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  • Tsapki Perez

    Huh, there is some new verification going on? It looks like I’m the first one here.

    Back to the comic, alright! Everyone has a job now!

  • This is fantastic! I love watching all the threads of these different characters coming together, and this incredible sense that if anything hadn’t gone quite the way it has, the disaster would be inevitable rather than just probably inevitable. I also love how vivid and unique all the personalities are, even though there are so many characters on this page.

    And the body language is so distinct and expressive, too!

  • spas

    good to see ben making himself useful and sid acknowledging his own limitations…it sounds like chaos is about to erupt!

    • AJ

      Sid is pretty good at his own limitations.

      • spas

        agreed – his bumbling humility is part of his charm!

  • AJ

    I can’t tell if Ben is making that panel four face because he’s deadly serious, because he’s professionally insulted that Sid doesn’t know them, or because he’s upset at being overlooked.

    • Winger

      Considering the rest of his expressions on this page, I’d wager he’s just solemn due to circumstance! Not a good time for posturing, and it’s not really being “overlooked” when Harry hardly knows him.

      • AJ

        But he’s the sort to be mildly offended for no real reason anyway.

        • MarriStenberg

          Ben often seems to be mildly offended. Although, it’s generally for the very good reason (to him) of Mal.

          • AJ

            Anybody who gets offended believes they have reason. It’s why confronting uneccessary offense is so tricky.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Poor Sid. He doesn’t seem to be doing so well with the blood. And now his girlfriend is giving him the stinkeye…

    • Pangaea

      She’s just weighing the odds that he’d be possessed by Lust later.

    • John

      Not only is there blood, it’s Henry who’s bleeding (remembering Sid’s reaction to meeting Henry I’m sure that makes it worse for him).

  • Lucky at least one of the party has a proper degree from a respected University.

    • Sapphire altera

      “THIRD class! that is a lot of class!”

      • But is he really as duff a wizard as he appears? After all he did manage to summon Sloth when she was still chained and before the witch appeared in Widdershins. He needed to be a powerful wizard – or be in league with a powerful wizard – in order to do that.

        • He’s not terrible, just unimaginative

          • That wasn’t a ‘ho ho, don’t be silly old chap, of course he’s not a villain’, was it.

            • JWLM

              Yeah, but she ain’t be paid to lie to you, old Jager.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “Sid, you’ve disappointed me in front my my great-grandma. You shall be spanked later”

    Looks like the ones assuming the 2 bucket holders arguing was caused by the Sins were likely right.

  • Sapphire363

    I love Ben’s face, he’s just like,”you’re asking this idiot?” But of course he would know the circles, with his knowledge and Sid’s skill, they would make one very good wizard.

  • Nightsbridge

    Sid and Ben! Together, they combine to form . . . a semi-competent wizard!

    • (Sid+Ben)Mal = Fully-realized Witch!

      • John

        I had the same thought.

      • Haven

        Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak mages stronger!

        • You just made me realize that their “Rescue Widdershins” team has dwindled down to a mild subversion of the five man band:

          The Leader & “The Chick” — Harry

          The Lancer — Mal
          The Smart Guy — Ben / Sidney

          The Big Guy — Wolfe

          Okay, so Harry’s not “The Chick” but I haven’t seen the following hanging about:

          The Chick & Team Pet— Purple Hippo of Happiness

          • John

            The Purple Hippo of Happiness warned Mal to run away and then followed its own advice in the 4th strip of this chapter, so I think it is unlikely to return until after most (or maybe all) of the deadlies have been dealt with. It is, after all, a spirit of happiness not a spirit of bravery.

          • Asterai

            No, silly, *Sidney’s* The Chick.

            • Wyvern

              My thoughts exactly.

              • Asterai

                Yes, this gendered stereotyping is silly. Sidney is:

                – Romantic interest of the leader
                – Intuitive counterpoint to more forceful/direct characters
                – Endowed with an uncontrollable magical talent

                He’s The Chick. You can’t get out of it.

                • JWLM

                  Also a bit of a cloudcuckoolander who is teaching the hreo the importance of love and affection.

                  No, Sid is The Chick.

                • Me-me

                  He’s also the cheery soul of the team, giving hope and such to the Leader. Sid is definitely the Chick. No two ways about it.

                  • JWLM

                    Yeah, I don’t think I’d want to be near Harry if Sid were to get hurt, particularly since Henry is down for the count.

                • Agreeee.

            • ROFL – I was following tv tropes annoying requirement of “the chick” being female, but you have NO idea how many times I added “Sid” in at the bottom where the PHOH ended up.

