anymore, do they? That must be uncomfortable.

    • Margot

      Maybe he should turn back into Isabelle. Or someone very tall? Superbia? Would that also make him conveniently strong?

  • Note that the mysterious figure is no longer visible in the background and the consistently increasing tightness of the camera angle. Also note that it is currently very nearly, but not quite, “the nick of time”. Daring rescue from just off-panel in five… four… three… two…

  • awhorl

    “Hat” needs ten to twenty minutes to draw the circle. Here’s a guess as to where–at the bottom of the staircase, yes? Might Luxuria try to toss Henry over the bannister, or might they travel down the spiral staircase to find her and the circle, perhaps covered with a tarp that happens to be handy because of the “renovations”?

  • So, I just realized that Luxuria looks just like Richard Branson. Is that deliberate, am I just super-slow to notice this?

    • Haha, an accident. fair point, though!

  • BTW – where’s our Mysterious Shadowy Figure these days?

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