              • Sanjay Merchant

                Huh, that seems to be a more recent change. Last time I looked, The Chick had been used to refer to males as well, just the trope name was acknowledging it was usually female. For example, I was reading the article on Harry Potter, and I recall Neville Longbottom being identified as The Chick during a particular sequence (Ginny was The Big Guy, owing to her liberal application of Reducto.)

          • Sanjay Merchant

            I dunno, I’d say:

            The Leader/Hero: Mal (He *is* the Witch after all; can’t get more “chosen one” than that!)

            The Lancer: Sidney (The Lancer isn’t necessarily a cynic, just a foil to the Hero; so if you have a cynical Hero, you have an idealistic Lancer)

            The Big Guy: Harry (The toughest of the group in a physical fight, also has the stoicism thing going)

            The Smart Guy: Ben (Being the most academically inclined, this comes pretty naturally)

            The Chick: Wolfe (one of “The Chick”‘s defining traits is being the emotional anchor for the Hero and/or the emotional center for the group as a whole)

            You cold make an argument for Sid and Wolfe to swap places in this, but if you go with Mal as the Hero, his best friend seems like the best candidate for the Chick, especially since Mal’s asexual (and I’m assuming also aromantic), so it’s not like there’s gonna be a love interest for him to be all open emotionally with.

            EDIT: Yes, we’re working under different assumptions on which one of the two is the Hero. If you’re right and Harry’s the Hero(ine), then I’d concede Mal as the Lancer and, as everyone else has said, Sid as The-Increasingly-Inappropriately-Named Chick.

            • Harry’s not amazing in a melee, she’s quite small and is mostly geared towards getting out of a hand-to-hand and using her gun. Nicola’s the upfronter, but she’s off!

              And yeah, Mal is aro/ace. Also I am enjoying this debate greatly, especially since I’m going to throw a spanner in the works soon :)

              • Sanjay Merchant

                True, true. If Nicola were sticking around, I’d give The Big Guy title to her, since, as you say, she’s better at hand-to-hand fighting than Harry. I guess there was some confusion when I said “physical fight”: I meant that as “actually trying to inflict physical injury on each other, not an argument or spirity mumbo-jumbo”, whereas it seems to have read to others as “hand-to-hand and not ranged”.

                Also, yay spanners!

                EDIT: On a totally unrelated tangent, it just occurred to me as weird that we Americans seem to have imported the idiom “spanner in the works” wholesale, despite the fact that, when referring to the literal tool, we call it a “wrench”.

          • tinwatchman

            I’d have put Sid down as the Chick, personally.

    • Firedog

      Fusion, Haaaah!

  • dana

    They have to catch O’Malley first, and by the look on his face a couple of comics ago he’s on a train and halfway out of town.

    And then getting him down in that basement is going to be a herculean task.

    Good luck guys! I have sorta almost mostly complete confidence in you!

    • John

      I don’t think he needs to come back to this spot specifically, but I could be wrong. Convincing him to go up against all 7 of the deadlies at the same time is still not going to be an easy sell.

      • AJ

        Prediction: Everybody starts making demands and rational arguments. He says something gruff and rude and dismissive. Wolfe makes big googly eyes. Mal consents.

        • maeverin

          this may prove too much a task for Wolfe’s googly eyes alone. Mal will need a visit to the puppy barn.

    • With Ms Harriet in her current mode, I think it should be quite easy to get O’Malley to cooperate:

  • Sanjay Merchant

    You’ve got the brains,
    I’ve got the gift:
    Let’s make Mal talk funny!

    • Thorin Schmidt

      You made me spit out my soda! At least it didn’t come out my nose this time, or get all over an RPGA official while I was playtesting his adventure for GenCon…

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Glad to be of service!

  • <- Greed at work, inspiring/conspiring to raise prices in the flower industry, at the beginning of "Find the Lady"?

  • kuku

    Yay Ben!

    This is a family of people who take their responsibilities very seriously – but do please hand over some of them, Nicola and Izzie, and go take care of Henry!

  • There’s no regular schedule atm, right? I’ve got it tagged as ‘weekly’ but since that means I look at it every other day (watched kettle etc) …

    • It’s late tuesday/wednesday morning and late friday/saturday morning at the moment!

  • I wonder if Wolfe’s violin will be enough to calm a whole town. I’m glad Mal saved it, though. Might have been a good foreboding. Could at least help him work.

  • Nightsbridge

    boss rush!!

  • JWLM

    Hey, Kate? What’s the white stripe across Harry’s waist in the second panel? If she were in white tie, it would be a cummerbund, but she’s in a waistcoat with a cloak.

    What is it?

  • dana

    It looks like they don’t teach any first aid spells in wizard school, or even something like a pain relief spell.

    All Henry can hope for is to apply pressure to the wound and take a shot of whiskey.

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